The Best Upcoming Smartphones That You Should Check Out in 2021

If you are interested in modern gadgets, we suggest looking at this overview of the most anticipated smartphones that will be introduced in 2021. Find out what will be interesting to you in the new products from leading manufacturers.

At the moment, most of the major innovations of the smart device industry have already passed. Therefore, we can safely judge how the smartphones of the future will probably look. No sooner had the technology of waterfall screens received full-fledged distribution, than even more unusual displays were announced to replace them. According to Samsung developers, the next model will receive curved edges not just on both sides, but around the device’s entire perimeter.

In addition to new technologies, manufacturers are also expected to do a widespread adoption of old, proven solutions. So, it is expected that, from 2021, all fresh models will be equipped with fast-charging options. This will result in a standard capacity of the supplied batteries. It is predicted that new smartphones in 2021 will pass the 5,000 mAh limit.

New smartphones will surprise you not only with flexible screens and high-speed charging but also with a new level of security, thanks to new powerful processors. But even if you have problems with security, you can always ask for help from IT support services in Brooklyn.


In an effort to outrun the competition, Samsung’s developers are even more inventive; they are planning to release a whole line of new Galaxy smartphones that include at least nine models. At the moment, the exact specifications of future smartphones are not clear.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

This model is going to be made foldable. It is planned to improve the characteristics of both the internal and external screens. The diagonal of the main screen will be increased, and it will now be about 7.7 inches.

The refresh rate of the smartphone will reach 120 Hz. The external screen will not remain unchanged either. Its diagonal will be 6.3 inches at a frequency of 60 Hz. Additional benefits include a stylus and ultra-thin glass for enhanced protection.

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Galaxy Note 20

The Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra should be equipped with an Exynos 990 processor, a large AMOLED display, an optical zoom camera, and nearly identical batteries.

The difference between these models will be in size: the younger version will have a 6.7-inch panel, while the older one will have a 6.9-inch panel. The refresh rate of the display will also be different—60 versus 120 Hz, respectively. The camera of the cheaper version will remain without a periscope module, which means there will be a 30x zoom, while the Ultra model will have a 50x zoom. The battery capacity will be 4300 mAh and 4500 mAh, respectively.


In 2021, ZTE promised to increase its competitiveness, with the main feature of their phones as the unusual display fold, which will not be the same as in the previous models. 

The disadvantage of ZTE will be the lack of a front camera, which could be very inconvenient for buyers. Against the background of flexible smartphones with built-in front cameras, ZTE suffers significantly.

The advantages of ZTE include the fact that their smartphones will delight buyers with a decrease in cost. This will happen due to savings on the display, which are going to be purchased elsewhere. However, the image quality will not be affected.

Xiaomi 11 5G

Xiaomi will start releasing Vivo smartphones with fast-charging capabilities. Their power will be as much as 100 watts!

Already, in March this year, a similar Xiaomi smartphone was officially announced. With this charging capability, you can fully charge it with a 4000 mAh battery in just 17 minutes!

Mass production of the Redmi model with the latest powerful charger is already planned. This technology was going to be introduced in 2020, but the release date was changed to 2021.

Xiaomi is also planning to release smartphones with flexible screens, but definitely not until 2021. Yes, the manufacturer decided to keep up with the other flagships and release a whole line of flexible smartphones in 2021 that can be transformed into a decent-sized tablet or folded to the size of a phone that can be easily carried in a trouser pocket. Moreover, Xiaomi smartphones can be bent in two places at once.

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Apple designers strive to remove all unnecessary buttons and connectors on their iPhone. If wireless charging technology improves significantly, Apple could drop wired charging altogether and is rumored to be launching an iPhone without a Lightning connector in 2021.

iPhone SE 2 Plus with bezel-less design

In 2021, Apple is supposed to release a fully wireless smartphone. It planned to abandon the Lightning connector and completely switch to wireless charging technology, but there is no exact information about this new device, neither in terms of its appearance nor about its technical characteristics.

Another novelty from Apple will be the iPhone SE 2 Plus (iPhone SE 3) smartphone, which will have a 5.5 or 6.1-inch bezel-less display, and a fingerprint scanner will be located on the side.

iPhone X13 or X2 

What is known about the iPhone 13? It has been reported that this phone will have 4 cameras, and the flash will be placed under the main camera unit. Previously, Apple has done so, but why would they need it now, if they have a sufficiently large space for cameras? It would be more logical to completely change the location of the cameras, but finding a place on the camera main panel for an additional sensor is most likely not a huge problem.

The iPhone 12 will not feature any breakthrough technologies, so you shouldn’t expect an improved camera. All improvements Apple is preparing are for the iPhone 13, which will be introduced in 2021. These include:

  • 64 MP main camera – Previously, there was information that the 12 Pro model will also receive 64 MP this year, but this may not be the case, according to reports.
  • Telephoto lens – This offers a 5x-zoom capability.
  • 40 MP ultra-wide-angle lens – This will be able to fit more space in one frame. Lidar sensors and an anamorphic lens will also appear.
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After a relatively unnoticeable existence for several years, the company intends to regain its leadership position with its version of the flexible-screen phone. For now, we can only guess what kind of surprise the brand will present in 2021.

The information flashed recently about a smartphone with a z-shaped curvature may be true. Such a model would help Nokia become imprinted in the history of smart technologies and could raise the company to first place in the rating of manufacturers of wearable gadgets.

Google Pixel 5

Very soon, Google should present to the world a new model of its line of smartphones—Google Pixel 5. 

Users and geeks expect a real breakthrough from a smartphone, but not so much in a technical sense as in its usability. The display of the new Google Pixel is the same AMOLED matrix with a cutout for a single front camera; its resolution is FULL HD + (2340×1080 pixels). The diagonal is about 6 inches. From this, we can conclude that the smartphone will not be very large. The screen refresh rate is 90 Hz.

As for the advantages, it is said that the phone will be comfortable to use with one hand. No need to reach with your thumb to the very top of the display. The body is expected to be made of glass and aluminum, and all in all will weigh no more than 160 grams.

The Pixel 5 doesn’t appear to offer a flagship processor to potential buyers. It will be powered by a Snapdragon 765G chip with 5G support.

However, the company decided to keep its traditions. The main camera will consist of two modules of 12 MP and 16 MP, while the front camera will have a resolution of 8 MP. The smartphone will be equipped with a battery with a capacity of just over 4,000 mAh. That said, it will support fast charging, and 18W charging will be available out of the box. Not a stunning performance, but quite fast.

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