How to get more YouTube views- a guide for beginners

Starting a YouTube channel is easy. But there will be problems and obstacles in the beginning. No matter how brilliant your video content is, there may not be enough viewers in the beginning. The internet has over a million YouTube videos with additions every day.  Even if the initial days may get a reasonable view, there are periods when the viewership declines.  This could be because of a host of reasons.

As a beginner, you could get lost if viewership’s is zero or not enough. And it could be frustrating. Some may buy YouTube views from service providers and get a kickstart to their channel with the hope of getting added by organic views along the way. Once the videos get popular, people may look forward to such more videos from the channel, and subsequently the monetization through affiliate marketing, revenue ads will happen.

YouTube is the second largest search engine with people now looking forward to watching any kind of video content on it. Be it business, entertainment, or even educational, there are more than 20 billion visits in a month and the average video time watching session is less than an hour.

YouTube has its algorithm just like google. This algorithm plays an extremely crucial role in monitoring your channel behavior that also includes the likes and views count. The advanced nature of this algorithm allows YouTube to identify bots. This does not help the channel ratings and also it can turn out to be expensive if purchased from fake websites.  There are, however, some genuine websites that offer real and active viewers like YouTube Storm that guarantee genuine customers.

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Beginners should focus on many other aspects other than buying views at the outset.

·         Use strategic keywords in your video title. Keep the title descriptive and interesting enough to attract the YouTube algorithm to sort as per relevancy and attract enough viewers and tell them what the video is all about. This approach can take away half the concern for attracting viewers.

·          Have a rich description that stands out and entices the viewer.  This will help in the click rate and ensure that your tube search engines optimize such search as any SEO would have done on keyword usage.

·         Using tags to the videos will help the algorithm to understand the video content and accordingly use the SEO shorttail option. They also help to distinguish your video from among millions of other competitors.

·         The simplest way to increase the views is to ensure quality content. Content is the most important factor for any video’s success. This is also recognized as the YouTube algorithm behavioral analytics and good content gets rewarded by better positioning for a successful search.

·         The video content should provide value to the viewers. It should entertain or educate or provide both to its viewers. This is sure to keep them engaged and result in them coming back for more videos if they have got the idea that your channel videos have something valuable.

As a content creator or marketer, the basic thing to understand is that growth takes time and one needs to be consistent and patient. Rewards will surely come!

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