Top 10+ Best Dress Up Games for Adults and Kids For iOS and Android

Dressing up is often an enjoyable pastime for adults and kids alike. But, it’s not always straightforward since you’d require an entire wardrobe to look your best. Fashion is expensive, particularly in the case of the top clothes on the market. It’s why people are looking for the top dress-up games that can be used to replace actual dress-up games. What are the best ones for your children and you? These are our top choices for the top dress-up games of 2022.

What Are Dress-Up Games?

If you’ve played mobile games and played before, you’ve probably experienced this subset of “simulation games.” As the name suggests, the games of simulation allow players to recreate the real world or other scenarios through the game’s environment.

The Sims is among the most well-known examples of this, allowing you to experience everyday life on your computer or mobile. But it’s not the only game that falls into this classification since there is a myriad of simulator games accessible on mobile devices. There is a myriad of other games available that only simulate just a small portion of the life that offers. One of them is what we refer to as “dress-up games.”

Games for dressing up are precise as they sound. They give players the chance to dress characters with various styles of clothing. Certain games focus on fashionable and modern styles, while others mimic the fashions of specific periods. Whatever the case, these games let players imagine dressing up in clothes that they would never dream of.

On the other hand, gamers also play them to combine and mix different clothing styles to improve their style. But using the most fashionable apps may be the better option. Even the most sophisticated dress-up games aren’t able to compete with the most fashionable fashion apps for keeping up with trends.

10+ Best Dress Up Games for Android and iOS

What are the most popular dress-up games to play on your mobile device? We’ve compiled our top 13 games to play on iOS as well as Android.

#1 Fashion Nation

There are a lot of dress-up games are available for children with cartoon-like art styles. If you’re in desire something more real, You should definitely take a look at Fashion Nation. It’s among the most popular dress-up games available on iOS and Android, and for the right reasons.

The graphics in the game are stunning. Both the models as well as the outfits included with they look real and 3D. The clothes and the way they drape and flow perfectly highlight the hard work that the artists did in their game. Additionally, it adds some healthy competition by putting you in a position to compete against your opponents in fashion-related battles.

As with other dress-up video games, this lets you design your closet with everything you’d like. This includes clothing, shoe jewellery, as well as other stunning accessories. There are many options to choose from in the game, so you’ll not get bored wearing the same outfits over and over again. Additionally, the game lets you show off your creativity by requiring you to dress your model in different ways for different events.

Download Fashion Nation from Google Play Store

Install Fashion Nation from the App Store

#2 Fashion Fever

Fashion Fever is undoubtedly one of the top dress-up games available for girls on Android. It allows players to experience the dream of becoming a model without ever leaving the comfort of their homes! However, it is possible to imagine yourself being a famous designer to find the top models.

By playing this game, you have the option to dress up as you want. Are you looking to design a summer look to be featured on a magazine cover? Join me! Do you want to create an elegant winter outfit? Sure! While playing, everything is yours to decide, and you’re given total control over the look you’d like to wear. You can even become an eminent designer of clothing and design exclusively for the most famous celebrities in the world.

As with the majority of top games for dressing up, Fashion Fever is a free to play a game for Android devices. However, certain items are protected by an unpaid wall to keep the game running. Additionally, ads are displayed throughout the app, so it can be annoying for those who are. It’s still worth trying if you want to revisit your childhood and enjoy dress-up-themed games.

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Get Fashion Fever from Google Play Store

#3 Dress Up Azalea

Dress Up Azalea is one of the most popular dress-up games for Android. The game has a cartoon-like style of art, making it ideal for children. However, adults may enjoy some fun playing the game too.

Throughout the game, players must dress as Azalea, a gorgeous model with long, black locks. Azalea, as per the description, is a lover of all things sweet and beautiful. This includes kittens, flowers, sparkly fabrics, and much more. The goal is to make Azalea content by dressing her with her most loved fashions.

You can alter Azalea’s appearance to make her smile more by changing her hairstyle, makeup, clothes, and hair. The game is pretty comprehensive and lets you customize the clothes you wear with up to three different color palettes.

Costume Up Azalea might be a more straightforward game than the others, and it’s certainly enjoyable to play. The only drawback in the title is the limited accessibility to Android devices.

Get Fashion Up Azalea on Google Play Store

#4 Fashion Fantasy

Fashion Fantasy is one of the top dress-up games available on mobile devices if you’re in search of something that demonstrates advancement. This is because the game requires players to complete tasks using their sense of style. When they complete these tasks, it will allow them to unlock additional chapters and also reveal more of the story of the game.

A story definitely can make the game more interesting as opposed to just dressing with random characters. However, the game includes other elements that make it fun to play compared with its competition. It has challenges with styling and a fantastic Fashion Boutique shop, and the possibility to design and create your designs.

