6 Timeless Breguet Classique Watches for Men

Breguet is one of the most innovative and creative brands of classic watches available to purchase in the market nowadays. With its extensive product offering, the luxury brand offers timepieces with a hybrid modern and traditional design. Here we’ll look at the top 6 stylish watches from their Classique line. 

The Classique line showcases the standards of precision, elegance, and sleek lines for watchmaking. These wristwatches are loyal to the technical principles, the craftsmanship, and the customary values of the Breguet watch, whether extra-thin models or intricate timepieces. 

The Breguet 5177 

With a modernity touch, the Breguet5177 is just the ultimate classic watch among all Breguet Classique watches. It is a classic watch with a sleek look created by its beautiful white dial and Arabic numeral indexes with a manual winding mechanism. These are complemented with blue colored hands. 

The bezel, which is 18-carat white gold, provides the watch with some touch of luxury. The band has a buckle closure, which is easy to handle and elegant to carry and is made of black leather. For the classic men of the century, this is a watch that can make you more stylish.

The Breguet 5157

A silver-plated gold dial, hand-carved on a rose engine, is utilized in the Breguet 5157. Roman numerals are used as hour indicators, while the minute indicator features a peripheral dot pattern. Because of the additional rings on the dial, an illusion of spaciousness is produced, despite the relatively small case size of 38 mm.

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Switch the watch over, and you’ll notice a sapphire case in the back of the 502.3 calibers. The self-winding movement pulses at a frequency of 3Hz and utilizes a spring balance of silicon and an inverted straight-line lever. The spring balance of silicon is perfect for its anti-magnetic properties. This model is undoubtedly a luxury watch that most wealthy people invest in.  

 The Breguet 7137

The Breguet 7137, inspired by a pocket watch, the Breguet Perpetuelle N°5, integrates several revolving engine variations in the dial. Engine turning is a meticulous art of making metal patterns, leading to a high-quality, elegant finish. It comes in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold with various hand-engraved dials in gold, including a blue variant in white gold.

Talking about its design and precision, we can find an open barrel, a spring balance of silicon, and an offset rotor. The movement, automatic caliber 502.3, is hand-decorated. The movement itself is unusually thin, and the dial includes a moon phase indicator, power reserve indicator, age indicator, and date indicator.

The Breguet 7337

Mainly modeled after quarter-repeating calendar pocket watch no. 3833, the 7337 is essentially the original classic watch you recognize and adore but has a few esthetic changes to the dial. The new blue dial integrated with classic decorative finishes and guilloches adds a nice complement to the white-gold case.

The new edition features a circular grain of barley on the hour marker’s edges, a Clos de Paris hobnail in the middle, and a Damier checkerboard for small seconds. The movement is now the ultra-slim automatic caliber 502.3 QSE1; the case is still 39 mm, with the same old-world elegance that Breguet is renowned for. 

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The Breguet Classique 5717 Hora Mundi

The first instance of a mechanical timepiece with an instant-jump time zone indicator is the Breguet Classique 5717 Hora Mundi. Both displays jump between time zones by pushing a button. This model is the world’s first mechanical watch, and this watch has created four patent applications for this watch.

The middle of the dial shows the globe’s view, while the rose engine has hand-engraved borders. The dial’s periphery has a circular and silver satin finish. Breguet Hora Mundi frame has a thickness of 13.55 mm, and a diameter of 44 mm, sold in 950 platinum or 18k rose gold, all of which is not easily penetrated by water, maximum of 30 meters. 

The Breguet Classique La Musicale 7800

First released in 2012 that gained a lot of attention, is the “La Musicale.” This watch not only tells time but also plays the aria “The Thieving Magpie” composed by Rossini, which was all made possible by a one-of-a-kind musical chiming mechanism.

Now, with its latest version, the watch plays “Badinerie,” “by Johann Sebastian Bach, with the click of a button at 10 o’clock or when it strikes a pre-set time. This rose-gold watch uses silicon for its balance spring and escapement, and the watch is equipped with the same self-winding 777 movements unique to Breguet.

Breguet knows the “collector” nature of a watch like this, which is why they have given the watch with a lovely case. For the Classique La Musicale 7800 to perch on, the unique frame contains a wooden “branch.” Lightwood is used in the special mount for the watch to amplify the music’s sound further to sound the very best.

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Investing in a timeless luxury watch can be confusing, but knowing the minute details can help you decide. First, know how much will its value be years from now and how collectible the piece is. In making your choice, pick a watch that resonates well with your style, individual taste, and personality. 

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