What’s Trending in Social Media News July 2020

The scope and the expanse of social media have widened so much that there is some or the other interesting thing happening in this space every day! So, it has become more than necessary to stay updated about such news stories related to these happenings. Especially, if one happens to be an avid user of social media.  

Excited to know what’s the latest in social media today? If yes, then here it is where you will get to read the trending social media news 2020, for the month of July.   

Let’s begin then…

  1. Facebook Messenger will now have options like Face ID and Touch ID lock

Concerned about people invading your privacy by reading your Messenger chats? Well, if you happen to be an iOS user, then now is the time to be worry-free as Facebook has recently come up with both Face ID and Touch ID lock options for its Messenger! 

In addition to this, iOS users also have the option to choose a time frame post which they will have to unlock again using their Touch/Face ID. This new feature points to the fact that Facebook is proceeding with its plan of end-to-end encryption expansion across the Messenger platform in-spite of warnings over crime.  

  1. Instagram has now come up with new eligibility requirements 

In response to the growth in the e-commerce owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, Instagram has announced fresh eligibility requirements for the businesses who wish to sell their products using this platform. Henceforth, businesses will need to tag products from one website which they possess and sell from. These new requirements are such that they will bring in greater transparency for the buyers along with a trusted shopping experience. The updates from Instagram were to come into effect from 9th of July 2020 worldwide.     

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So, here is promising news for the advertisers who are looking to advertise on this particular platform exclusively, without being there on Facebook. Instagram has announced changes that permit brands to build on their advertising campaigns on the platform without the need to connect through Facebook. As of now, this feature is restricted to the U.S. and Turkey.

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  1. Ban on Tik Tok likely in the United States

This one was on the cards. However, this is not the first time that the U.S. government is showing concern towards the safety and security of its citizen’s personal information going into the hands of China, correct? A few days ago, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that his country is “looking at” putting a ban on the Chinese social media apps like Tik Tok, etc., and further added that they are considering it “very seriously”. Appears like Tik Tok could be facing one more roadblock soon; similar to the one it is currently facing in India.  What actually happens, only time will tell. 

  1. Audio Snippets from Twitter

Twitter has introduced a 140-second audio Tweets feature. Using this one, users can now record audio and tweet it! Also, running several audio Tweets in a serial manner so as to create a complete thread of Tweets would also be possible. 

  1. List of top hashtags on posts related to racial justice out from Instagram 
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Instagram off late came out with a list of top hashtags specific to social justice on Instagram, from the last few months. The intention was to make the black voices heard, and at the same time come up with a product that is more inclusive. This listing offers good insight into the people’s conversations surrounding social justice, taking place on the app. It can be useful to individuals who are interested in engaging or monitoring such conversations. As a part of the various measures, Instagram is paying more attention to the manner in which their product impacts communities differently, particularly in terms of content distribution, harassment, account verification and algorithm bias.    

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Over here we brought to you, the latest happenings from the world of social media. We will continue to bring them to you, in the future as well. So, keep checking out this space for more of such interesting and informative blogs.

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