Mitto Boosts Social Media Ad Efficiency with Omnichannel Messaging

Instant communication is not just the way of the future; it’s the way of the present. This is how people interact with each other and businesses. It’s no surprise that 86% of consumers expect conversations with brands to move seamlessly from one channel to another, especially with the rise of social media advertising across popular platforms such as Facebook and  Instagram. 

Today, it is essential to attract and retain a shopper’s attention. Efficiently moving a potential customer down your sales funnel requires a seamless experience across all platforms. That includes social media and chat apps. 

Like the messaging solutions offered by Andrea Giacomini and Ilja Gorelik’s Mitto, omnichannel messaging does just that. By boosting engagement, building trust, and creating frictionless and convenient brand-customer interactions, omnichannel digital communication enables consumers to interact with a social media profile and then directly reach out to the company within the same channel.

Social Media Takes Off As A Primary Form Of Messaging

To fully understand why omnichannel messaging now plays an essential role in your digital communication and marketing strategies, it’s essential to understand the role of social media messaging in customer experience. 87% of consumers began (and continue to use) social media apps to interact with brands because of the global pandemic. Furthermore, 55% stated that a brand’s social media messaging efforts encouraged a purchase via the website. That’s compared to 42% through the social app and 39% in-store. It’s clear which method works for the customers of today.

Social media is a part of everyday life. Consumers want to play, learn, communicate, and shop on social platforms. Brands can leverage ads to place products or services in front of customers and have for over a century. But what happens when a customer has a question for the company? Anyone in advertising will tell you that brands only have customer attention for a split second. A brand can better convert leads into customers by being available via DM within the same channel on which they advertise.


How To Keep The Customer Engaged Via Social Media Messaging

Brands can receive all customer messages in one easy-to-manage dashboard using an omnichannel messaging solution, such as Mitto AG’s digital communication solution, Conversations. This allows customer service representatives to manage company DMs as promptly as possible without relying solely on chatbots. However, there are options to implement chatbots to engage consumers 24/7 when customer service agents are not available.

Chatbots alleviate a support team’s workload while attracting new customers and cultivating brand-customer relationships. This seamless communication was why most omnichannel solution providers, including founders Andrea Giacomini and Ilja Gorelik, started Mitto in the first place.

Chatbots can promptly solve queries, engage audiences, and even process transactions. There’s no denying chatbots have an impact. Nearly half of consumers don’t care if a robot or an actual human helps them as long as their needs are met.

Leveraging Omnichannel Messaging In Social Media Ads

Brands that are available beyond their ads have the most consistently satisfied customers. Omnichannel messaging creates a frictionless avenue for customers to see an ad within a chat or social app, then submit inquiries and proceed with transactions directly within the same app. 

To optimize the success of an omnichannel messaging strategy, it’s crucial to maintain consistency, continuity, customization, and analytics.

  • Consistency: Every brand-customer interaction must be consistent to prevent customer frustration and abandoned shopping carts.
  • Continuity: It’s essential to continually engage and communicate with customers across all social platforms. This continuous engagement guides the buyer’s journey.
  • Customization: Communications must also cater to individual shoppers and remain continuous and consistent. Understanding demographics and preferences are critical to a successful omnichannel approach.
  • Analytics: Leverage cross-platform analytics to retarget non-converting customers with a personalized communications campaign. Understanding what worked and didn’t work is vital for continuously optimizing your strategies.
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Social media is key to the future of brand stability – not just to engage with younger demographics but also to create a seamless experience for customers now and in the future.

 About Mitto AG:

Mitto AG began as an idea by founders Andrea Giacomini and Ilja Gorelik in 2012. As telecommunications experts, they wanted to create an experience between brands and customers which would allow them to seamlessly integrate into the modern customer experience. Today, Mitto provides people with real-time service quality monitoring, optimized speed, mitigating costs, and increased customer satisfaction for a diverse array of customers.

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