Using eGovernance when registering births and downloading birth certificates for a convenient process

The Indian Government to connect with more people through the internet started working on their eGovernance platforms across the country. They were planning on getting various mandatory processes under one banner to make online application processes a lot easier and convenient for the people using them. They found that there were a lot of documents that people were staying away from since the application processes were tedious and inconvenient involving coordination between various departments. More importantly, the eGovernance platform connects multiple departments through a convenient, efficient, and transparent transition between the Government, citizens, and businesses and companies. When it comes to an eGovernance platform, there are multiple lines of communication that they have to handle.

Government To Citizen (G2C)

The Government communicates with the people giving them access to application forms and schemes so they can apply for them without too much trouble. They have feedback options where they listen to concerns by people and make changes accordingly. They also assist with Government transportation providing discounts to older people or children going to school and so on. They also have information about Government-run educational institutions so they can assist the poor. Furthermore, most parts of the country have the Government assisting people with subsidised healthcare as well, which they can apply for through this platform.

Consumer To Government (C2G)

The people communicate with the Government, providing them with information relating to statistics, voting and paying the right amounts in taxes. The Government uses this information to better understand the demographics of the country. Sometimes they also create and spread awareness about various schemes that they are running and other plans that are taking place throughout the country.

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Government To Government (G2G)

The various departments and unconnected wings of Government connect to create a more efficient system. They also work on cutting costs and assisting the other department to grow since they can benefit from the information that they would not have otherwise had. They can work with the administrative system, the legal system and the system of official protecting the country.

Government To Business (G2B)

The Government puts together various schemes and tax rules to benefit companies and businesses working across the country, and hiring a lot of people. In some cases, they assist them with their growth, and in others, they encourage them so that more people can benefit from the company.

While most application processes are the same across the country, there are slight variations from one state to another. However, the purpose that they serve stays the same. Additionally, people can choose to handle the processes online, or they can download the forms and submit them in person at the office, whichever they find more convenient. With a large number of people using the online platform, there was a significant reduction in people visiting the department offices, which made the process a lot easier to coordinate. The website also has a lot of information about various processes which people can learn before going through them, which should make the application process a lot easier. They can also gather the supporting documents and certification in their spare time, so they do not have to run around later.

Other than downloading documents and submitting applications, the eGovernance platform can assist with various departments when it comes to paying bills instead of running around from one place to another. Almost all utility bills, which include electricity, water and gas, while some states allow for phones and many others can be paid through the eGovernance platform. Not only is it convenient, but it also cuts down on the paper used to take a step toward a greener environment.

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One of the most popular processes handled on the website is birth registrations and the application for a birth certificate.

For an applicant to get a birth certificate, they have to make sure that they registered the birth with the authorities. According to Government rules, parents have to register the birth of their children in 21 days after they are born. To create a simple process, the medical practitioners who assisted when the child was born, usually get through the application process on behalf of the parents. .There are exceptions when parents want to go through the registration process themselves, but they would have to get a letter from the hospital if they wanted to get through the process. Children who are not born at a hospital would also need the medical letter to get through the process.

When it comes to birth registration, the hospital provides all the information, along with the necessary details, through a certificate that has to be submitted to the Registrar. However, after registering the birth, the same information is written on the birth certificate.

The birth certificate is the most important official document that an individual will receive. It is the right of every person born in the country and is a requirement when for various services or benefits offered by the Government. It has the name of the individual, gender, parents’ names, and the date and place of birth. Other than for the registration on various application forms, the certificate serves multiple purposes, but mainly works on proving an official document that states their age.

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When getting through the birth registration process offline, people who live in villages have to connect with the Registrar of Births and Deaths, through their Panchayat and those living in cities can handle this process through the Municipality. Overall, more people get through the process through the online platform, which is a lot more convenient.

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