Top 6 Marketing Apps for Successful Real Estate Agents

In any business, marketing is crucial if success is to be realized. In today’s changing business environment, marketing can be overpowering. Considering the competitive nature of businesses, a lot of effort and innovativeness must take center stage in marketing. The real estate sector is no exception. If you use appropriate marketing apps, you may make your work easier.

With your social media presence, you can leverage some top-rated apps to generate leads. The apps also enable your business to operate efficiently, giving you an edge in the competitive real estate industry.

Below are some of the apps that can help you restructure your marketing and boost efficiency for success.

List of top 6 Marketing Apps for Successful Real Estate Agents

1. Wise Pelican

The web-based application creates postcards and flyers for realtors to use in marketing campaigns. Through wise pelican, you can get affordable tailor-made real estate postcards. It is also easy to edit the postcards on various browsers. Furthermore, you can easily mail the real estate postcards to your customer zip codes.

Wise Pelican has an exceptional interface to generate postcards that enhances your estate image. You start by creating an account before you can customize your postcards. The app has a variety of templates you can utilize to customize your postcards at a low cost of 75 cents.

Pros of Wise Pelican

  • It generates mailing lists quickly, thereby saving you time
  • You have the choice of utilizing the on-site list builder or uploading a mailing list for each of your mailing campaigns
  • The tracking feature of the app alerts you whenever the postcards have been delivered
  • Affordable to create custom-made postcards at only 75 cents
  • It has a wide variety of templates you can use to create customized postcards
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Cons of Wise Pelican

  • It can be quite expensive to make postcards of the highest quality
  • The app does not have a version for mobile phones
  • Crafting tailored postcards can be tedious

2. Zoom

Zoom is one of the greatest apps for realtors for marketing efforts. Through zoom, you can hold video conferences with your contacts. Thus, you can showcase your real estate properties via virtual tours and even receive clients’ calls.

As a result, the Zoom app will save you the money you could have used for endless travels. You can hold video conferences free of charge for up to 100 contacts. Subscriptions are only made if the group of people is much bigger.

Pros of Zoom

  • Video conferencing capability: You can use your smartphone as a video conferencing system. The video conferencing is stable, reliable, and supports long video calls.
  • You can market your real estate properties from the comfort of your couch.
  • Share and schedule feature: You can plan tours for your prospective clients using the features.
  • Easy to deploy and use: You only need to download the app, set it up, and you’ll be ready for the best video conferencing experience. It connects easily across devices to allow people to connect and talk remotely.
  • Secure: It offers remarkable security features that protect against confidential or sensitive data leaks.

Cons of Zoom

  • The app lacks comment control system
  • Has high chances of zoom bombing where people can simultaneously access your conference


Through, you can exploit marketing efforts and create your real estate property listings. It enables you to intensify your exposure to multiple websites. is one of the best apps with a long-standing track record and a trusted platform for buyers and realtors.

With the app, you don’t have to create new listings, but you can share existing property listings from your account. You will only have to log in to your existing account to share the home listings. 

Pros of

  • Allows you to display numerous properties at ago
  • Enables you to create a tailored map of your property listings
  • Availability of a mobile app version with an astute user interface that makes navigation easy
  • The inclusion of the market tool enables agents to promote their properties
  • Has professionals’ directory for easy networking amongst players in the real estate industry
  • The presence of resources such as market data and listing tools provides realtors with the industries’ up-to-date knowledge

Cons of

  • The application is only available for use in the U.S.
  • The platform is less recognized than other apps in the industry

4. BombBomb

The app is distinct as it allows short videos to be created and shared. So, you can create precise short videos of the properties you are advertising. 

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Then you can share the videos on various social media platforms to reach prospective clients. You can share high-quality short videos on popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Consequently, BombBomb provides the most innovative way of marketing your property. Your videos will reach a wide audience, including friends and other social media followers. For more appealing content, you may consider making live stream videos.

