How to Prevent Cell Phones From Being Tracked

Privacy is one of the main data breaches. With technical advances, we use our smartphones for a range of things like banking, money transfers, and internet surfing. Whenever we are active, we are watched by websites and hackers, no matter how vigilant we are. Okay, scarcely? We’ve got a list of solutions, don’t worry. We have discussed a variety of ways to stop tracking your cell phone in this post.

1. Using a secure message application

The easiest way to secure the communications is to use the end-to-end encryption program that prohibits someone other than the sender and the receiver from reading a letter. Some applications also provide end-to-end call and video chat security.

2. Switch off GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth

You would also know that App Developers and other organizations will use GPS or Location Services to map your movements. However, Bluetooth and WiFi signals are also able to track your position – private businesses often obtain and exchange customer promotional knowledge.

If you are not using the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Positioning features on a phone, shutting off will help protect your privacy — at a rally or in any event.

3. Switch off or turn on airplane mode   

When does the smartphone connect to a mobile tower? In turn, whenever it is on.  

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One solution is to reboot the handset, but, if you want to make a call, take photographs or film a recording, you’ll have to wait until it switches on. Your phone will still be traceable even with Airplane mode.

Airplane Settings can prohibit the handset from interacting with towers on the cellular phone, but what the configuration is, depends on the telecommunications manufacturer.

4. Use a Faraday bag

A faraday bag, also known as a covering bag (radio frequency), is a bag composed of two layers of specially constructed RF safety material, a foam-padded nylon exterior cover. If gadgets like mobile phones, GPS, laptops, or tablets are put within your faraday bag, they can’t absorb or send potentially distracting radio frequency signals. The faraday bag blocks mobile, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and satellite transmissions.

Why you should use the Faraday bags?

  • Stops the data of the perpetrator or his supporters on your cell phone or laptop remotely.
  • Stop the difficulty of locking a cell phone or unit.
  • Avoids the issue of PUK-locking of your cell phone or laptop.
  • Models for ‘Lab Edition’ include a window that lets users inspect data on the suspect’s cell phone in the absence of remote access to the mobile computer. Faraday was the world’s first bag to deliver this phone-shield.
  • Speed up the Investigation process
  • It reduces the cost of strength/agency.
  • Reusable
  • Portable – Discolabes’ Phone-Shield Faraday Bag can be put on an officer’s belt or pocketed for simple, light transport.
  • Does not want a pricey far-off enclosure.

Offers Mobile device personnel needs solutions

Bags from Faraday provide unbelievable protection and security to every computer that you own to secure precious data. You will become undetectable, unhackable, and untraceable, whether you have any computer under the sun or a basic credit or debit card. You can also hold many things at once with our flexible and lightweight faraday bag. We do have a far-away pocket, great for hiking and flying.

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People also believe that they are secure, as long as nobody takes their phone or laptop physically. However, anyone will intercept wireless communications on their smartwatch and phone, which ensures that all the knowledge is free and hackable.

You will secure your mobile phones including personal information about you and your loved ones while you are driving. The hackers will wirelessly remove the details from the cards known as electronic pick-pocketing. Until it’s too late, you will never know it is coming — or it’s even happened. You can save your data and enjoy your journey by cutting your cards into an accessible sleeve.

A faraday bag will help keep your device secure:

  • By GPS monitoring and GEO location security
  • Identity stealing defense
  • Blocking any telephone in any country’s network
  • Defense from static shock

A Stronger defense is an Investment in peace

You don’t always realize once it’s too late, you’ve become a victim of the cyber attack. You should hold your device in a Faraday bag rather than merely protect your bank account. Any pockets are protected from a wide range of possible privacy violations. It gives people tranquility to be able to control agility, or abuse data through cellular radiation.

Ending Note

It is impossible today to be safe during this revolutionary era, but you can avoid these threats by preventing your mobile phones. To ensure absolute security in the future, provocative measures must be currently taken with a Faraday bag. 

If you are looking for a lasting response to the right technologies, we will recommend using a Faraday bag.

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