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As you are reading this content you must be already aware of what SolarMovie is. If not I will explain you. SolarMovie is a website to watch free movies and web series online without paying any money. All of us want to watch free movies online for which SolarMovie is the best platform. 

However, the real website of SolarMovie gets banned again and again as they are providing paid content for free on their website. Most of their IP address gets blocked but they always come up with a new Domain and IP for Solar Movie Lovers.

Is Solarmovie safe to use?

Movies are among the best ways to pass your time. However, watching films courses could cost you money. If you choose alternatives such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime video, you know they require an annual subscription. However, there are numerous film websites that are free that are accessible. One such site is Is solarmovie. But there is a question that many are asking themselves is solarmovie secure to be used?

In case you’re also uncertain about the weather, then you must check out the site or not. Let me answer the question for you.

Let’s get this straight:

What is Solarmovie?

Films are a vital element of entertainment. But the majority of courses streaming sites are paid. Solarmovie is a site which lets you watch films for without cost. It is operated by a small group of unidentified individuals.

Solarmovie’s function is it is a streaming platform that collects links from multiple sources and lets you view movies courses. It is completely accessible for free and doesn’t require registration. It is also a good option for streaming TV shows as well as web-based series.

In the process, the web site is now a favored name for a lot of movie buffs who are out there. However, the website is in the category of illegal. Since whatever content it is sharing, Solarmovie does not own any contractual rights for it.

This is why it’s directly violating copyright laws. This is the principal reason behind why Solarmovie continually changes its website address repeatedly.

Is the use of solarmovie safe?

There are plenty of reasons to not be safe to go to Solarmovie. The reasons are as follows:

Solarmovie is illegal

Using a free movie streaming website sounds cool. However, it’s illegal. Filmmakers pay an enormous amount of money making the film, and don’t want anyone to view it at no cost. Additionally, the films are owned legally by their creators.

Therefore that if any site is sharing their films without any concern for the content, it is in direct violation of the law. In certain countries, consuming illegal content could lead you to courts. Furthermore, because the website violates policies in a direct way the site isn’t accessible from many countries. solarmoviez also faces copyright infringement multiple times which forces them to create multiple proxies.

Software that can be harmful:

When you are watching your favorite films on Solarmovie the site could install harmful software on your PC without any concern. In the end, your computer could be subject to more dangers. Additionally, you may encounter a variety of issues, such as your computer will become slower, you could begin to see ads that are not yours and it could monitor your courses activities as well. Therefore, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.

No age limit:

It is not possible to find an age limit that is available on the website. On the legally-licensed streaming sites each movie is evaluated with ratings. This means you know exactly the kind of film you will be watching. However, this doesn’t apply to solarmovie.

If you’re looking forward to watching a film with your kids or friends You don’t know what kinds of scenes are ready for you in the film.

Advertisements that are annoying:

Another issue the site Solarmovie is the irritating advertisements. The site is stuffed with advertisements, which makes the user experience less enjoyable. The website also encourages untrue and illegal ads which could lead you to fall into a scam. You could also watch inappropriate advertisements while watching films with your children.

The site also offers pop-up advertisements, which can be very irritating. And it’s nearly impossible to stream movies smoothly.

How to watch movies on Solarmovie for free?

Are you in search of the streaming website that has the most recent movies? Are you looking to spend your leisure time watching films on an outdoor screen without having to pay a dime? Solarmovie is among the most popular streaming sites that offers the entire range of video content at no cost. There are many others like 123movies, p2p4u, and hdonline.

They are also available at no cost, and you do not have to pay a cent. The problem is how do you watch films without cost for free and what steps to follow so that you can watch the movie with no difficulty. Let’s take a look at the steps below.

Visit the website to sign-up

When you open the site, you’ll get the homepage, which has various options such as featured movies, TV serials IMDB movie listings and many more. When you click on any of them, the website will ask you to sign up. There is no need to be hesitant to go to the sign-up screen. Enter your email address and provide a password in order to join the website. This is a breeze, isn’t? Once you’re a member, each time you visit the website, you need to sign in and ensure your security with a VPN for another step.

