We have already given you some tricks to learn how to record on TikTok and if you already feel ready to delight the world with your occurrences, get ready because these tips will help you become more popular. You can also buy tiktok likes


Probably one of the most important aspects of gaining a following on TikTok is the confidence you present on camera. It is not very common for people to start following someone who looks uncomfortable and stiff in front of the camera, you must inspire trust and empathy and to achieve this it is best to look confident and cheerful.

Be fun and creative, you must act fluently in the videos, this will make viewers start to be interested in you and continue to see your work. Leave the embarrassment aside and enjoy the videos you are recording, after all the main idea is that you have fun doing it, this will be one of the best ways to gain followers on TikTok.


You can dedicate yourself to creating dance choreography, making challenges or you prefer to imitate funny scenes from other videos, the important thing is that you give your account a main style. This does not mean that by choosing one you have to put aside the other types of video, but if what you want is to gain or buy TikTok followers, the important thing is that you give priority to one of these types of video.

For example, maybe you are very good at imitation and be able to create very fun scenarios, that does not mean that you cannot join the trends challenges, just take into account that 80% of your content should focus on what first and leave 20% for the rest.

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If you like to dance we have to warn you that this is one of the most difficult styles to stand out but it is not impossible, as long as you keep an original and fun style you are more likely to be driven by the application.


It will not be enough to take a quick video anywhere in your house, the more quality and work your video has, the more likely you are that the public will be interested.

Take care of quality, to gain followers on TikTok it is not necessary to have the latest iPhone but you must make sure you have good lighting and a clean camera (remove the stains before you start recording); It is also important that you coordinate your lips well with the audio you choose or, if you decide to record your own audio, make sure that it is heard well and without interference.

It is also recommended to use filters, make cuts between scenes and dialogues and play with the transitions of the app. This will not only get people to share you, the app will also reward your efforts by adding the safest way to go viral in the “For you” section.

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