9 Must Have Watches Any Man Can Buy This 2020

The watch industry may have had some challenging years from this decade, but it still is a billion-dollar strong industry that’s projected to balloon in the next few years. With smartwatches in the foray, stiffer competition is expected, and luxury, mechanical timepieces may be in trouble. But in this year of pandemic, you can still get some of the best watches man has seen, and in this article, we’ve collated ten of them:

Breguet Classique

Increase your taste level with a Breguet Classique in your collection. Sure, the price is steep, but you get a whole lot more than what you are paying. You get an automatic movement under the hood – the revered Calibre 502.3SD, with a mainspring barrel at the heart of it. In layman’s terms, that means that the movement inside your watch can be left sitting for days at a time. Plus, the Classique’s presentation is reminiscent of legendary vintage watches.

Apple Watch 6

It is the era of smartwatches. More and more people are looking at smartwatches to pair with their smartphones. And as the world becomes more connected, the need and demand for the movement will only rise. The best smartwatch you can buy right now is decidedly the Apple Watch 6, and if you have an iPhone, it’s a must.

Integration with Apple-made devices is top-notch like one would expect on an Apple device. There’s a new ECG monitoring system in place, but it’s not clinical and won’t be officially accepted by hospitals. You also get a top of the line chip that enables sleep tracking, a better, wider display, and millions of exclusive smartwatch apps.

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Hublot Big Bang

Hublot’s Big Bang is popular with the mass because it’s unapologetically itself – you either love or hate the form factor – either way, it’s going to be a big, chunky luxury watch nonetheless. It’s one of the most unique watches in the world, both in build and aesthetic, so if you second guess yourself when wearing it, you don’t have the right to wear it at all!

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M

If you are gunning for a true blue diver’s watch, look no further than the Omega Seamaster. Popularized by the James Bond franchise, the Seamaster’s latest iteration features the best of the bests from stalwart watch manufacturer Omega – ceramic dial and bezel, co-axial caliber made in-house, and a helium-valve escape for deep dives. While the Diver 300M is an excellent and top of the line choice, if you want to show off, the Planet Ocean 600M or 1200M should do the trick!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series is a more refined take on the nature of smartwatches. This is the smartwatch to wear with a three-piece suit, and you won’t be frowned upon on black tie events! Under the hood, you get Tizen OS, which is based on Android, a rotating bezel that is as elegant as the watch’s overall styling, and full integration, including notifications on both Android and iOS users.

IWC Portofino

One could never go wrong with a Portofino. The International Watch Company, or IWC, has been the gold standard when it comes to manufacturing dress watches for a long time, and the Portofino, as well as the Ingenieur, maybe watches that are too steep in pricing for the masses, but if you have the dough to spend, then, by all means, indulge!

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Rolex Daytona

Getting a Rolex is like getting your first luxury sports car. This brand introduces enthusiasts and collectors to luxury watches, with some making a living off of buying vintage Rolexes and reselling them. But if you have one chance to get a watch from this brand, get the classic Daytona. It has all the bells and whistles for a timepiece you can use for the rest of your life. You can even give it to your next generation kin!

Seiko SARB

Japanese watchmaker Seiko is a popular brand in Asia, but only enthusiasts and aficionados are privy to its existence in some Western markets. Seiko put its name on the map after introducing the first quartz movement watch in the 1980s, a move that made shockwaves across the industry. But the automatic watches from Seiko are no slouch either. The SARB’s are great entry-level watches for anyone who wants to start collecting!

Tissot Visodate

Speaking of entry-level watches, for watch aficionados worldwide, Swiss watchmaking is considered the cream of the crop when it comes to mechanical and automatic movements. Swiss-made watches are notoriously expensive, and only several people on the planet can afford to get a collection from these brands. But for those who want to experience Swiss watches without the extremely astronomical prices, the Tissot Visodate is a watch worth checking out.


There you go – these are just some watches you can buy this 2020! From luxury to budget, amplify your collection with these timepieces!

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