9 Questions to Help You Choose a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Sometimes cleaning can take hours. To make your house look perfect, you have to use a vacuum cleaner, wash all the dishes, and get rid of dust. As a result, you spend your weekend cleaning instead of doing something you enjoy, like going out with friends or reading your favorite book. Want to avoid this? Then buy a robot vacuum cleaner. Here’s what features are worth paying for and what you can save on.

Where to Vacuum?

It is necessary to understand where the robot vacuum cleaner will work: in a three-room apartment or a spacious fireplace room in a country house. The larger the area to be treated at a time, the more expensive the vacuum cleaner will be. The type of surface is also important: for linoleum special nozzles will not be needed, which means you can use a vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning function. But if the house has a lot of carpets with long piles, you need a technological model with a turbo brush.

Is Navigation Necessary?

Models with navigation are indispensable in a multi-story house or an apartment divided into zones which lets you tension free where you can create a PlayAmo login Canada. For example, it could be a living room with a carpet, a kitchen with tiles and a bowl for the cat, a children’s room, where there is always a scattering of Lego.

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Models Without Navigation

These vacuum cleaners clean in a chaotic manner. If you need to occupy your child, ask him to observe the vacuum cleaner and describe the logic of the device’s movements. It is unlikely that he will detect a pattern. Such a device may leave uncleaned areas and re-ride on surfaces that are already clean.

Sensitive Bumper, IR Sensors, Gyroscope

Such robot vacuums go around obstacles, track the route, and clean as planned. The IR sensor on the base allows them to return to charge, and the IR height sensor insures against falling down steps. Make sure your model has one if you’re choosing a vacuum cleaner for a two- or three-story suburban home.

Laser Navigation

Implemented based on laser sensors, or lidars. The principle of operation is the same as that of a laser rangefinder: the beam is reflected from an obstacle – and according to the time in which it returns, the vacuum cleaner calculates the distance to the object. Such robots accurately map cleaning and can work in complete darkness. In the app, virtual wall settings and space zoning are often available as well. However, rotating parts can fail. And the lidar also increases the height of the vacuum cleaner – such a robot vacuum cleaner will not get under every sofa.

Camera-based Navigation

The most advanced option. The camera allows the robot to draw a map of the room, focusing on the ceiling. Usually one camera is installed on top, but in expensive models there can be several of them, for even more accurate orientation in space. The body of models with cameras is lower in height than those with lidar, and under the bed will also be able to be removed.

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What Kind of Brush Do You Need?

For smooth surfaces, the design of the brush is not so important, it can not be at all. But if you have to collect wool, hair or clean carpets, you can’t do without a turbo brush. It comes in two varieties:

  • Silicone is good for smooth surfaces.
  • Combined (rubber blades and fluffy bristles). This is good for carpets.

If you have two turbo brushes, it’s even better. It is convenient when the brush is disassembled because it is easier to clean it from hair and fur.

The number of side brushes does not matter, the construction is more important. Variants with rubber at the base and pile part at the end keep their shape longer.

What Else to Pay Attention to?

Operating Time

A good indicator is 120-150 minutes, enough to clean 80-100 square meters in a relatively clean room. If it seems that this is not enough, you will need a battery with a higher capacity, but such a device will also cost more.

Height of the Body

Most robot vacuum cleaners have a height of 8-10 cm, but there are also low models – 6-7 cm. To understand which one you need, measure the height of the legs of the kitchen set, sofa and other furniture and add 1 cm.

Dust Bag Capacity

The optimal volume is 500 ml or more. If less, it may not be enough to clean a neglected room, and part of the garbage will leave the robot on the floor.

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