Why Should You Go for Professional Data Recovery Services?

Devices like computers and mobile phones contain data which are very important to us. These data can be our personal information, banking details, photos, and videos. Now, there can be instances where you can lose these data. In these circumstances, you will need a data recovery procedure to retrieve these data back. 

However, the data recovery process is very complicated and a normal user will not be able to perform it. Performing these procedures without proper knowledge can lead to more damage. 

After a data loss, a certain amount of data is always recoverable. But, to recover it effectively, you will need the help of a Data Recovery Dubai IT professional. These professionals have experience and knowledge of this domain and will be able to recover your data effectively.

Now, let’s check, when can data loss hit you and how can you recover the loss.

Reasons for Data Loss

There are many reasons for data loss. Each of these reasons has its own set of problems for data recovery. So, let us see some of the common reasons for data loss.

1. Human Error

Human error is one of the primary reasons for data loss. People can sometimes format their hard drives or delete the files by mistake. This can happen especially with the inexperienced users. Additionally, a weak password, not installing the updates and no backup can also trigger data loss. The users can also fall prey to phishing. 

What is Phishing? It is a set of malicious emails sent by the scammers to scam the users. These emails look legitimate and have an appearance to make the user believe that they are from a trusted source. This leads them to share their personal information. Phishing can also cause a significant amount of data loss But now with Data Recovery Dubai, you can prevent these technical glitches. 

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2. Hard Drive Failure

Most of the data loss happens due to hard drive failures. Within a computer, hard drives are the most fragile part. Each week, over 140 thousand hard drive crashes occur. Among these crashes, 40% is due to the mishandling or misuse of the users, and the other 60% is caused due to mechanical problems. Additionally, overheating can also cause hard drives to crash.

Since hard drives have moving parts, it will eventually wear out and will stop working. This will happen to computers that are old and are running for almost 4 years. Here are some of the signs of a failing hard drive:

  • The computer is getting excessively hot.
  • The hard drive is having problems while booting up.
  • Slow processing speed. 
  • Frequent freezing of the computer screen. 
  • Grinding and clicking sound coming from your computer. 
  • Files are becoming corrupted and not opening. 

3. Malware and Viruses 

Malware or viruses can enter your system through the internet, especially if you visit any malicious site and click on any link without knowing. They can also get in through external devices like pen drives, external hard drives, etc. 

Phishing emails are also a great way of delivering malware and ransomware to a computer. After this malware enters your computer, the sender executes them and steals your data. In order to prevent this from happening, you must never visit any insecure site or open any emails that are not from anyone you can trust.

4. Software Failure

Software failure in a computer causes the system to shut down suddenly. This sudden shutting down of the system causes data loss. Software failure can occur because of a number of hardware and software problems. Some of these problems are outdated drivers, severely damaged hard drive, overheating, corrupted system files, etc.  

5. Theft

Portable devices like smartphones, laptops, external hard drives, USB drives are very easy to steal. This can happen at any time and anywhere. According to a survey, the number of laptops that get stolen is astounding. This survey suggests that every 53 seconds, one laptop gets stolen. 

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Thus, you have to be extra careful with your laptop. Be sure not to leave your laptop in public places, for even a single second. Let’s say that you are travelling with your laptop in your car. If you have to get out of your car and leave your laptop behind, make sure that it is out of sight. This will not tempt any thief to steal it. Otherwise, they can break your car window and take the laptop.   

6. Damage due to Liquid

While you are working on your laptop, you may want to drink coffee or just a glass of water. While doing so, you may accidentally spill your coffee or water on your laptop. This will lead to an internal short circuit and will cause heavy damage. 

Benefits of Opting for Professional Data Recovery Services

Data is the most precious thing to any users. So, when they face data loss, they become stressed and tense. Sometimes, the data might not be recoverable, or at least through normal procedures. 

In such circumstances, the Data Recovery Services come into work. These services specialize in data recovery. So, let us see some of the benefits of going to a professional Data Recovery Dubai Services:  

1. Expert Professionals

All the data recovery services have expert professionals who have years of experience in this field. They know exactly what measure to apply in a particular case of data loss. Sometimes, the data may seem lost, but they can be recovered. The experts know all the parts of a hard drive and hence they will do nothing that will damage it. 

2. Performing Diagnosis

It is very difficult for normal users to determine the main cause of data loss. So, when this happens, you must take your device to the Data Recovery service providers. They will first perform a diagnostic of the whole system. This will help them to determine the main cause of the data loss. After that, they will take the appropriate steps to fix the problem and recover your data.   

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3. Hard Drive Data Recovery

A professional data recovery service provider can recover data from hard drives, no matter whatever the reason for the data loss is. Also, they are experts on operating on any kind of hard drives. Some of the data recovery services they provide are Laptop data recovery, external hard drive data recovery, and SSD data recovery.   

4. RAID Data Recovery 

RAID makes use of multiple disks to increase the capacity of their storage. The information is stored in various places on different hard disks. This makes it tolerant of faults. However, they can also suffer from data loss. Buts, the professionals at the service centres can recover data from all types of RAID configurations. This is mainly used by big organizations to store their data.

5. Recovering Data From SD Cards and USB Drives

Even though the USB drives and SD cards are resistant to damage through a certain impact, they too can suffer damage if they are not handled properly. The professionals at these centres possess specialized tools to make the process of recovering data easier. No matter what damage your flash drives have suffered, the professionals will help you recover your data.   


When you are facing a data loss situation, you must not try to solve it yourself. You may end up doing more damage than any positive outcome. So, always try going to a Data Recovery Dubai service provider. They will be able to recover your data without any hassle owing to their versatile knowledge, dedication and reliability.

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