Pros of BombBomb

  • Allows realtors to create spectacular listing videos that make it stand out from the rest
  • It has video templates for making superior videos of your properties at no cost
  • Presence of video-sharing features that ensures sharing of listed videos smoothly over the platforms with your clients
  • Using the video editor of the app, you can integrate images and music into your videos

Cons of BombBomb

  • It caps the number of videos that you can share monthly, thereby limiting your ability to advertise property
  • You must subscribe before using it since it is a paid-up app

5. Real Geeks

The app is well known for generating leads for realtors in the marketing drives. It allows realtors to write compelling emails and discover recent market trends. Using the app, you can create interactive and engaging marketing experiences with your clients.

Moreover, the platform allows you to create 3-D virtual tours of your property. Your prospective customers can walk through the virtual exploration of the property from their location. Consequently, they will be conscious of the property they want to buy beforehand.

Pros of Real Geeks

  • The lead generation feature creates a custom signature for user’s emails
  • The Facebook tracking system keeps track of how frequently your emails are read
  • Has market tools that keep the realtors updated on recent market trends
  • IDX websites are helpful in new leads generation

Cons of Real Geeks

  • The platform is quite expensive
  • Doesn’t have a live customer support feature
  • It is not available in some states


KONSIGN, a top-tier electronic signature software, offers a swift, secure, and user-friendly solution to simplify document signing processes.

KONSIGN’s real estate platform streamlines property transactions with advanced eSignature solutions.


  1. Efficient template management.
  2. Real-time document tracking.
  3. Streamlined signature process.
  4. Custom branding options.
  5. Robust security and compliance.


  1. Potential learning curve for newcomers.
  2. Dependency on electronic infrastructure.

In essence, KONSIGN enhances real estate operations, ensuring timely and secure transactions.

7. DocuSign

It is regarded as the most trusted Electronic signature software in the realtors’ world. The application is the most suitable if you want documents signed hassle-free and secure. 

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Through DocuSign, you can complete any business deals and agreements in hours from any device. It also allows you to upload and send documents signed by a client.

Pros of DocuSign

  • The application is easy to use and loads quickly
  • It saves your signature; hence you don’t have to redo it each time
  • The app is secure and dependable
  • Enables you to create and customize documents for signatures quickly

Cons of DocuSign

  • You can’t amend the document once sent and signed unless you void it, correct it, and re-issue it.


The entry of mobile technology has revolutionized business marketing. You can market your real estate property even when on the move. The trick is identifying the best app to help you reach as many potential clients as possible. Your go-to app is the one that has most of the features that make your marketing work easier.

Faq Related to Marketing Apps for Real Estate Agents

What are the benefits of using marketing apps for real estate agents?

Marketing apps can help real estate agents streamline their marketing efforts, reach more potential clients, and generate more leads. They provide real estate agents with a range of tools, such as lead management, marketing automation, and personalized communication, that can help them grow their business and stay ahead of the competition.

What features should I look for in a marketing app for real estate agents?

The features you should look for will depend on your specific needs as a real estate agent. Consider factors such as lead management, marketing automation, personalization, and the ability to connect with potential clients through multiple channels.

Are there any free marketing apps for real estate agents?

Some marketing apps for real estate agents offer free plans, although these plans may have limited features compared to paid plans. Additionally, some apps may charge a fee for advanced features or integrations with other platforms.

How do I integrate my marketing app with my existing real estate website?

The process of integrating your marketing app with your existing real estate website will depend on the specific app you are using. Some apps may have a built-in integration, while others may require you to install a plugin or code snippet. You should refer to the app’s documentation or customer support for specific instructions.

Can marketing apps for real estate agents help me generate more leads?

Yes, marketing apps for real estate agents can help you generate more leads by providing you with tools for managing your leads and automating your marketing efforts. Additionally, many apps offer features for reaching out to potential clients and building personal relationships, which can help you generate more leads and close more deals.

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