The game also includes an in-game forum in which you can discuss fashion and other subjects in conversation with fellow players. It’s an excellent way to build a sense of the spirit of love for everything related to fashion!

Finally, the game is completely free as a default, which means you can download the game and play it whenever you want. The only drawback is that the game comes with only basic items. If you’d like more features, you’ll have to pay for them via in-app purchases.

Download Fashion Fantasy from Google Play Store

Install Fashion Fantasy from the App Store

#5 Covet Fashion

The majority of people consider dress-up games to be something for kids. While many do target their games to kids however, there are some adult dress-up games that you can discover on mobile devices. One of them is Covet Fashion.

It’s a no-cost game with a variety of options to satisfy your preferences. In the game, you’ll be able to dress in almost any kind of model regardless of color, shape, or size. It’s a broad game that is great for determining which clothes suit what body types and tones the best. In addition, the game features adjustable models for hair and makeup. This means that you can not only alter the clothes of your avatar but their appearance in general.

The great thing about this application is that it generally includes clothing and accessories from actual brands. This means you could mix and match clothing and accessories to determine whether you like them prior to making purchases. After that, you’ll be able to discover links to each item in the application.

The game isn’t just an easy dress-up game in which you dress up as a model with no restrictions. It also offers themed challenges that could earn you game currency or unique items. Afterward, players are able to choose the winners of every challenge to determine who wins the prize. The only drawback is that you must be a slave (or pay) to obtain the top products.

Get Covet Fashion from Google Play Store

Get Covet Fashion on the App Store

#6 Mystic Prince Dress Up

A majority of the dress-up games listed here are designed for women. However, this does not mean that men cannot enjoy the same pleasure playing with male avatars! Mystic Prince Dress Up is an online game that offers exactly that and is suitable for both genders.

The game lets players wear their male characters up in all kinds of styles. You can even play cosplay in this game and even dress as an elf from the shire or as a Japanese Samurai. Additionally, you can alter your avatar’s skin color as well as facial expressions and body size. It’s, therefore, among the more adaptable dress-up games available on your mobile!

Mystic Prince Dress Up is also among the best dress-up games that you can play to create characters. If you are a fan of Dungeons and Dragons or any other tabletop RPG, you can easily personalize your character using this game. No matter how you play it, it’s definitely one of the best games for creative cosplay. The game is free and does not contain any advertisements.

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Get Mystic Prince Dress-Up from the Google Play Store

Get Mystic Prince Outfit on the App Store

#7 Shopping Mall Girl

Shopping is among the most effective methods of stress relief. But, most people do not have sufficient patience (or funds) to shop at all times. What do you do when you need to buy clothes but don’t have one of these? Do you play Shopping Mall Girl, of course!

Shopping Mall Girl is one of the most popular dress-up games available on mobile devices for fashion enthusiasts alike. In the game, you are able to freely roam around shops, trying on clothes as well as adding outfits to your closet. It’s similar to shopping in the real world. However, it’s less costly and less exhausting.

Additionally, the game provides a wide array of items to purchase aside from clothes. You can also purchase makeup, hairstyles, as well as other products as well as treatments (like facials) to the fullest extent of your desires! Additionally, in-game events like contests and socialization options provide a fun and engaging experience. In addition, it’s absolutely free to play, though it could be an exhausting experience if you’re seeking the most efficient options.

Download Mall Girl from Google Play Store. Mall Girl from Google Play Store

Install Mall Girl from the App Store. Mall Girl directly from the App Store

#8 Nikki UP2U

It’s not a stretch to claim that the Japanese design style had an impact on pop culture in a variety of ways. Animation has been a part of our culture in a variety of ways, whether through movies or games. If you’re an avid fan of anime, you should take a look at Nikki UP2U, one of the top dress-up games on the market.

The art design itself makes it appealing to a specific kind of player. But it also functions as a stand-alone dress-up game regardless of your preferences in style. It’s not just about dressing up as an anime character and calling it a day. The game instead is focused on telling stories by using the dress-up mechanic.

In addition, it concentrates on the dress-up part often, which means you won’t miss any of the fashions. There are tons of variations of styles and combinations you can experiment with. You are free to express yourself through the game and overcome your opponents while having fun. In addition, it’s a no-cost game. However, it has ads, and in-app purchases, so we are aware of that also.

Nikki Up2U download from Google Play Store

#9 Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

If you’re trying to keep track of the Kardashians and you’re a Kardashian, you’ll like playing the Kardashian-influenced fashion game. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is one of the top dress-up games based on modern-day fashion icons.

The great thing about this particular game is that it’s a fashion game and an RPG. You start with Kim Kardashian’s assistant wearing different hairstyles and clothes. But it’s not the only element in the process. The ultimate objective is to climb the ladder to becoming an a-list celebrity, similar to Kim Kardashian.

