Instagram Marketing Strategy Starter Pack

Most people nowadays are using Instagram

Once an entrepreneur starts a business, most likely they advertise it on Twitter or Facebook. However, few people take the initiative of promoting their business on Instagram that help them really grow their business.  

Although one may lack an Instagram page, they must know that almost all of their customers have Instagram accounts. One should, therefore, take this opportunity to leverage it for his or her business. For one to face other marketers, these are the key points.

I. Create an Instagram Business Account

The first process is simple. Individual must go to the Instagram home and make an account. There are additional contents that one must add. Ensure that you simply provide a summary of your business, add contacts or email addresses, and in spite of everything have a profile picture. However, if one features a Facebook account, the two accounts get linked, and Instagram generates this information. To urge followers, ensure that you simply share website with other social media and request them to follow you.

II. Familiarize Yourself with Hashtags

One way to market Instagram account is by using lots of hashtags. These are keywords which are preceded by the symbol (#). An example is, #Dream Higher. The importance of hashtags is to create it easier for users to seek out you. However, one shouldn’t make an fallacy of using random hashtags (Example above), Nobody might ever find you.

The uniqueness of Instagram is that one can use plenty of hashtags on their posts, unlike Facebook and Twitter some people look at it ridiculous. On Instagram, the more the quantity of hashtags used, the upper the chance of getting more likes.

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III. Make use of Direct Messages (DM’s)

Another way also to market your Instagram is to DM humbly your followers that will show that your business has a friendly environment so that your followers will really suggest your business to other. However, you shouldn’t DM everybody that follows you, it might irritate them. Sometimes you just need to decide whom to DM, such as: when a person’s feedback on your post and suggest that they are fascinated; while a person asks a question within the comment segment that requires a non-public reaction; when a person talked bad things about your business, this mean that it is the best time to DM your customer.

IV. Create Instagram Stories 

Another way to market your Instagram is by creating Instagram stories. One is granted to share short video or slide pictures about their everyday events. The advantage of Instagram stories is that it will appear at the top feeds of your followers. These enhances the visibility of your Instagram account than normal post

V. Use of Instagram live

Another way to market your Instagram is by going live so that you will get the attention from your followers. The moment one starts streaming, their fans will receive a notification. This will increase the visibility and engagement stage with your followers. The perfect way to keep your followers watch your live video is by being energetic, giving live discounts or proposing a new product.

VI. Collaborate

Another way to boost your Instagram is by collaborating with other influencer, that their great number of follower might follow you as well. This is due to the fact their followers usually click on the influencer referred. 

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Obtaining a great number of followers in the beginning may not be easy. However, perseverance is the key for your brand growth to a whole new opportunity. 

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