Top 12+ Best Gender Swap Apps For iOS and Android Phone

Camera apps aren’t only about amusing filters, GIFs, or stickers. There’s also music you can play to make your photos more exciting. Some apps make the fun even higher by changing your facial features in your photo to make you look older or as if you were a newborn. There’s nothing more fun than gender swap applications that have taken over the internet in 2021 and 2020. What is a gender swap app, and which one is the most suitable option to download on iOS or Android devices? The answer as you continue reading.
If you’ve been caught up in all things online in recent times, you may be unfamiliar with gender swapping apps. For those who aren’t, this article is perfect for you.
The name implies that an app for gender swapping will make you appear like a person of the opposite gender. It began as a basic filter on social media platforms such as Snapchat before developers came up with separate apps with similar functionality. In terms of the technology behind it, this app makes use of AI (AI) to look at specific parts of your photo and apply filters to the images. The resultant images are typically humorous, and people are quick to jump on the party.
There’s no need to be nervous to try to get access to gender swap applications. Here are 12+ gender swap apps options we think you ought to try!

List of 12+ Best Gender Swap App in 2022

#1 Face Story – AI Artist Cartoon

Face Story is an app specifically designed for iOS devices that you’ll love for those who enjoy changing the facial features of your photographs. Like other apps we have listed, it is packed with a variety of features, such as filters for cartooning, aging, as well as gender swaps, and face changes.

There are premium and free versions. The first is difficult to comprehend because it has daily limits, but the premium version will cost you $5.99 monthly. Unlocking the premium version, however, allows users unlimited usage of the app as well as extra features too. As a gender swapping app, it’s quite good.

Download Face Story for iOS

#2 Face Changer Gender Transformation Apps

The popularity of apps that swap genders is mostly due to their novelty and comic relief, and it’s more about wanting to imagine what you’d look like if you were a male or female. This feature called Face Changer Gender Transformation, exclusive to Android devices, can do just this.

With a couple of taps in the app, you’ll be able to change your appearance with a few taps. You can even fool your friends into thinking that you’re dating when you’re actually just using your gender-swapped picture. In addition, the app offers additional features similar to those you’ll find in other apps in the Google Play Store. The choice of which app to choose is simply an issue of what will work best for you.

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Download Face Changer Gender Transformation for Android

#3 Snapchat

Snapchat offers a wide range of filters available to edit or enhance images. Also, it’s an effective application for gender swapping also. But unlike FaceApp, the filter used to create the humorous enhancement is quite rigid. There are only a handful of modifications that can be made on the filter itself to make it appear more authentic. However, that’s not to say the filter isn’t excellent; however, it makes an excellent comic relief.

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Snapchat continuously alters the filters in the menu or filter band, but they’re simply floating around within Snapchat. You’ll have to look them up within the app. To access this gender switch filter, all you have to do is find”My Twin” in the search bar “My Twin” filter by clicking the magnifying glass symbol next to your avatar, located on the upper left-hand corner the screen.

Download Snapchat for iOS

Download Snapchat for Android

#4 Face Swap Booth – Best Face Changing App for iPhone

This is another app that lets you have fun with gender swapping, Face Swap Booth. Similar to many gender swap apps but it’s not exclusively focused on providing fun and humorous filters to alter your image in the context of gender. It offers a range of options that allow users to explore stickers.

The app for gender swapping is very simple to use. Simply upload your selfie and then tap to switch. The results are decent due to AI, which alters the photo and then uses the gender filter in a strategic manner. However, don’t be expecting the application to do perfect the first go around. Most of the time, it’s not the app causing the problems. Try loading a selfie using your best lighting, angle, and composition. This way, you will ensure that you get the most effective outcomes.

Download Face Swap Booth for iOS

Download Face Swap Booth for Android

#5 FaceApp – AI Face Editor – Best Hair Swap App

FaceApp is a multi-purpose app that is great for gender swapping and image enhancements generally. For the latter, it can do the task well. The final image is as real-looking because of using AI. For the second, it can be used for applying various filters to photos like aging features such as facial hair that is different styles and hipster styles, as well as normal to bizarre hair color, wrinkle, blemish, or pimple removal. The app has gained prominence due to the aged feature that some found hilarious.

In addition, you are able to apply multiple filters to photos, giving the user more flexibility to play with the look you wish to create. These typically include tattoos to areas you want to, for instance. FaceApp has a lot of features, so you’ll need to use them all. You can also choose to buy a premium package to gain access to features that are not included in FaceApp’s free edition. Application.

Download FaceApp for iOS

Download FaceApp for Android

#6 Cupace – Cut and Paste Photo Editor

Cupace is focused on a variety of things that the app provides. Apart from changing the gender in your photos and making enjoyable collages, backgrounds changes, and more. The best thing the app can do is to swap genders in group photos. Yes! Group photos are a great addition to the usual selfies.

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If you intend to use the feature to swap genders on group photos, take note that the app isn’t very good at identifying faces. This means that there is a need to be able to highlight each photo manually and then swap them. But, Cupace is a decent alternative when all other apps similar to it work for you. It’s a shame that Cupace is available only to Android users.

