10 Reasons Why Blogging Could Benefit Every Artist

Who knows sharing your thought and ideas with your audience earns you loyalty, opportunities, and profit? Blogs are now far from being just an online journal, and it has now grown to become a means for artists to reach people all over the world. Writing can be beneficial for artists on their creativity as well as their business. And, these are the reasons why you should get into blogging, too.

1.  Enhance Your Searchability

In our time today, the internet is what connects each one of us in the world. It is where people go to find and get in touch with someone. Technology also serves as a channel for customers to access products or services from different businesses. As an artist, putting yourself out there through blogging is like opening doors to your audience.

Having a presence on the internet helps your audience or customers to see you and your work. According to SoftwareFindr, there are more than 512 million blogs exist in the year 2020. The question now is, how could people possibly find you in the crowd of bloggers? The answer to that is, by enhancing your searchability.

Readers use Google or other search engines to find you or your blog using their devices. Buyers would input either your name or words that describe your work. It is a text-based platform that uses keywords and phrases to look up for matching contents. These measures mean they can’t seek you out using an image.

Posting a blog accompanying your artwork makes it easier for internet users to find you.  Without these supporting texts, it is almost impossible for your content to make it to the search results. Strategically inserting keywords and search phrases can also widen your reach and attract more potential customers to your blog.

2.  Easy And Efficient Media For Promotion

A blog is a portal that connects an artist to their audience. It is where people go to know what you are up to in the real world. The content you produce can serve any purpose that you intend. And, it’s up to you how you want to use this tool to achieve your goal.

One of the most advantageous functions of a blog is that it serves as a convenient, cheap, and most effective means to promote or advertise your artworks. The Content Marketing Institute said that 7 out of 10 clients favor promotion through articles instead of ads. Get the word out to your audiences fast and easily through your blog.

Customers and other people can quickly get updates and information about events, new art releases, product launching, exhibits, etc. Promoting your art piece through your blog is not limited only to your network. Your reach can extend through multiple communities and demographics.

3.  The Fame Of Going Viral

It is the ultimate goal of bloggers and content providers, going viral. Reaching this point of fame happens when almost everyone on the internet is talking about you and your work. The possibilities and opportunities it would bring an artist are unpredictable. It becomes a turning point in one’s life and career.

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How does your work go viral? People are looking for compelling reasons to visit your blog. They get hooked on content that lets them connect with the artist in the most meaningful way. The final output can only speak for itself, but the insights on its creation say more to a deeper level.

Followers read your blog to learn about your creative process and what inspires you. They want you to let them see your works through your eyes. Writing about your artwork increases its value and can help build your brand. It gives your piece more meaning to your audience.

Having this content readily available on your blog or website makes it easier to spread the word. A link should direct people to your post, which contains an image and descriptions of your new piece. It is an excellent resource that anyone interested can share through social media and other platforms.

4.  Growing Your Network And Demographics

Social media is an excellent platform to build a following. Almost everyone is in it. They also serve as people’s sources and access to information. It is a brilliant way for artists to build their network and demographic.

With a blog serving as your main outlet, you can easily share your new content to multiple platforms at the same time. Each new post allows the artist to cast their nets wider every time. 77% of internet users who read blogs from all over the world are your potential subscribers and clients. As your network grows, your blog will evolve to form a community.

Later, you’ll also be catching the attention of other artists. A post from them, talking about how they like your work can inspire their readers to visit your blog. It is a meaningful gesture that provides you with the chance to tap into their network. Word will spread to their community, and soon, there’ll be more artists welcoming you to their circle.

5.  An Insight To Your Journey

Tastes and trends vary from people to people. What they have in common is their fondness of stories. People may express their appreciation of your art, but what drives them to acquire your piece is you. The story of how your art came to be and what it means to you carries more gravity. Your narrative makes your work priceless and cherished.

Readers visit your blog to learn about your life and your brand. They draw meaning from your words to better understand and establish a connection with you. The information you give makes them feel privileged to have a sneak peek to your world and how your journey unravels.

Building your brand through blogging is achieved by writing about your work. Talk about your techniques, processes, and how much progress you’ve made on your latest project. Explaining your art makes them feel like they are part of the process. Like they are having conversations with you personally.