The selection of films

After logging in, the next step is to choose the film. There are several options to choose the movie. You can either use search engine to find your most loved movie. Write down the movie’s name and then search for it. Or, you can utilize the tools available in the toolbar. There are options such as

* Features

* Country-wise movie

* TV serial

* Movies that are popular

* IMDB rating TV serials.

Click on any of the icons to verify the rating of the particular video, and then click on-play to play the video.

Are there any requirements for free movie watching?

Although Solarmovie is free to use, it is necessary to satisfy the system requirements required for websites like Solarmovie. You need to have the latest Windows version, such as 7,8 or 10. In addition, your PC must include a high-resolution graphics card that can play 4K or HD versions of films.

It is crucial to run the movies smoothly. If not, you won’t in a position to enjoy films on your large outside display and you could encounter obstacles or the movie will run slowly. To avoid such situations, you should check your computer’s compatibility so that you don’t confront any issue while playing the film.

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You may also visit all the latest rage faces website to find more details regarding the compatibility of the system and the requirements for the film to run smoothly.

The latest films were difficult in the past but thanks to the advancement of technology, these streaming websites have made it possible to watch the latest movies. Now, you can click on any movie you want to watch and then stream it anytime in high-quality. Enjoy your films with your loved ones and family as if you were sitting in the theater. Log in and enjoy yourself. Fill your time with watching 4K-quality movies.

List of 10+ SolarMovie Alternatives | Websites like Solarmovie

Some day the website of Solar Movie will vanish from the web. So here I bring you 10+ Best Alternatives of Solarmovie to watch unlimited free movies and web series. This list contains the best Solar Movie like sites with 100% Working links to their domain.

#1) 123Movies – Best Alternative for Solarmovie

Taking about the alternatives and substitutes of Solarmovie, here we land in 123 Movies. It is a good option because you get several options to watch from series to shows to movies right under a click. Content from every country is present on this website. Taking your mood in command, you can find every genre on this website of entertainment. 

I love websites that do not require anything to give you content. Surprisingly 123 Movies is one of them and it does not even require registration on the website. All the latest shows just launched or old you can easily find them out in 123 Movies. You missed the climax episode of your favourite series, don’t worry 123 Movies got you covered with all the latest seasons of anime like marco polo season 3

You can watch your favourite movie, show, episode, or whatnot on 123 Movies during any time of the day or night. New shows appear on this website under 1 week of the launch. How amazing is that, right?

Features of 123Movies

  • Latest Web Series and Movies are uploaded just after 7 days of release date.
  • Just register and start you binge-watching.
  • HD quality streaming available
  • Switching between audio and subtitles is available

Website Link –

#2) Vumoo – Solarmovie Alternative

One more superb alternative for Solarmovie is Vumoo. It provides a high-quality streaming experience, with lots of entertaining content and that too for free. Yes, you read it right, it’s for free. The interface is so good that you will confuse it with websites like Amazon Prime or Netflix. You can watch anything ranging from TV shows, series, movies in every genre you wish to watch.

The most amazing thing apart from the factor that it is free is that it will show you content according to your taste. It keeps a record of your watch history and shows content according to that. So, you don’t need to search much, everything will be in front of you even before you demand it.

Features of Vumoo

  • Watch wide range of Movies online
  • HD Quality Streaming Available
  • Register and enjoy streaming
  • Web Series are also available on Vumoo

Website Link Vumoo

#3) Popcorn Flix – Alternative Sites to Solarmovie

You can guess by the name itself; call your friends, wear your favorite binge-watch t-shirts, prepare a tub of popcorn maybe two and get set go! Get ready for the binge night with millions of entertainment options that are available on Popcornflix. This can prove to be the best choice for your entertainment purpose.

This is a good substitute for Solarmovie. No matter what do you want to watch, Indian, American, cartoons, TV shows, or movies, you’ll get all of this right under a click. You can easily access everything through the category tab or the search bar. All of this is coming for free. Can you believe it? You do not even require to subscribe or log to watch the series.

Features of PopcornFlix

  • No subscription required
  • Millions of movies and web series to binge-watch
  • Viral Videos Available
  • HD streaming supported

Website LinkPopcornflix

#4) Hulu – Solarmovie Alternative 2021

You don’t want to go for cheaper options? Do you want something premium for you? Go for HULU to get a full television experience under one roof. You will have to pay $5.99 a month and that’s it. You are sorted for your entertainment for a month straight. All the popular TV series and movies from different regions of the world are showcased in Hulu. There is some exclusive content on the website for their subscribers. 

