7 Top Website Trends 2020 You Shouldn’t Miss

For every business these days, having your website is a very effective way to promote your brand and increase profit. However, this can only happen if you have a good and competitive webpage which attracts many visitors.

Therefore, for most entrepreneurs, they make use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make their sites accessible. It is an instrumental technique for reaching the top on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. But to stay on top, your website should be better than the others.

Having a website alone is not enough. You need to know the latest trends on how to design and redesign your site to make it better and more attractive to visitors. There are many web design and development services in your area like, web designers Adelaide SA that you may enlist for help as well. You have to remember though that in these modern days, these trends on web design are considered necessary to have a successful one.

Having a Unique Website Design

You have many competitors in the market. Most probably some designs are based on one another. Thus, even if your competitor’s website is top-rated and the design is excellent, do not copy anything. Seek the help of web developers and collaborate with your idea to create one that is uniquely different from the others. 

Having a Responsive Web Design

One of the things that disappoint a lot of customers is the fact that the website is unresponsive. Some sites take days, weeks and even months to reply. It is a bad customer experience and therefore, you can lose clients because of it.

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When you have a website, make sure that you or your representative can find time to reply to customer queries no matter how simple it may be. Customers prefer responsive customer support especially when they have to buy products or services online only.

Having An Easy To Navigate Site

Most times users surf the web having little to no time on their hands, they usually do a quick search for the information they need for the day. Always keep this in mind because people nowadays cannot give much attention to intricate web designs, it should be efficient, comfortable, and simple to navigate. It will only be a waste of time for the users to figure out how to navigate your page if it is difficult for them. Or worst-case scenario, they will leave your page.

Having a Minimalist Design

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Having a simple and minimalist design can attract more customers as compared to having a very elaborate website. Most of your visitors are in a hurry, and they appreciate a direct and straightforward approach. It is best that users find everything they need with ease whenever they visit your website, and users do not have to go through a lot of puzzles and mazes to get what they want.

Another thing to remember to keep your website organized and professional is to follow a color palette and stick with it. Using too many colors will not be pleasing to the eyes. Instead, using a well-curated and proportional color palette that goes well with your content is better than just mashing different colors together and see if they work. 

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Above all things, a website should be smooth and pleasing for the eyes to see. Creating too large or too small designs will make it hard to look at your site. Unproportional designs are hard to look at and are not pleasing to the eyes. If you have a lot of word content, it is best to create a simple or minimalist design. Same thing if you have many visuals to present, keeping the content the center of your website is essential. 

Having Easy To Read Content

Make sure you do not have walls of text when you create a website with articles because chances are not a lot of users can finish reading your material because they have no time. So creatively and efficiently producing a headline or title and providing a description for your content will be advantageous for you and your users. Moreover, creating a sub-headline and headings will further optimize your website. 

It is also best to keep your fonts or typefaces to a minimum, enough to emphasize the essential things in your content. Using too many typefaces without purpose shows and will make your website seem unorganized and wobbly. 

Having an Appealing and Attractive Animation

One of the things that appeal to customers is pictures, animation, and videos. Make sure that your website doesn’t contain plain text. It will bore your visitors. On the other hand, do not overload the site with images as they may cause the slow loading of your page. Having an attractive animation is a very effective way to capture the attention of potential clients. It can easily tell them and show them what comprises your site and what your brand has to offer.

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Having an Interactive Website

These days, a lot of transactions take place over the internet. Being able to interact with your customers is a good way of boosting not just your popularity but your sales as well. Customers want a website where they can send queries or questions with regards to your products and services. Having no interaction with them will cause them to think twice and find another brand.


Creating attractive and optimized websites needs hard work especially if you are looking for it to be user-friendly and provide you with lots of online traffic. It could be a very overwhelming task especially for beginners or those who lack experience in creating web designs. But learning the basics and following the following dos and don’ts will help you in your journey in web design.

Remember when creating a web design that you are presenting information regarding a subject of an organization or company, so you have to make it as optimized as possible to be viewed easily and often by online users. If you are looking for expert advice on web design, then it is best to look for people or companies in your area like web designers Adelaide SA.

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