The game can be a lot of fun for those bored of dress-up games. There’s a purpose to attain here, making the gameplay less dull and monotonous. Naturally, the dressing-up aspect plays a significant part. There are many styles to pick from for your hair or makeup, as well as clothes. Furthermore, certain pieces are based on Kim Kardashian’s outfits.

It’s safest to say that this is among the top fashion adult games. It’s particularly relevant if you’re Kim’s fan and have followed her career and life for a long time. But, it’s also an enjoyable way to pass the time when you’re wanting to play an extremely high-end fashion-related game.

Get Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood on the Google Play Store

Install Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood via the App Store

#10 Lady Popular: Fashion Arena

Are you seeking to showcase your style? You should look for Lady Popular: Fashion Arena, one of the most popular dress-up games available on mobile. Like the majority of games in its genre are focused on allowing players to show their style.

But, you’re not restricted to just modifying your avatar’s appearance. The reason is that the game allows players to alter the appearance of their avatar as well. This means that you can select which hairstyle, skin tone, or makeup you like. You can also personalize your home and live your desired life by playing the game. In addition, you can also dress your boyfriend in the game and customize everything about your life to fit your personal preferences.

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With all these aspects, Lady Popular isn’t just an ordinary dress-up game like other games on this list. It’s a full-blown game simulation that lets you customize things to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. You can invite guests, throw an engagement party, and even get married within the game.

Additionally, the game includes a variety of events you can participate in to keep you entertained all through. There are beauty pageants, contests and activities, and more. In addition, Lady Popular is a free-to-play game. But, as with other free games that are free, Lady Popular does have advertisements and various in-app buys.

The Lady Popular from Google Play Store

#11 Superstar College Girls Makeover

Superstar College Girls Makeover, as the title suggests, is focused on dressing up college girls for various events. But, unlike other dress-up-themed games, this is focused on not just one but five characters at once. The girls are in dire need of a new stylist to meet every fashion need.

In the game, you’ll be able to modify almost everything about these women, such as their appearance, skin tone, hair, makeup, and skin tone. It’s great that you can play around with different styles and not only one. By doing this, you can help each girl be noticed and reflect their style and character.

If you’re looking to test your imagination, then this is one of the top dress-up games you can play. It’s also absolutely free to play, which means you don’t need to pay anything to begin. However, it does come with advertisements, just like other free games. It’s still a good option, particularly if you need something compatible with iOS as well as Android.

The Superstar Makeover for College Girls can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Superstar Makeover for College Girls from the App Store

#12 Superstar Family – Celebrity Fashion

The best dress-up games available on mobile concentrate on dressing women in their teens and twenties. Although dress-up games can be enjoyable, they can be restricted. If you share similar feelings, Why not give it a shot? Superstar Family – Celebrity Fashion?

The thing that makes what’s unique about this Android app is that rather than dressing a single person, you are able to dress up four characters. However, the four characters aren’t identical: they’re four members of a family, comprising a married couple and children. This is what makes the game even more thrilling because you can be creative in your attire, both male and children.

Furthermore, it comes with a variety of options to pick from, such as clothing accessories, clothing as well as makeup sets. You can also pick a variety of fireworks, pets as well as other embellishments for the background to ensure that your family looks stunning. You can also select from a variety of backgrounds and take a picture of your most loved scene. Get wild and unleash your imagination by playing one of the most enjoyable free games in the Play Store.

Download Superstar Family from Google Play Store

#13 The Sims: Mobile

One of the biggest simulation games in the world is definitely The Sims. Since its debut in 2000, it’s been an essential part of the world of gaming. When it was expanded to mobile devices, it offered the same gaming experience for players on the move.

Of course, The Sims isn’t specifically one that is geared towards fashion like the other dress-up games that we have here. In reality, The Sims is such a huge game that we’re unable to go over everything in this list. But, the fashion aspects included in the game make it worthy of being added to the list. This is because you are able to create a sim and the clothes he or she wears according to your own preferences. Additionally, you can participate in other aspects of the game, like playing the life of your sim’s character too.

It’s certainly among the top dresses-up game (and simulation games) for anyone who wants an enjoyable time. It’s also free (with advertisements and purchases in the app) for those who don’t need to pay the least amount.

Get Sims from Google Play Store. Sims From Google Play Store

Get Sims Sims on The App Store

A Great Way to Kill Time and Have Fun

Finding the top dress-up games isn’t easy these days. There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of amazing games like this in both the Play Store as well as the App Store. This is why we’ve narrowed the options to make it easier for you to choose from this list. One of these games will be sure to satisfy your desire to dress up and fill up your idle time.

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