You can combine its subscription with other OTD platforms like Disney+, etc. which will save some bucks. It is a great parallel companion of major OTD platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix. It is a great substitute for Solarmovie if I may say. It can prove to be a companion in your dull times. You can watch whatever genre you want to watch depending on your mood. Told you every good thing doesn’t come for free.

Features of Hulu

  • Premium Website to watch TV series and Movies
  • Subscription available at $5.99/month
  • First month free trial available
  • You can also get Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+ bundle at $12.99/month

Website LinkHulu

#5) TubiTV – Alternative to Solarmovie

This is a great website in option for Solarmovie. It portrays millions of free content and maximum genres. You can’t even think of that many genres which TubiTV displays. Be it horror, comedy, romantic, rom-com, suspense, or whatever you can think of according to your mood, you will find that content under one click. You can make your home a theatre if you are a member of TubiTV. You can also subscribe to their services and can get direct notifications on new shows, TV series, and movies directly into your email. I mean, what more can you ask for? All of this for free.

Features of TubiTV

  • Free Movies and TV Series
  • Very few and shorter ads
  • No subscription required
  • 100% Legal

Website Link TubiTV

#6) FMovies – Replacement for Solarmovie

If you don’t know about this website, you are left out with a lot of entertainment, that too for free. I can’t tell you that it is such a good website and a perfect duplicate for Solarmovie. 50 million people have enrolled in their services from over 70 countries. It is a superb alternative for Solarmovie according to my opinion. You’ll find innumerable TV series, movies out there.

 Whether be the old, new, or just launched. You can download its content straight away on your laptop or mobile. The servers used by them are very fast and robust. The servers will never let you feel bored or dull because they are so high in speed. Many OTD platform’s shows are showcased in Fmovies with no glitch. 

Ads are there on the website but they are very few. Users prefer simple interface so they don’t get involved in any fuss. The Fmovies present a very neat interface for the ease of its users. Everything coming on this website just for free. Hearing the word ‘FREE’ makes by heart ring and my mouth sing! Ha-ha.

Features of FMovies

  • Faster and Safer Experience
  • No glitch while streaming
  • Language and subtitles switching is not available

Website Link –

#7) Putlocker – Sites like Solarmovie

Don’t get confused by the name of this website. No one is going to lock anything from viewing. Instead of that, you are going to get everything for free. This website does not require any subscription or anything for that matter. 

This website offers TV series and movies for the entertainment right at your desk. You can watch innumerable movies in different genres with the supported language and subtitles. Your emotional cravings will be fulfilled by Putlocker. This website does not have the content, instead, it uses external party applications for that purpose. 

Nothing is stored on its server. This website is good because it is user-friendly. All these features, that too for free. You can enjoy during any time of the day, any mood, any language, any genre you want with Putlocker. These features make it easy for Putlocker to become a better substitute for Solarmovie. So, don’t worry if Solarmovie is banned in your region, Putlocker got you covered.

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Features of Putlocker

  • Different language supported
  • Faster Streaming
  • Uses third party apps
  • Many Proxies Available

Website Link –

#8) TVMuse – Websites Like Solarmovie

You can assume by the title; it is a TV. It a source of entertainment for you anywhere and anytime. You are musing about something from the television and TVmuse is where you have to land. The interface is so neat. You just need to scroll through the categories and select the show or movie you wish to watch. Voila! Take a tub of popcorn and soda and you are ready for the binge-watch. You can even watch the latest shows which are recently launched on TVmuse in under a week of their launch. This website is a great competitor for Solarmovie.

Features of TVMuse

  • User registratio required
  • No fees just free movies and TV series
  • Fewer Ads

Website Link –

#9) Look Movie – Solarmovie Replacement

I know you somehow missed the most important episode of your TV show because your mom sent you out to buy groceries or your dad asked you to pay the monthly bills. Don’t you worry child! Look Movie have your back. It is a robust streaming website. You can watch all the popular TV shows here. Look Movie is a very easy-to-use website with minimalistic features. These features enhance the user experience as there is no fuss created on the website. You can search through the tabs in the menu if you are looking for your favorite TV show.