Download Cupace for Android

#7 Old Age Face Effects App: Face Changer Gender Swap

While Old Age Face Effect’s strength is in its filters for age, the application has a variety of additional features. It’s an app to swap genders with an infant face filter and smiling effects.

Old Age Face Effect is enjoyable to tweak appearances. Like other applications, the AI effectively alters your features to the gender opposite. The results are quite convincing and easy to create with just a few clicks. Additionally, you can apply different filters to the same photo.

Download Old Age Face Effects App for Android

#8 Banuba – Best Male Makeover App

Banuba is software for selfies, and it’s quite simple. With its library that includes more than 1,000 filters for faces and a variety of face filters, you’ll never run short of ways to amuse your friends on social media.

Banuba includes the ability to edit selfies, video maker, gender-based Emojis, makeup retouching, and face swapping features. Banuba can create videos as well as photographs. The former format allows for the change in the voice, making the footage that has been gender swapped more convincing to use in pranks. Banuba’s strengths lie in the face-swap feature, which incorporates a gender switcher feature. It’s different from using an option that alters the gender of your photos in contrast to the first five apps on this list. Face swap blends your appearance with someone else, usually of a different gender, for a fresh style.

Download Banuba for iOS

Download Banuba for Android

#9 Face Swap Live

When it comes to face swaps, there’s an app that specialises in exactly that. Face Swap Live is filled with filters that can be used to change your photos in various places. Contrary to other apps that offer filters, Face Swap Live allows you to apply the filter in real-time. You can visualize how the outcome will look before snapping the image. The filter is applied automatically, which allows you to achieve the best angle and lighting to get the best outcomes. In addition, you can create a video and then apply filters for your voice to make you sound more feminine or masculine to make gender swapping more fun.

Download Face Swap Live for iOS

Download Face Swap Live for Android

#10 Jiggy

Jiggy is mostly a video-generator app that takes a distinct approach to gender swapping capabilities. Contrary to the previous five apps we’ve identified, Jiggy crops your head and places it onto the body. People are quick to download Jiggy for this purpose because of the ease with that one can create the GIFs as well as a video.

Download Jiggy for iOS

Download Jiggy for Android

#11 PortraitAI – Portraits, Filters, Avatars

PortraitAI is unique with regard to how it creates an image that is gender-swapped. It converts your picture into a traditional painting similar to the paintings at the Le Rouvre. Many users of Twitter have used this app to change their avatars into oil paintings or watercolor portraits. It created a feeling of anonymity and intrigue to the users. The app is loaded with features that ensure you have the ability to play using the tools and filters to get the look you’re looking for. In addition, the built-in camera lets you view a completed photo before you click the button to capture.

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Download PortraitAI for iOS

Download PortraitAI for Android

#12 Reface – Best Swap Face App

Reface is another noteworthy and helpful face swapping app that creates funny and humorous images and videos. The AI in the app tracks your characteristics and then combines them with those of others to create an entirely different appearance.

The thing that is unique about the app is that it allows you to make a full body gender swap and include an audio clip on the image. This is why so many people use this app to swap their bodies with athletes, pop star actors, actresses, or actors sharing the images on social media to provide comic relief.

Download Reface for iOS

Download Reface for Android

#13 Face Lab: Gender Changer

One of the best realistic gender change app is this cute app known as Face Lab. It’s a great gender swapping app that is sure to bring you and your family members a smile.

With just one upload of a selfie, you can create the old, bald, or baby-faced version of yourself. Face Lab also has in-app tools to edit photos and create the ideal image in your mind, and it can produce pretty good results.

Download Face Lab for Android

#14 TikTok

Like Snapchat as well as Instagram, TikTok has risen to the forefront in the year 2020. It’s gone from being an application for video sharing that lets users dub tracks or dance to the latest music tracks to one that comes with filters. Enhancement options include glitters, green screens, vintage camera effects, and even makeup. If you haven’t realized that already makeup filters are at hand to alter your appearance to make it more androgynous female, masculine, or. These filters can be utilized in real-time, offering the user a preview before they press record.

Download Tiktok for iOS

Download Tiktok for Android

#15 Instagram

Instagram is a wildly popular application for photo and video sharing. In the last few years, it has made its app much more appealing to the selfie-loving generation by introducing a variety of filters.

With this feature, you can use a variety of filters to enhance your Instagram posts as well as your posts. Some of the filters can improve your makeup, and they can be used to swap genders. There are also a variety of stickers and GIFs to help you improve your gender-swapped appearance. It could be challenging to select the perfect one—however—their many alternatives. You can, however, save the filter in order that it will be readily at hand when you open Instagram’s Instagram Story window.

Download Instagram for iOS

Download Instagram for Android

Choose Your Gender Swapp App Now!

With a lot of gender swap applications displaying ads and demanding you to upgrade to get additional features, it’s very simple to stick with the ones that are popular and recommended. It’s fine. However, most of the apps are focused on gender swapping and don’t rely solely on using makeup filters. This is the reason they’re worth checking out, and also. In the end, you’ll have to make your choice to download the program you prefer. There is one thing that is certain. No matter if you’re looking to trick someone, hide who you are, or simply are in need of a laugh, These apps will have you covered!

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