The Best Android Antivirus Apps of 2020

Android mobile is the most used gadget in the world. There are lots of chances that you are reading this article from your mobile-only and that would be a Android mobile. You reached here in search of the Best Android Antivirus apps of 2020. 

As we know that Android is the operating system that is being used by most of the users in the world. It is open-source so it is oblivious that there could be so many viruses and fake applications that can harm your mobile. So you have to be careful that you do not visit any malicious website or install any fake application on your mobile.

Here we are going to list down some of the best android antiviruses that you can install on your mobile right now to protect mobile from viruses and fake files. Some of them are free antivirus and some of them are paid like Norton Mobile Security. So, you can pick that suits your condition. Without wasting more time, let’s get started and protect our Android mobile now. 

The best Android antivirus in 2020

You can check the following Android antivirus apps.

Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security is one of the best and secure mobile antivirus apps that you can use on your multiple devices after purchasing the one product. There are a bunch of features that you can use to protect your mobile from viruses and spams. 

Some other factors like battery drainage, storage shortage, spam files, cache problem, and other general problem can also be fixed by the Norton Mobile Security. So you have to do only one thing go for the Norton Sign up and install the mobile security app.

According to AV-Test, Norton Mobile Security Suite is one of the best performing mobile security and protection app in the market. So, if you are skeptical about the best security app for your Android then you should try the Norton Mobile Security app once. 

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Coming to the features that we got in the Norton app, there are so many handy features that are going to help you a lot in your day to day life. Extra features like call blocking, spam calls, WiFi security, lost device, and data loss. There are some other features also that you can check when you will install the applications and test it. 

If you are an existing Norton user then do Norton log in and go for the Norton mobile security option. You have to pay a fee to use this application on your mobile. There are so many other applications also in this price segment but keep one thing in mind that the features that you get here will not be there in other applications too. So, you have to spend your money wisely. 

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Avast Mobile Security

Avast is famous for its amazing customer support. Avast develop amazing product in the antivirus market. Avast has a long list of features that includes an anti-theft system, RAM boost, storage cleaner, cache maintenance, and lots of more handy features too.

The thing that you will find in the Avast antivirus app is you can get this app without paying a single penny. 

The anti-theft system works perfectly here. Unfortunately, you lost your mobile and you are not able to find it then you can use any other mobile or system to track your mobile via the Avast antivirus tool. 

Avast will collaborate with your mobile’s Avast applications and it will try to provide you the realtime location of your mobile. You can also lock your device permanently and wipe out the data in one single click remotely. 

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When Avast was launched, that time it was paid, but now it is free of cost which means you can install it in more than one device. But you will see some in-app ads. You can remove them by paying for a yearly or monthly pack to remove ads in the Avast app. 

AVG Antivirus Free

AVG is another well-known brand in the antivirus market. Likewise, other apps in the list AVG also have features like anti-theft, device lock, storage optimizer, and antivirus scan too. It is a free Android security app that you can use on your mobile device to protect it from malicious files and viruses. 

You will see in-app ads that you can remove by paying the company for a monthly or yearly pack to remove ads from the AVG antivirus application. 

Coming to features we have an anit-theft feature that will help you to secure your data if you lost it. Photo Vault if you want to hide your sensitive data on your mobile like personal photos, important documents, and more. WiFi security, blocking calls, and lots of more on the list. You will find all of these features when you install this app. 

Coming to some important features of AVG Antivirus, we have a feature that can enhance the performance of your mobile in one click. This feature will kill unnecessary files and non-used applications that are running in the background. It helps you to delete unused files and junk files from the mobile storage to speed up your mobile as well as it will also help you to clear some space in the mobile storage.

With this many features, AVG become one of the most overloaded Android security applications in the list. There is no wonder why this app is so famous and this is one of the reasons why it has amazing ratings on Google Play Store. 

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

Kaspersky one of the widely used software in the industry but does not know why people do not recommend this app to others. But here are going to tell you some fantastic features that will let you know the power of this application.

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Before talking about the features, the first thing we want to tell you is that Kasperky is free of cost mobile security applications. So you don’t have to pay a single buck to use this app on your mobile. 

Talking about the features we have an anti-theft feature to protect your mobile data and to track if you lost your mobile. Adding to the features we got to see a feature that is related to Android Wear that makes it easier to manage android wears. 

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee is famous for its strong protection against viruses and spam files. If you have installed McAfee in your Android mobile then you can rest assured that there will be no virus on your mobile phone. McAfee has developed its mobile app very perfectly that no files will be missed from the scan of this app. 

McAfee is free of cost and you can install it in as much as devices you want to protect. Coming to features it has WiFi network enhancement features, a Battery booster, storage cleaner, scanner, and other handy features too.

When it comes to features McAfee lacks behind because it focuses primarily on security rather than extra features. 

So, these are some of the best Android antivirus apps of 2020 that you can install on your mobile. We would like to recommend Norton Mobile Security here because it has each feature that you need in this era. We have managed to pull some amazing data from Norton mobile security that we have mentioned above. 

You can purchase and the only thing you have to do is Norton Sign up or Norton Login to protect your mobile device from viruses and spam files. 

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