Top 5 Tarantino Movies Ranked with No Ads YouTube Watch Explained

Just like how his movies are, His name also has cult status in the film world. With his unique style elements and unprecedented use of dialogs in the movie, he created a style of his own and a loyal fanbase across the world. This article talks about his Top 5 movies ranked but before that, there is a little surprise. As mentioned in the title, we will be revealing a perfect way to watch YouTube videos without any interference from advertisements.

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Now let’s come back to our topic of tarantino movies. Here is the list of our 5 top Tarantino movies.

Pulp Fiction

The cult classic of Tarantino that still amazes the movie lovers. Showing the epitome of his storytelling style, this movie is a textbook tarantino who amazes us with his impulsive dialogues and unpredictable screenplay. A glories watch everytime and created a stylistic influence in the movie makers all around the world.

Inglorious Bastards 

One of the most aesthetically pleasing Tarantino movies telling the story during the time of the second world war. From Shoshanna the village girl escaped from German invaded France to the movie star war hero of the third reich. A cunning German officer to an Italian American Hit squad, The movie has a variety of characters and a unique structure of storytelling.

Reservoir Dogs

 The Full length feature debut of Tarantino, 6 strangers grouped to steal diamonds get trapped by the police, while seeking shelter, they believe that one among them is an undercover officer. One of the greatest ever hits that an indie movie ever achieved, Reservoir Dogs shows the genius writer and filmmaker in Tarantino. The way he engages the movie even with the restrictions of space is pure brilliance and it is one of those movies that age well through the period of time.

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Django Unchained

Telling the story of a black slave named Django joined with a bounty hunter, wanting to find his wife. The quest leads to many twists and turnarounds in the racist world they travel. Learning the trade of shooting and skills from the bounty hunter, Django continues his odyssey while obstacles are made from people even from his brother people.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

The latest of the Tarantino movies, starring Leonardo Decario, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie etc telling the story based on a real incident but with added fictional elements.Brad pitt grabbed the academy award for the best supporting actor for the role he played  in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Having all the elements of the Tarantino style, the movie received immense appreciation from fans along with critiques all over the world.

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