What is CCNA? What is the process to get a CCNA certificate?

You might have heard about certifications. Certifications are well-known throughout the world. People must struggle and put in their efforts to pass the exams and get the certifications. These certifications are worthy, and they make the people capable of doing something great in their lives. People can increase their worth and level when they get certifications. 

It is to be mentioned that certified professionals are better than noncertified professionals. CCNA is one of the most famous certifications. This certification not only improves the worth and resume of the candidate, but it can also help the candidate have attractive salary packages and better job opportunities. A lot of people have been struggling and getting these certifications. Cisco Official is a helpful site, and you can get authentic information at this site.  

Passing criteria for CCNA Exam  

Many candidates have been asking how they can pass the CCNA exam. For example, in CCNA 200-201, a candidate has different questions. There are 120 questions in the exams. These questions are worth 1000 marks. The candidate has to get 800-850 marks to pass the exam.  

How to take the CCNA Exam? 

A person can choose the medium to take his CCNA test. He can choose to take the test online or at the nearby test center. A lot of candidates are seen taking physical tests, while a lot of them are interested in taking the tests online. However, the candidates taking the tests online are monitored through webcams. So, there are no chances of cheating in the exams. A candidate has 120 minutes to finish the exam. As soon as the candidate finishes the exam, he gets an instant exam result. However, the paper disappears, and he can only see the marks obtained.  

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Preparing for the CCNA Exams 

After knowing the basic things about CCNA exams and certifications, you might be interested in knowing how you can prepare for the exams. It is to be mentioned that a person has to struggle the best and put his efforts into getting these technologies. However, some effective factors can help you prepare for the CCNA exams. A few of them are as follows.  

  • It would be great if a person attended a CCNA Course. Attending the CCNA Course is necessary. This is how a person can know the contents of the exams. You are more likely to be a part of activities and courses. This is why attending a CCNA course is necessary.  
  • In addition to regular classes, you must focus on self-study. Self-study is necessary. This is how a candidate can check whether he is prepared to take the exams. You should go through all the textbooks and help books to prepare for the CCNA exams. 
  • Attending bootcamps is also beneficial as it can help the candidates cover the syllabus in a short time. I was reading this CCNA cheat sheet. 

These are some of the most significant things you need to know about CCNA Exams. A person should put in his efforts and try his best to pass the exam and get the certifications.

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