As easy as pi! 5 ways a Raspberry Pi can make your everyday life easier

The Raspberry Pi was initially designed as a way of teaching basic computer science in schools, and, though it continues to serve this purpose, it has also helped make people’s lives easier by enabling them to easily create new projects and grow their hobbies. Here are five ways a Raspberry Pi can make your life easier.

Building your own laptop

Depending on what you need a laptop for you could find yourself paying a considerable amount for one. However, with the Raspberry Pi as a processor you can easily build your own laptop, saving you a lot of money. To start building your laptop you can use the Raspberry Pi 4, available with a range of extras at the Pi Hut, and a pi-top OS with a full HD screen. These can be trickier to build than a desktop computer, but if you succeed, you’ll have a sturdy, reliable Raspberry Pi laptop at a fraction of the price of a standard one.

Making cooking easier

Using a Raspberry Pi, you can modify a microwave to give it some impressive features that will make cooking even easier. Fitting your microwave with a Raspberry Pi as well as a few other bits of hardware, you can create a smart microwave with voice control, the ability to find recipes online and iPad controls. This design can make cooking easier and a lot more accessible.

Improving your wi-fi signal

It’s a common problem for a lot of people- sometimes your wi-fi signal won’t reach certain parts of your home. When you rely heavily on the internet this can be incredibly frustrating. Luckily, a Raspberry Pi with wireless capability can be easily turned into a wi-fi range extender. Using a Raspberry Pi as well as a wi-fi adapter and micro-SD card, you can create a cheap extender that will improve your wi-fi signal in hard-to-reach parts of your house.

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Easier baby monitoring

With the help of the Raspberry Pi, continually having to get up to check on your baby could become a thing of the past. Using a Raspberry Pi, a webcam and motion sensors, you can create a smart baby monitor that will stream the baby’s bed directly to your smartphone or tablet. You can also use the monitor to play music, soothing the baby back to sleep without needing to get out of bed. The device can also monitor the baby’s temperature and alert you when something is wrong.

Security camera

Combining the Raspberry Pi with a webcam can also provide you with a cheaper security camera to keep your house safe. Like the baby monitor, this can stream the feed of an area directly to your phone or tablet. By installing a few of these cameras around your house, you can easily check the safety of your house wherever you might be.

Raspberry Pi can make life easy as pi, with a bit of ingenuity and determination

These are just a few ways that the Raspberry Pi can be used to make your everyday life easier, but with the affordability of the Raspberry Pi you can undertake countless projects that can make life easier in many ways.

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