Unleash Your Gaming Potential: The Top Gaming Smartphones for 2022

The performance of modern smartphones allows them to handle gaming graphics no worse than laptops and desktop computers. As a result, there are more and more high-quality mobile games. With high-quality devices, you can now play not only simple slot games in Goldenslot but also games with detailed words, colorful and special effects, and other exciting online games. Here’s how a gaming smartphone should be in 2022, and we offer the best models.

The Most Important Features of Gaming Smartphones

To play with comfort and achieve high results, you need a stable frame rate (FPS). It is desirable that this indicator was higher than 40 FPS, and ideally – more than 60 FPS. Besides, every gamer wants to get everything from the game, not limiting himself by the detail settings. And the better the graphics quality, the greater the load on the hardware.

Gaming Smartphones

The choice must begin with the processor. And you should look not at the number of cores and frequency in gigahertz, but at the results of synthetic tests. After all, the actual power depends on parameters that manufacturers prefer not to publish – the chip architecture, the number of transistors on a chip, the amount of cache memory, a list of basic commands and others. With high-quality devices, you can play not only simple slots at BetAmo but also games with detailed worlds, colorful special effects and boring gameplay.

The performance also depends on the amount of RAM. If you don’t have enough RAM, the loading speed slows down – you get video jerks, image tearing and other interferences. To avoid encountering such “brakes”, it is worth choosing a gaming smartphone with 6 GB of RAM or more. For high graphics settings this figure should be at least 8 GB. Technology is not standing still. If you choose a device for the future in 2-3 years, it should have 12 or 16 GB of RAM.

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The third important component is the cooling system. The top are models with liquid evaporation chambers. They help to maintain a stable CPU temperature even during hours of gameplay. Graphene heat plates also show good results. But copper and aluminum radiators are not so effective in a compact case of a gaming smartphone. 

For gamer devices are important:

  • Screen size. With a large diagonal it is more convenient to play, but the smartphone is heavy and massive.
  • The display matrix. IPS is loved for its natural color reproduction and less strain on the eyes, and OLED – for the bright, saturated colors and high contrast.
  • Physical memory capacity. “Heavy” games take up to 15-25 GB, so it is better to choose a model with a reserve.
  • Battery life. It depends on the battery capacity and the optimization of the “iron”, so you may rely on the results of independent tests.
  • The charging speed. The faster, the better.
  • Wireless communications support. A good gaming smartphone needs dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 and 4G.
  • Photo and video quality. You’re probably buying a gadget for more than just gaming, so you can’t completely forget about other features.

The Best Devices

iPhone 13 Pro Max

In multiplatform games like Genshin Impact, the iPhone maintains a stable FPS of 120 frames per second. Even the most powerful computers with RTX 3090 graphics cards and Xbox Series X consoles do not have such an opportunity. That’s why the new model was included in the top of our rating. If you plan to install a lot of games simultaneously, choose models with the maximum amount of physical memory – 512 GB or even 1000 GB.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max’s Super Retina XDR screen also deserves special attention. It reproduces all the tones of the cinematic DCI-P3 palette, so the picture in the games is realistic and pleasing to the eye. HDR10+ support lets you view a gamer’s eye with colorful special effects. The screen adjusts to ambient light, adjusting brightness and color. No matter what time of day you start playing, you’ll always have the effect of total immersion in a virtual space.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Do not be afraid of the Exynos processor. At the start of sales the gaming smartphone with this chip was really inferior to the American modification with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, but then the situation leveled off. In resource-intensive games like Genshin Impact and Shadowgun Legends, you can count on a stable 60 frames per second at high graphics settings and 45-50 FPS – at maximum settings.

Game Booster technology improves performance by optimizing the graphics chip and blocking background processes. It also reduces stress on the hardware, preventing overheating during long gaming sessions. With support for the latest Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity, you get up to 1Gb/sec performance, which is good for Full HD gaming and streaming. Artificial Intelligence minimizes power consumption, so one battery charge is enough for 5-6 hours of gameplay.

Asus ROG Phone 5

No one will be surprised by a powerful processor. The real advantage of this gaming smartphone is the ultrasonic sensors under the screen. They work like mini gamepad joysticks, allowing you to accurately aim and make error-free movements in virtual worlds. Another mode is tilt control. High-precision accelerometers recognize a hundredth of a degree turn, helping you show your skills.

Another interesting feature is the optional AirTrigger 5 module, which is sold separately. It has a fan that reduces the case temperature by an average of 15°C, and the CPU temperature by an average of 5°C. After installing the cooler, two more programmable buttons on the back of the device become available. A good way to configure your smartphone is the Game Genie app. You can choose the appropriate control scheme for each game, test different graphics settings and share achievements with friends.


What are the key features to look for in a gaming smartphone?

When looking for a gaming smartphone, you should consider factors such as the processor, RAM, storage, battery life, display, and cooling system. A powerful processor and a large amount of RAM are essential for smooth game performance, while ample storage is necessary for storing large game files. A high-capacity battery and efficient cooling system will ensure that your phone doesn’t overheat during extended gaming sessions. A high-quality display with a fast refresh rate and low latency will provide a more immersive gaming experience.

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What is the difference between a gaming smartphone and a regular smartphone?

Gaming smartphones are designed specifically with gamers in mind, with an emphasis on high performance, large batteries, and efficient cooling. They often have powerful processors, ample RAM and storage, high-quality displays, and efficient cooling systems to ensure smooth game performance. In contrast, regular smartphones may prioritize other features such as camera quality or design.

How does the processor and RAM impact gaming performance on a smartphone?

The processor and RAM play a crucial role in determining a smartphone’s gaming performance. A powerful processor ensures that games run smoothly and quickly, while a large amount of RAM allows for multiple applications to run simultaneously without slowing down the phone. When choosing a gaming smartphone, it’s essential to look for a processor with high clock speeds and a large amount of RAM to ensure the best gaming experience.

Can gaming smartphones handle high-graphics games smoothly?

Yes, high-end gaming smartphones are designed to handle high-graphics games smoothly. They come equipped with powerful processors, ample RAM, and efficient cooling systems to ensure that games run without any lag or frame drops. However, it’s important to note that the performance of gaming smartphones can vary depending on the specific model and specifications.

What is the typical battery life for a gaming smartphone?

The typical battery life of a gaming smartphone varies based on the specific model and usage. However, high-end gaming smartphones typically have large batteries with high capacities to ensure that they can handle extended gaming sessions without running out of power. Some gaming smartphones also come with fast charging technology, allowing you to quickly recharge your phone when it’s running low on battery.

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