Some SEO Tips for Bloggers

With ever-changing algorithms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be very tricky. Optimizing content for on-page SEO is significant as it allows Google to crawl the page, understand its content and rank it accordingly. Hence, it is important to understand SEO Tips for Bloggers.

Blog SEO is important because it helps you get more traffic to your website. There is a lot you can do to optimize your blog posts for SEO.

We have compiled some SEO Tips for Bloggers that will be beneficial for you to optimize your blog for Google and other search engines.

SEO Tips for Bloggers:

1. Target the Right Keywords

It might sound easy but it is very tricky. Right keyword research is one of the most important aspects of SEO Tips for Bloggers. This is the first thing you should consider when you are planning to start a blog. It is the foundation of your optimization and it shouldn’t get wrong.

Targeting the right keywords will help Google understand your content. This increases the possibility of popping up your articles in response to a search.

2. Focus On Low Difficulty Keywords

Keyword difficulty is another important aspect of SEO Tips for Bloggers you need to consider while choosing a keyword for your blog articles. The higher the keyword difficulty, the more intense the competition is and harder to rank. For Example, I search for a low competitive keyword and found couch tuner and write great informational content on the same. I am getting good traffic from that source.

While choosing the keywords, the thumb rule is to find the ones that have a fair traffic volume with low competition.

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To find the keyword difficulty, you can either use a free tool or a premium one.

3. Focus On Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail keywords are about three or four phrase keywords that specify what you’re selling. They are usually easy to rank on search engine because of their low competition. Hence, it is one of the most important SEO Tips for Bloggers.

Whenever your potential blog reader searches for a specific phrase on Google, they exactly know what they’re looking for. And if your content matches that search intent, you can rank higher! 

4. Use Of Keywords in the Title and Subheadings

There is a correlation between the keywords in the title and Google rankings. Hence, it is an essential aspect of SEO.

It is recommended to use the primary keyword and its variation in your content’s heading tags as well.

But don’t stuff the keywords to manipulate your website’s ranking as it can have a negative impact.

5. Make Your Blog Responsive

Google uses the mobile-first indexing. Google displays the mobile site results first, even if the search is on the desktop.

Hence, when considering SEO Tips for Bloggers your website must work on mobile devices, even if most of your traffic is on desktop.

To ensure this, you need to get a responsive WordPress theme. There are several WordPress responsive themes available in the market. 

6. Optimize for Featured Snippets

Another important aspect of SEO Tips for Bloggers is, smartly optimize your blog to rank up in featured snippets.

Apart from all these when you are working on establishing your blog, you need to write on trending topics, share your posts everywhere, take participation in forums.

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We hope these SEO Tips for Bloggers will help you make your blog lovable and trustworthy for search engines.

Happy Blogging!

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