Top 8 Emojis That Can Help Express Hunger

These days, emojis can help people express their feelings. Whatever you are feeling at the moment, you can always use any emojis that perfectly describe your emotion. This is how modern communication looks nowadays.

So whenever you are feeling hungry, you can just press the emojis that best depict your emotion on your phone and tell someone about it. Whenever hunger strikes you, you couldn’t help but feel weak, and that’s something you should avoid doing. Although there are times when you get busy with important things, you still need to prioritize healthy eating habits. You can simply use drooling emoticons or any of the following emojis to help express hunger in this modern day:

  1. Face with Spiral Eyes Emoji

The face with spiral eyes emoji indicates dizziness. Nonetheless, it may also represent other meanings, including forms of disorientation, confusion, irritability, and hypnosis. Sometimes you will feel dizzy when you’re hungry because you lack proper nutrients to fuel brain power. As a result, your headaches, and you will feel lightheaded unless you get to eat something. 

  1. Woozy Face Emoji

Have you ever felt woozy when hunger strikes? If yes, use this woozy face emoji to tell someone how hungry you are! This icon shows a dizzy look. People can feel this for a variety of reasons, such as hunger, sickness, and tiredness. It feels like your head is spinning whenever you try to get up. Hence, it’s not fun feeling this way when you’re hungry, so you better avoid skipping meals. 

  1. Frowning Face Emoji
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Of course, you wouldn’t feel happy when you’re hungry! This frowning face is yet another emoji that can help you express hunger. As a classic sad face emoticon, it may convey many emotions, like disappointment, disapproval, or displeasure. It exactly depicts what you look like whenever you’re hungry. You instantly frown and feel not so good.

  1. Nauseated Face Emoji

A lot is going on with your body when you are hungry. You do not just feel a simple stomach ache. Aside from feeling dizzy, you might also feel nauseated once the hunger strikes. This sickly-green face emoji with concerned eyes and puffed cheeks, as if holding back vomit, is another perfect icon to express physical illness. You have to eat sufficiently on time every single day to avoid this feeling.

  1. Angry Face Emoji

Ever heard of the word hangry? If not, this term came from two words combined—hungry and angry. Some people get angry when hungry, which has been the reason for coining that word. You may be bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger, and you won’t feel fine unless you eat. This angry face emoji is not only used to express madness over someone or something but also hunger. You’re grumpy when you haven’t eaten for a while, so don’t let this happen.

  1. Anxious Face with Sweat Emoji

When you’re hungry, you feel like sweating a lot, and your hands are cold. The anxious face with sweat emoji with furrowed eyebrows, a single bead of cold sweat dripping down, and a pale blue forehead can also help you express this feeling. It indicates frustration, disappointment, pain, anxiety, or sadness. One of the reasons why you’re feeling hungry is because of dehydration. You have to rehydrate by drinking more water and eating more nutritious food. It never hurts to start proper eating habits today to prevent any illnesses.

  1. Face with Crossed-Out Eyes Emoji
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Often called the dizzy face emoji, this face with crossed-out eyes icon is depicted with raised eyebrows, a round, open mouth, and X eyes. It may convey a hyperbolic sense of emotions, such as disorientation, sickness, nausea, and disbelief. You can also use this to let the person you’re talking to know that you’re feeling unwell or hungry. It’s like your eyes can’t seem to see clearly because of hunger.

  1. Face Savoring Food Emoji

Once you see delicious food served right in front of you or smell the aroma of scrumptious meals, this makes you feel instantly hungry. The face savoring food emoji is the best emoticon to describe this feeling. So be sure to savor good food right away to avoid getting hungry. This emoji can also mean when someone teases you with appetizing food yet you’re not together. It just makes you feel hungry and envious at the same time.


Indeed, emojis help you express any emotions you are feeling in this day and age. You may use these icons specified above whenever you feel hungry. However, do not let yourself starve or skip meals. It’s crucial to eat on time and at least three times a day. Not only that, try to eat healthy food, too. Hunger can lead to some serious illnesses, and you do not want that to happen for sure. Never take your health for granted, for you may regret it in the end. Thus, always eat nutritious dishes and drink enough water! Visit to know more about emoji expressions. 

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