Why WordPress is Best for SEO?

About WordPress

WordPress is the open-source content management system used to build business and blogging websites. WordPress is the most used content management system by bloggers around the world. The below image shows the recent survey on web technology, you can see that nearly 60% of the websites around the world use the WordPress CMS for their website. There are many advantages in using WordPress CMS.

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Let’s take a simple example, if you are planning to create a simple web page by using the HTML or PHP then it will take at least a day to complete a good looking page. This is possible if you have good knowledge of coding and familiar with the page design. On the other end, You can create a similar kind of page by using WordPress may be within an hour if you are very familiar with the WordPress functionalities. So this is an ideal example why most of business owners and bloggers are switching over to WordPress for the websites. Let’s see some advanced features of WordPress in this blog.

Features of WordPress

WordPress has lots of benefits while developing the website. In this blog, let’s see the core features of the WordPress content management system.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Open source themes
  • Easy page creation
  • Easy to integrate functionalities
  • Best for SEO
  • Secured
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Easy to use interface

This is one of the main advantages of using WordPress CMS. Even if you are new to WordPress, you can easily learn the functionalities very soon. WordPress provides all the basic features that are required for the website. Even if you would like to create a new page on your website or update the design of your website, You can easily do it with WordPress CMS. 

If you are planning to create a WordPress website on your own. Even if you are a beginner, you can do it by yourself by referring to the relevant sources on the internet.  

Open Source Themes

Nowadays, most of the bloggers are worried about coding knowledge for creating a website. When you use WordPress, you don’t need to be familiar with any kind of coding. There are tons of free themes available for WordPress which you can easily install and customize it.

WordPress themes are available in both a free and premium versions. Based on your requirement, you can choose the theme and customize it. Even online E-Commerce sites can be built with a WordPress website and integrated with Shopify and other platforms. 

WordPress is compatible with most of the other platforms and hence its easy to implement any new functionality.

Easy page creation

A website is all about pages and posts. When you are planning to create or design a normal web page using PHP or HTML, ideally it will take more time and literally a day to complete the page. You need to spend more time to make each and every single change.

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But that’s not the case when it comes to WordPress, You can create the pages in minutes and make it live on Google. Page creation is so simple in WordPress, you can easily add text content, images & videos to the page and publish it quickly. 

Easy to integrate functionalities

In WordPress CMS, you can integrate any kind of functionality easily. For example, if you need to add a contact form to the Website by using PHP or HTML coding, It may take more time. But in WordPress CMS, you can create the contact form easily by using the plugin and add to the page.

In WordPress, there are many plugins available for performing certain functionalities. Based on your requirement, you can choose the plugin and configure it. Plugins are available both in the free and premium versions. Mostly you can find all the basic functionalities in the free version itself. 

Best for SEO

SEO is the way of optimizing your website and making it rank organically in Google SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page). SEO involves On-Page & Off-Page SEO. In On-Page SEO everything related to the onsite (on the website) update activities are covered. So it includes optimizing the title tags, meta descriptions, internal links, etc. 

Say if you have a normal hard coded website which is built in PHP. Then doing On-Page optimization for each and every webpage in the PHP website will take more time and it needs more technical knowledge to complete it perfectly. But in the case of the WordPress website, everything comes with a smooth interface. You can do all the On-Page optimization works in an easy way. You can use either All in One SEO Plugin or Yoast plugin, so by default, you will have the options on each page of your website to give SEO elements like Title tag, Meta Description, Internal Links, etc.

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At ClickDo, we built many blogs with WordPress and got Google News Approved with the smart strategy plans from the founder and top Digital Entrepreneur, Fernando Raymond. We are managing around 200+ blogs at ClickDo which runs in WordPress CMS. If you are planning to starts a new blog, you can just create the blog with WordPress and optimize it.


If you are starting a business or blogging website, Security is the first thing that you should give importance to. When you use WordPress, you can keep your website secured with proper security plugins like WordPress. Also, you can make sure that you have the regular backups of your website by using plugins like Updraftplus. So when you use WordPress everything comes simple and you can make the website run smoothly.

These are the core benefits of using the WordPress CMS when compared with the other platforms. Especially if you are a beginner, you can use WordPress to create your own website with a blog, publish posts, optimize it for better rankings in Google. WordPress is highly recommended for beginners to start a blogging website. 

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