Things That Have Been Replaced By Smartphones

With the rising use of smartphones all around the world, do you seem to replace countless things in life that we could not have imagined? there was a time when people couldn’t imagine all of this and single-purpose objects were the forefronts of technology. People use them to manage their hectic lifestyles but no with the emerging technology pins are not designed to perform one task only. With the birth of smartphones, there has been an upgraded evolution that helped to pave the way for human beings to perform any and every task.

 From cameras to calendars and many more things, mobile phones have replaced almost all of them. Let us have a look at

Things That Have Been Replaced By Smartphones in The Past Years.

  • Cameras

Although cameras are still being used but they are a little bulky and a pain to carry around. They are also a little bit more expensive than a good smartphone. In order to avoid being off taking care of another camera people these days are buying smartphones that are really involved and have a very good camera in them. This makes things easier for the users and they do not have to carry around two things at a time.

  • Photography degrees

There have been a number of editing apps for example Instagram, Adobe Photoshop etc. that are used by almost everyone who is on social media. With these changes being made people do not take the degrees of photography as seriously as they were taken before. Everyone manages to edit their photos the way they want, and people do not depend on photographers like they used to do.

  • Watches
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There was a time when people used to love watches and wore them almost everywhere. With the arrival of smartphones watches have decreased significantly as the sole purpose they were used for i.e. to see time is fulfilled by a smartphone now.

  • Calculators

Calculators were used mostly by the students. most of the students now have their own smartphones So they don’t need calculators. Smart phones come with a basic Calculator app preinstalled and sometimes even with a scientific calculator.

  • Torches

Torches almost seem nonexistent now. Although the torches on the smartphone are not as good as the old classic ones, the main purpose is to have enough light and that is fulfilled by the torch of a smartphone.

  • Compasses

Most of the people used to buy or have compasses in order to travel around the world. with everything included in the smartphones people do not have or bother to buy the old compasses and they take help from their smartphones as it is always with them.

  • Alarm clocks

Like watches, bedside alarm clocks have also been replaced by the smartphones. People keep their smartphones with them, and they do not buy alarm clocks anymore. Smartphones also give its users the liberty to choose any generous melody they want to wake them up.

  • Voice recorders

Voice recorders were considered a very useful tool in the past. Smartphones have also replaced the voice recorders. People can now record their voices for fun, or to simply find out what their voice sounds like to others. People don’t have to waste their money on voice recorders anymore. 

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  • Calendars

In the past, calendars were seen almost everywhere. Now we do not see much of them and they have been replaced by the modern-day smartphones. People do not rely on the calendars as much as they used to. Everything is now shifting from physical to virtual.

  • MP3 players

Your smartphones have also taken the place of your glossy mp3. One does not need to spend too much on an mp3 now and all your favorite songs can be on your personal device now, with you every time.  

  • Radios

Radios were a thing back in the time. But now they have been replaced as well with the digital. Radio stations are being closed and everything is transferring to the virtual place now. Phones have their built-in radios.


There are several other things that are being replaced by virtual devices. These devices are considered the companions of people and they don’t seem to get away from them instead of going closer every day.

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