Features of Look Movie

  • Movie filters available on the base of release, imdb rating, genre etc.
  • In depth reviews and rating for movies is available
  • More categories to watch

Website Link –

#10) Thewatchseries – Best Solarmovie Alternative 2021

TheWatchSeries is nothing but a streaming website where you can watch zillions of movies in your desired language. You can watch your favorite shows and series there. You can have the luxury of these under the umbrella of TheWatchSeries. TheWatchSeries has almost every series and movie you put your finger on. What you need to do is just download the series or movie you want to watch and then choose supported subtitles and that’s it. Voila! This website provides content from almost every genre, so as you know not every region is allowed to stream TheWatchSeries.

Features of thewatchseries

  • Most loved website over the internet
  • Widest Variety of TV Series and Web Series
  • Regularly updated with latest content

Website Link –

#11) xMovies8

Xmovies8 is one of these websites that upload only the latest TV shows, films series web series, and so on. The uploaded content on Xmovies8 is available in HD Quality. There is however the option of choosing the quality of the video you choose to stream.

Today, users can choose to stream free movies on their computer, TV screen or tablet, smartphone, and any gaming gadget. You can stream any time without having to adhere to a strict time. This is all possible thanks to Xmovies8.

#12) 1Movies

1Movies allows you to stream all the latest movies and TV series. It doesn’t cost anything, unlike other premium websites. It allows you to watch any content that you wish, without cost. All these contents are subject to piracy. It is therefore prohibited in certain countries. The company keeps changing domain extensions, which is done when illegal content is found on websites.

25 Best Solarmovie Proxy Sites | Best SolarMovie Mirror Links

S. No.SolarMovie Proxy and Mirror sitesStatusSpeed
1solarmoviz.suOnlineVery Fast
2solarmovi.msOnlineVery Fast
3solarmoviz.ruOnlineVery Fast
4solarmovifree.netOnlineVery Fast
5solarmoviz.fmOnlineVery Fast
6solarmoviz.toOnlineVery Fast
7solarmovi.unblocked.gdnOnlineVery Fast
8solarmoviz.lifeOnlineVery Fast
9solarmoviz.netOnlineVery Fast
10solarmovi.unblockall.orgOnlineVery Fast
11US ProxyOnlineVery Fast
12UK ProxyOnlineVery Fast
13solarmovisc.comOnlineVery Fast
14solarmoviz.mrunlock.pwOnlineVery Fast
15solarmoviz.nocensor.bidOnlineVery Fast
16solarmoviz.unlockproject.menOnlineVery Fast
17solarmoviz.prox4you.funOnlineVery Fast
18solarmoviz.123unblock.partyOnlineVery Fast
19unblocksites.coOnlineVery Fast
20solarmoviz.netOnlineVery Fast
21solarmoviz.cafeOnlineVery Fast
22solarmoviz.zoneOnlineVery Fast
23solarmovisc.coOnlineVery Fast
24solarmoviz.runOnlineVery Fast
25solarmoovie.vipOnlineVery Fast

How to Download Movies From Solarmovie

Solarmovie is a great platform that offers hundreds of movie slinks to view at no cost.. You don’t have to pay anything. It’s free film streaming sites that give the entire genre of movies so that you don’t get bored in your spare time. It even allows you to download your preferred film to watch offline. What isn’t that a unique aspect of the streaming website. Like other sites such as 123movies the site offers an entire option for downloading movies that is in HD quality. You might be wondering how to download the film from this website. Follow the steps below.

Table of Contents

Find the download site

Different sites allow downloading the videos on Solarmovie. Each video streaming site has its own downloading site where you can copy and paste the links. For Solarmovie one of them is 9X Buddy. It is a simple way to download the film you want. After you have accessed the website you must copy the URL and then paste it into your browser.

Copy the link to the film

In this stage first, you must look up the movie you would like to download. It is possible to click the search bar, then type in the title of the film and then click search. You can also click directly onto the movie’s icon which appears in the center of the screen. The toolbar will receive the URL for the specific movie. Copy this URL by pressing CTRL + L or by directly pressing the left mouse button to copy the URL.

