4 Best Instagram Tips and Tricks to Help You Sell Vacations Like a Pro

Have you ever seen travel photos or videos of scenic snow-capped mountains, pristine beaches, verdant forests, or historical monuments on Instagram that made stop scrolling? Yes, you most possibly have. Stunning, high-definition visuals make people pause and wonder at its beauty. This happens more when you have travel photos to share. Therefore, if you have a travel and tourism business, this is your best opportunity to use the photo-sharing site Instagram to promote your services. 

For instance, if you share pictures of the best beaches in Zanzibar to promote your trips out there, you would like to show how beautiful Zanzibar in East Africa is. If you are good, you can gain thousands of free Instagram likes for your Instagram posts. That is how you can popularize your travel and tourism business via Instagram. 

According to an article published on https://www.cnbc.com, Nihiwatu, which is a remote Indonesian island in Sumba, uses one-off Instagram methods to reach out to their clientele, costing them practically nothing. Here are some of the best tips to help you sell vacation through Instagram marketing:

1. Use Stunning, high-definition photos 

Pick only the best, stunning, and high-definition photos for your travel business. Settling for poor quality images will not help you gain likes and comments. Though using high-quality photos is essential, the photo-sharing site Instagram highly squeezes these visuals before posting them for the best possible delivery. 

People recommend the height and weight of your travel-related Instagram images must be 1080px for the best quality. The best tour and travel sites do use jaw-dropping travel photos on Instagram to pique audience interest and therefore, you should follow suit. 

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Make sure that post incredibly stunning travel photos that evoke the core spirit and joy of travel that your brand is trying to nurture. There is also much debate about whether these visuals should be square-shaped or not. Then, it does not matter to be honest because photo shapes will not have any impact on your Instagram visuals. 

You will find numerous rectangular photos that do well on this photo-sharing social platform. The experts in the travel industry opine that you need to post photos that look appealing.It is what matters the most on Instagram.

2. Ensure consistency in your photo design 

Your image design should look consistent, a thing that many Instagram marketers overlook. The Instagram visuals must look like a curated gallery of the top quality photos that evoke your travel business’s core values and ideas. 

Your travel Instagram page lives on design consistency and style, which is something that you must pay heed to if you want more likes and comments on your travel photos and videos. Your Instagram images should not only look consistent but also evoke the feel and mood of your brand. 

For example, if you are promoting your trips to New Zealand, you need to post images that show that New Zealand is a vast country that needs exploration. Avoid showing people in the photos. Show landscapes, beaches, and mountains instead so that your targeted audience can see the visuals first-hand. You can visit blastup or similar platforms to improve likes and shares on Instagram. 

You can also post a lineup of the best and stunning visuals regularly using a specific color scheme. You can use green to display the natural and serene features of New Zealand’s scenic beauty. Besides, green is also the national color of the country. 

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3. Avoid bothering your followers with multiple posts

You are publishing too many posts daily, but not many likes and shares. You might be wondering why. It is not that your photos are of poor quality. They are stunning and beautiful yet fail to make an impression on your audience. The reason is you are bothering your audience with multiple posts every day. 

Instagram does not attach any importance with a chronological timeline. Your followers who interact with your posts will see them more often. It means that you should not bother your followers with spammy posts with several daily posts. If you spam, people will unfollow your travel page soon. You must not annoy your loyal followers or those who regularly like or comment on your travel photos or videos on Instagram. 

You can post once daily or four times a week to make the best out of Instagram marketing for your travel and tourism business. You should maintain a consistent stream of Instagram posts all through the week without overwhelming your followers. 

4. Motivate followers to interact and comment on posts 

Make sure that your followers interact and comment on your Instagram posts. If that is still not part of your social media strategy, implement it now. These days, algorithms matter the most, be search engines or social media sites, and therefore, interactions ensure who sees your Instagram posts. 

When you interact with followers who comment on your posts, it shows that there is a genuine person behind your tour and travel business and not some robot. You can also inspire your photographer who takes awesome travel photos to communicate with your followers on Instagram. 

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This way, both your followers and the photographer will feel valued and your Instagram page will become the perfect place to post travel photos and videos in the days to come. You can also keep track of your followers.

Did you know that Instagram has many comment bots? The bots comment in a simple language or for that matter, emoticon on images that uses a relevant hashtag. If you have some knowledge on Instagram, you know about this already. Then, you should not ignore these comments as many people do. The bots must not deter you from commenting or replying to a simple message, as on Instagram, it does not matter whetheryou are replying to bots or not. You should aim to build engagement and that is what matters on social media sites like Instagram. More the engagement the better it is for your travel business. 


Post nothing but stunning visuals on Instagram, use consistent image design, avoid posting multiple times in a day, and build interaction. These tips will help you take your travel business to the next level. 

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