10 tips on how to get more YouTube views

YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular search engine on the net today. They have made access to video content so easy and attractive that today many are now advertising their brand through video content rather than textual content. It is extremely popular especially with the youth and business entities are increasingly using this medium for their branding and marketing.

To make any product successful, there have to be many customers. Viewers view first, then like, and finally subscribe to the channel.  The more the views, the more chances of subscribers and customers. One canbuy YouTube views from service providers and increase the channel’s popularity. On the other hand, increasing viewership organically some tips for those people to have a YouTube channel or starting one.


Take the help of SEO by ensuring the keywords in the Title description of your product video. With millions of videos on the net, keywords are what people type when searching for their requirements.

Use attractive Thumbnails

For any video to stand out and attract a viewer especially when the attention span is limited, thumbnails need to be attractive and appropriate. YouTube by default selects 3 thumbnails from a video content but one can make their own.

Use other social media platforms

Link your video to other social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, or twitter. Even when viewers are not active on YouTube, they can get to view your video.  This method helps in increasing the views. Twitter is another powerful medium that has an enormous reach among the people. Twitter thrives on discussion and having a hashtag that is relevant to your content can attract viewers.

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Call to action approach

People view videos and move on. Even if they like it, they do not press the like button to subscribe. By requesting towards the end of video for likes, and subscribe will lead to an increase in viewership.

Ensure Quality Content

Having good quality content will ensure a positive viewership.  Video duration should be of the right length to avoid viewers getting bored and switching to another video. Also, YouTube community guidelines should be maintained with no copyright issues or hateful content.

Be   consistent

Posting videos at regular intervals so that subscribers and other viewers will know when new videos will be uploaded. This will also ensure the viewer’s loyalty and prevent switching to other channels.

Create content related to trending news

People tend to relate things with events.  Marketing teams link products to any event be it sports, political or national holidays. People like creative content and get drawn to it more.

End screens are important

YouTubers take the last few seconds of a video seriously before moving to a new one. It is important to provide that extra information on the channel or if the business has a website or any other social media account.

Blogs for YouTube Channel

If you are having a website or any other social media account, it makes sense to share blogs on the video content. These blogs can also have embedded video content and thus increase views.

Create your playlists

Having a playlist of your YouTube videos allows viewers to continue watching them without searching them on the net. This will lead to a smoother increase in views.

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Following some of the above tips definitely helps in the long run but if one is looking for instant results, then there are genuine websites like Jaynike that provide attractive packages for buying views.

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