5 of the Best HTML Code Editors of 2021

Every coder has their own way of working. But are you working harder or smarter? The ability to balance work efficiency allows you to get more done in less time. And with coding, that can be a huge advantage.

Good HTML code editors can help you achieve this by not only making the whole process faster but also reduce any errors at the same time. Fewer errors equal bonus time!

So if you’re looking to streamline your workflow, forget Notepad and try one of the latest HTML code editors instead. Here we’ll look at five of the best editors to use in 2021.

What Is an HTML Editor?

Of course, any regular text editor can be used to write HTML code, but an editor brings you additional and intuitive features. This might include highlighting syntax, error checking, autocompletion, and translation to other code languages. Effectively, it’s like having a personal assistant to make your job a little easier.

You’ve got your text editors and WYSIWYG editors. WYSIWYG (“What You See is What You Get”) has the addition of a visual editor to allow you to see how the page looks as you edit. While this is useful, a text editor allows you to get to the bones of the page, spot errors, and make quick changes.

The Best HTML Code Editors

Whether you’re new to coding or a professional, having a diverse toolkit can be useful to meet different task demands. So now we’ll look at some of the best to add to your range:

1. Atom

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A free open-source editor that allows you to fully customize it as you wish. It supports Teletype, multiple interfaces, autocomplete, works across platforms and operating systems, and it looks and feels great. Coders can also make collaborative edits to improve its features and packages, so it’s getting better all the time.

2. Notepad++

Notepad++ is another free HTML editor that’s simple, easy to use, and supports over 80 programming languages. It runs in Windows like an improved version of Notepad which makes it lightweight and fast. It comes with fully customizable functions such as macros, syntax highlights, multi-view, and GUI, making it very user-friendly to all.

3. Sublime Text

Similar to Notepad++ with regards to features, but a little more sophisticated for advanced coders. You can customize the entire platform as you wish, it supports cross-platform switching, multiple-section, and split-pane edits, and has tons of keyboard shortcuts for fast and efficient editing.    

4. Brackets

Another free, open-source HTML editor that includes a live preview feature so you can toggle between the page and your code. You can make quick inline edits, live highlights, and it works seamlessly with HTML, JavaScript CSS, LESS, SCSS, and Adobe. So it makes converting HTML to PDF a breeze.

5. Visual Studio Code

One of the more advanced cross-platform editors that include intelligent features such as adaptive response, syntax highlights, and smart completion. This not only makes it a powerful editor but also exceptional at error locating and debugging. Along with its long list of features and customizations, it’s fast becoming one of the most popular editors around.

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Upgrade Your Coding Game

If you’ve been struggling with those rudimentary text editors, it’s probably time to switch things up and try some HTML code editors instead. Hopefully, the above recommendations will give you a better idea of where to begin, depending on your needs.

And once you pick one, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it. So as we approach 2021, it’s time to get kitted out, boost your efficiency and output, and upgrade your code game for good.

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