How to Choose a Key Finder?

As you move around your home or in other places, doing your normal day-to-day activities, you may end up losing your keys. It’s common with many people, and it becomes hard to track the keys.

That’s why it’s essential to have a key finder that will help you track your keys within a short period. When you misplace your keys, you can use a phone app or Bluetooth that enables the tracker to help you locate your keys.

It’s worth noting that key finders come in different models with different features. This makes it challenging to choose the right key finder. Here are useful tips that will help you get a good key finder that will make your life easier, even when you lose your keys countless times.

Battery Life

An excellent key finder should have a replaceable and long-lasting battery life. The best batteries go for about six months to 1 year worth of battery life. Also, you want a key finder that gives you a warning when the battery goes low. It can be frustrating for your key finder to go off unexpectedly just when you’ve lost your keys.

You can choose to go for key finders with sealed batteries so that you can purchase another upgraded model after the battery expiry. There are also rechargeable models that you have to keep charging regularly. So, choose a key finder that you’re comfortable with and one that fits your style.

A Multiple Tracker

With the advanced technology, you’ll find some key finders that support multiple trackers. Meaning, you can use it to track more items other than your lost key. This helps you keep tabs on several items, such as a wallet or a purse.

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Also, you can program some key finders so that you share the tracker with more users. A key finder becomes effective when it’s compatible with other devices. Ensure it can connect with your phone and your current OS version. Your primary focus should be getting a key finder that connects with multi-platforms apps. This comes in handy when you misplace your smartphone.


An excellent key finder should have a large range to allow you to find the key quickly. It keeps your keys and phone connected, keeping the signal intact. When the range is too small, you’ll have to struggle to keep the signal, which will frustrate your efforts to find your keys.

In short, the device is as good as its range capability and the kind of space you live in. It’s worth noting that the newer models have a large range than the old models. However, the best way to know the range is by determining the size of your space. If it’s small, then no need to have a key finder with a larger range.

Alarm Sound

Different models come with different volumes range. Some are too loud and annoying. Others have a low sound that you may not even hear the alarm unless you move closer to the device. You’ll want a good sound that isn’t too loud or too low. When purchasing the key finder, ensure you test it first, and understand its volume range. The best signal ranges between 80 and 85 decibels.


When you move away from your key finder’s active range, geofencing alerts your smartphone or another device. It’s one of the essential features that help you track your keys when you leave it behind. Your smartphone receives an alert whenever you forget your keys.

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The Bottom Line

The features above will help you in finding the appropriate key finder that fits your needs and style. However, sometimes, you may not have the capability to track your keys due to one reason or the other. Instead of getting frustrated and thinking of how you’re going to get another key finder, especially when in a hurry, you can reach out to an experienced locksmith at any time to come and help you make a new key on the spot.

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