Paste-on downloader website

Copy the link to the downloader’s page. There is a choice for “paste the URL here” Enter the URL and press enter to begin the download. After that, click download to install the movie on your computer.

Choose the size of the file

While downloading, you’ll be given the option to choose the size of your video. You can select the quality and size of the video that you wish to download, based on the space available and the specifications of your computer’s graphics card. You have now applied to adjust the settings to meet your laptop’s specifications. Select done, and let the download begin.

The movie will be downloaded in just a couple of minutes. Enjoy the top-quality video with amazing streaming. So you can download a variety of videos on your system. The most important thing to consider prior to downloading is whether or not your streaming website able to download videos , or is it not. For instance, for websites that cover sports events such as P2p4u, you canonly offer live coverage of games.

There is no download option. Therefore, make sure that site you’re visiting offers this option or it doesn’t. Otherwise, you’ll just have wasted your time and absolutely nothing other than that.

SolarMovie Reviews

“This app is not good… VERY TRASH AND CANCEROUS!!!
Solar Movies is crappy, there are MILLIONS of viruses, scams, and pop up ads, like one saying “cHoOsE yOuR gEnDeR” and then one nasty ad with an anime girl that’s naked… SERIOUSLY? VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, NOT COOL, REPORT AND GET SOLAR MOVIES BANNED!!!!!”

“I’d give 0 stars if it were possible
I’d give 0 stars if it were possible. I have tried to watch a tv series, but every time I a pop up shows up (one of those that don’t allow you to go back, so you just have to close the page, and open a new one). After 5 times I tried to watch episode 2, I just gave up. Not worth it at all”

“all these reviews seem jaded but the…
all these reviews seem jaded but the SolarMovie im familiar with is pretty great. i mean you cant download movies or watch them in 1080p but for a 2 hour movie with 5 ads throughout the whole thing(lets not forget its the same ad everytime and you can skip it after 5 secs)and all for free, id say its a pretty big steal and doesnt deserve the flack its gettig on here.

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bases on most peoples issues w the site, it sounds like you just have trash internet.but idk i had a great experience! I’d also like to note that havent had any malware install or any virusesor any of the sort, i dont even get pop-ups from the site which is very common with these sorts of sites.(UPDATE: i see that all these reviews are actually quite old and it seems like SolarMovie got their goods together so props to them!)”

Read More Reviews

If Solarmovie is illegal why hasn’t the website been taken down already?

User says – “Solarmovie doesn’t actually host or distribute any movie, so they are not the ones playing the “pirate” role. They are just giving you the links where you can find the movie.

IF you see their footer it says

“SolarMovie provides links to other sites on the internet and doesn’t host any files itself. SolarMovie – watch free movies online.””

Another User Says – “

The sites themselves are illegal under European law, but are not illegal under U.S. law, because they do not host content themselves, they merely index it.

You cannot hold search engines responsible for the content they index, rather than host, in the U.S.; in Europe, they have a number of laws relating to search engines which are in fact impossible to implement with current technology, as they require some level of cognitive understanding of the content.

Most nations understand this, and do not enforce to that level, relying instead on DMCA takedown notices, where it’s the responsibility of the owners of the content to report the infringing host sites of the illegal content. (read more)

10 Things You Never Knew About Solarmovie

In order to give you the idea, SolarMovie is another streaming site you can find on your own, but should not. In contrast to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and a host of other streaming sites and even simply looking at the website and the services they offer ought to cause you to pause.

The direct to your home movies are excellent and can help to cut down on traveling out and spending the amount required to purchase tickets or rent movies from Redbox however, there are some websites that are best to stay clear from due to the fact that it could help you avoid thinking about whether you’re doing the right thing. Many people won’t be concerned since streaming services are streaming for the people who don’t care about where the stream is coming from. But make sure to research your streaming options and you may discover that this is one to steer clear of when you’re smart.

Here are some things about the website that could aid you in making that choice.

1. This company’s registration is in the Philippines.

It’s at the very least or a warning because many of the streaming services available by companies in the US are located on the US. Although it’s not likely to put many people away, there are people who like to imagine accountability for a service as being much closer to home, just to be comfortable.

