Surface Area of Cube And Volume of Cube

The simplest definition of the surface area is the total area of space a shape covers. A cube is a three-dimensional figure made up of squares. Similarly, the surface area of cube is the total area covered by the six sides of the cube. The short form of Total surface area is TSA. It is calculated by checking the area of the two bases and the areas of the four faces that are vertical to the other sides. 

The surface area of the cube is important to find in our daily life too. A few of the examples where we need to find the surface areas of cubes is your room. If you want to paint or put tiles in your room, you need to know its total surface area. It is also required to know if you want to wrap a square box.

TSA of Cube = Area of all bases + area of all vertical surfaces

All the faces of a cube are square in shape which are of the same dimension. There are two types of surface area of cube

  • The Lateral surface area of a cube.
  • The Total surface area of a cube.

The Total Surface Area of Cube:

The cubes total surface area also written as TSA is referred to as the total area that is covered by all six faces of a cube. For calculating the TSA of a cube we need to find the sum of areas of these 6 faces of the cube.

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The Lateral Surface Area of Cube:

The cubes lateral surface area which is also written as the LSA refers to the total area which is covered by the side cube. To calculate the cubes LSA we need to find the sum of areas of these 4 faces of a cube.

Volume of Cube

The cubes volume is said to be the total cubic units that are occupied by the cube itself. That too in a space that is three-dimensional. We can say that a cube is a 3d-shape that has




Volume of Cube is said to be measured in cubic units. Solving these problems from online platforms like Cuemath can help you grasp this concept better. 

So the volume of a cube is the space that is enclosed by the cubes’ six faces. Unlike the shapes that are 2d the 3d shapes specifically cube have additional dimensions apart from width and length. This is known as height or we can say it is thickness.  Therefore the volume of the cube is equal to the product of its width and length and height.

By the formula, we can easily find the volume of the cube that is denoted by (V). Just by knowing the length of the edges of a cube. 

Now Suppose the cubes edge length is A. Then the V that is the volume of a cube will be the product of the length and height and width. 

So the formula of cubes volume is:

V= Length × Height × Width.

V= A*A*A.

V= A3.

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Where A is denoted as the length of the side of the cube or its edges.

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