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Tell them about your inspirations and what a particular art means to you. Your personal experience is a strong motivation for audiences to be captivated by your stories. Nonetheless, keep in mind that you control the narrative. It is within your power how much and however you want to share it.

6.  Building Your Portfolio

Blogging allows you to create a record of your work online. Your posts can help you track how you are evolving as an artist. It is your art journal and collection of your artworks. Reading your blog would be like traveling back in time to see what you were and where you are going.

Write about your achievements, your projects, and about other events in your life. It is a long term process, but it would be all worth it in the end. You can see how you have developed and progressed as you look back on your posts.

Art lovers and fans alike would be grateful for having the chance to read your story first hand and see the different aspects of your personality. You can show your audiences what happens behind the scenes. Share some of your techniques and tips like what tools you use or how you can use Couponlawn to purchase them.

Getting parts of your life into writing will also help you personally. It can help you process your thoughts and emotions. Writing gives you the time to step back from your work and evaluate yourself. Journaling is good for your mental health, so enjoy it.

7.  Sharing Your Aspirations

Every individual sees the world in different colors and different ways. Starting a blog gives you a chance to express yourself. You can tell everyone what you think and how you see the world. And your views might be more valuable to others than you can imagine.

People see you in a different light once you reveal your personality. They get to know this side of you that they don’t see in your work. You decide what you share and how much you want others to see. Your opinions matter, and so does everyone else’s.

Make your voice heard. Share your dreams and aspirations. For some of your readers, your blog can be entertaining, therapeutic, or even helpful to their lives. It is for you to write and for others to interpret. Your story could affect your audiences in different ways.

Your blog will help you track your progress and how near you are from achieving your goal. Readers would feel like you are taking them along to your journey. They see the artist that you are now and who you want to be. It is inspirational.

What you are going through can be motivational for others, too. The story you write shows your hard work and perseverance. It will inspire others to do a better job themselves.

8.  Connecting You With Your Audience

So, what do you gain from sharing part of your life with your audience? The public will pay you back with their loyalty in exchange for opening up and sharing your knowledge. The connection you build with your audience through your blog has more meaning and depth to it.

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Talking to your subscribers and fans through your blog seems more direct and friendly. You begin to establish this relationship with your audience. Sharing your insights and stories behind your projects or your success brings people closer to you and your work.

You reel more people into your website as you post more blogs. They’ll be tuning in to see the latest about a project you are working on or an update about your new art exhibit or sale. Give them a reason to come back. Keep them in touch with all the beautiful things that are going on with your career.

Allowing art buyers and enthusiasts alike to see your personality helps you form a friendship with your customers. Getting to know the individual behind the artwork is much more interesting for some. You also stand a chance of attracting potential clients when you let them see your art process and the real you.

9.  Profiting On Your Blog

Investing your time and knowledge in writing a blog can be profitable for you as well. We’ve already mentioned how blogging about your art can help others fin you though a search engine. It is the reason why you should learn about the dos and don’ts of SEO writing. If you want your artwork to sell online, you need your website to come up in the search results.

Having your blog to direct your customers to your work is useful and efficient. A simple link can take them to your online portfolio or virtual gallery. You need to provide your customers with a convenient method to purchase your piece. Creating your blog can serve this purpose and more.

Are you aware that you can monetize your blog? If you gain a decent amount of traffic, you can promote products for your associates. Some companies will give you a share of their profit for every clicks and sale it generates. You can also get paid by placing ad banners and such.

Just be tasteful when choosing products or services to advertise.  It has to be related to your content and not distracting. You don’t want to bombard your followers with promotions that can put them off.

10.              Opening Doors To New Opportunities

Creating a blog can also mean opening yourself to new opportunities. There are other ways you can make a profit from your art, and it includes writing books, hosting online classes, etc. Your experience with blogging and the exposure you receive from them gives you an advantage.

As your writing skills get better with practice, you can start pivoting into creating eBooks, or online magazines. Your blog will then become useful in promoting your new project together with your art. It will serve as your testing ground to see how your audiences will receive your new business venture.


The benefits of blogging for artist grows as they evolve. As your blog flourishes and you gain more readers, your art sales will take flight as well. Expressing yourself and your artwork through words gives you opportunities for growth and profit. If you don’t start it now, how else would you discover what it can offer for you?




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