2. It has films that are not yet in theaters as well as premium films.

The cost of premium movies isn’t an issue because they are getting released faster and more frequently with each passing day however, if a film is in theaters and it is available on streaming, that should be a major warning. Think about it, how long has it been since you were able to see the movie via a streaming service and in a theatre when it was just launched for the first time?

3. The site doesn’t keep movies on its servers, they is handled by third party.

The website is more of an intermediary that is between the consumers and the third parties who receive the content, but however, not legally. It’s best to know who is providing the entertainment, to ensure that it doesn’t end up becoming less enjoyable and stressful in the end.

4. The removal of the site would be a major headache for the authorities.

The benefit of this site for them is that they are able to take it down and create another server over and over again, and the authorities must spend the time and effort to continue to track the site. Alongside that is the it is the case that so many appear to be eager to take on this task that bringing them all together is an undertaking that aren’t enough people to handle.

5. You might have noticed that the website isn’t legal.

The criminal aspect is so insignificant that authorities don’t seem eager to take on the perpetrators, unless someone gets bored and has the time. They’re probably more vigilant than this, however closing them down is a lot easier said than done.

6. The site has ties to other websites that contain content that is not legal.

If you’re still contemplating using the site , then you can however there’s been enough red flags issued that it’s pretty evident that they’re not completely reliable and should be avoided.

7. If you are found to be using the website, you could be identified as the guilty party.

If you do become a victim, the business will not assist you, as they’ll close their doors and go on their way, but you’re more likely to get discovered earlier than any other person since everyone can’t be as adept at deleting their entire online profile, and authorities will have a more easy to find you should they choose to do so.

8. There’s also a significant danger to your system in the event that you choose to visit the site.

The sheer number of viruses recognized to harm a person’s system via this website and other similar sites could be another reason you ought to be cautious, and again should you need to before you click”OK” on any item that is related to the website.

9. In the end, SolarMovie is only taking one-third of the profits that films elsewhere.

The businesses they take in their home country of the US is more of a the practice of skimming rather than goinguge, because they don’t perform a lot in terms of making huge profits. It’s evident, but only enough to be being watched.

10. Many sign up as the site is inexpensive.

This is the reason why a large number of people subscribe to stream, after all because they want to save money on a movie experience they can appreciate.

If you’re still keen to give them a go, do it, with keep your fingers crossed.

Features of Solarmovie

Huge Collection of Movies, Series & Shows

It could take years to get half way through the data provided by SolarMovies. The website gathers data from all the major players in the industry and puts it all in one place. For instance, a show could be via Amazon Prime Video and not available on Netflix or reversed. SolarMovies however has access to the two shows and permit its users to stream the shows for free. This is an unbeatable benefit of courses streaming sites for movies such as SolarMovies.

Easy To Use Interface

With a user-friendly interface as well as an easy navigation system users can reduce search time and is more satisfied by satisfying his requirements efficiently and quickly method. The brand grows sales and increases the customer’s loyalty, and reduces costs and resources. In simple terms an interface for users is an crucial aspect. It could make or the difference between your customers. It helps reduce the number of issues as well as increases user engagement while also enhancing functionality. It establishes a strong connection between customers and your website. SolarMovies’s owners SolarMovies are aware of this and this is evident in the way they’ve carried out their plans. The website is not just very user-friendly but provides information to users in an organized way.

Unlimited Streaming & Downloading

If you have an Android or an iOS-based tablet iPad, iPhone, or Smartphone the free streaming applications for movies allow you to stream any courses film you like in total comfort. There are no limitations as to the number of files they can upload. Apart from being completely free, streaming apps give you access to multiple devices, meaning you can access any of these devices to make your watching experience an individual preference. You can stream for hours without additional cost and with no additional limitations. Everything you’d like to stream is easily accessible.

Stream Content Without Registration

Being capable of streaming courses without having to register or sign up gives us the option of protecting of privacy. Most of the time, when a website requests you to sign-up and store your personal information, it will keep the data. With SolarMovies you can rest sure that your information is safe. SolarMovies will never require for you to sign-up or pay for content that you are watching. You can stream everything from retro 70s films to the 90s’ most recent releases on this site, while also ensuring your personal information is secure.

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    Thanks for other websites too!!!!!!😊

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