The Coronavirus increased the background check backlog, making employers wait to get information processed

The DBS check is slowly but surely turning into one of the most important documents that a person should have ready at the tip of their fingers. Employers were randomly using them for the longest time on the people within their company, while also using them on their prospective hires. 

The Coronavirus brought employment to an all-time low in the UK with people losing their jobs and companies shutting down. The initial days of the pandemic had people forced to stay indoors, and for the companies that could adapt, remote working was catching on. With fewer people leaving their homes, the number of expenses and purchases that people were making was significantly decreasing. The main reason was that people were not sure about the future, and did not want to make large expenses, without some certainty about their futures. With these changes, companies were not meeting their targets. Many companies could not function remotely like hospitality, construction and many others, so they hit the brakes there as well.

With the massive changes taking place within the job markets, employers were not sure about the people they were working with and needed some additional information so they could make informed decisions. Getting through DBS checks was the new normal with people who were hiring making sure their prospects were a good fit for their company and would fit well with the existing teams already there. The DBS test that initially came out as a background check for criminal records was now assisting with the COVID pandemic.

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The Government also created a ​DBS update service which is an online subscription allowing people to add information about their DBS process and make sure it is up to date. Employers can go through the information and background checks added after they receive permission from the person. While the DBS information gathered does not have an expiration date, it is only valid as of the date that the certificate was printed. Some companies choose to ask for a more recent certificate, usually between six months to a year. Other companies use an older certificate and process the information for up to three years.

Since the updates service is a subscription-based one, people can choose to apply for their certificate whenever they need it, however, it expires in a year, and they would have to pay for the service for another year. Applicants can also select the auto-renew option, so the system keeps updating itself without them worrying about it. One of the best things about getting a ​DBS certificate is that employers can review them online, which makes the process that much easier. They do not have to leave their houses or offices in the middle of a Coronavirus pandemic, making it a way better process keeping everyone safe and reducing another in-person interaction.

They implemented other changes to the DBS process as well, including fast track applications, but they were for select professions. The authorities review all the DBS applications that were sent for processing, and the ones that were connected to healthcare workers or people on the frontline were processed on priority before the others. Most companies or hospitals did not have enough staff through the Coronavirus pandemic, so they needed as many people as they could get their hands-on, and they needed the employment process to get a bit faster. Some of the jobs where they scanned the certificates fast, were Nurses and Nursing Associates, Health Professionals, Social Workers and Carers, Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians, Medical Practitioners, Midwives, and Emergency Volunteers. People are allowed to get through the DBS process and find out if they are eligible for a fast track application.

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The minimum age that a person can be asked about applying for a DBS check is 16 years.

Employers have to ask for consent to go through the DBS check on a prospective employee. Furthermore, they can also get through the DBS check of people who are already working with them for additional information about the person. If people are registered for the DBS update service, they can get in touch with the people and send them information for the check.

A majority of the jobs that are currently hiring are asking for the DBS check. With the Coronavirus and a large number of people out of work, employers want to make sure they are selecting a good pick for their company. Additionally, some positions need people applying to provide their DBS information if they want the hiring authority to consider them so they can get through the process. For instance, working with children or the oldest age group needs information mentioned in the adults and children’s barred list. 

People who do not want to get through the DBS check online can call the office on the number uploaded on the website and can get through the process over the phone. The process is a lot easier on the website and would take a lot less time as well. Various insurance companies are considering working with people if they went through the DBS check and based on their results. Furthermore, their premium amounts would also vary. 

When it comes to the actual information that is present, the DBS office goes through the offices and processes with ease. Here are the various teams who the coordinate with

  • All levels of DBS checks
  • International criminal record checks
  • References
  • Credit checks
  • Education checks
  • Professional registration checks.
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Furthermore, they were allowing some of the applicants to use their previous passport if they were planning on getting through the process since it would make it a lot easier. Their reason was to create a faster approach, especially during the Coronavirus. Furthermore, there are four types of DBS checks, and people can choose to get through the one that depends on their requirements. Some of these would take a lot longer in the short run since there is a massive lockdown and they are dealing with their previous applications.

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