Technological Advancements: The Future of E-Commerce in 2021

No wonder technology is evolving and growing posthaste with each passing year. That is all to make our lives more comfortable and convenient. However, its miracles do not restrict to humans only. It is creating their magic in the business industries as well. People are opting for innovative and advanced technologies to increase their business and number of consumers. In the same way, customers are also pretty much satisfied and relaxed with the advanced shopping methods. In this way, technology is playing an extraordinary role in the e-commerce sector.

Undoubtedly, since the last decade, we have seen massive development and progress in the e-commerce industry. However, those days when having in-person shopping was the only method to buy anything. Also, people do not rely on online shopping due to scams. But all hail to the e-commerce that has made it possible. It has not only increased the interest of consumers but is also generating sales. In short, technology is affecting the world of online retailers and customers both. Meanwhile, to stay in the market in this tough competition, retail store owners have to keep a sharp eye on the upcoming technologies and apply marketplace business models.

Last year, COVID caused a severe loss to most of the industries. However, one sector that embarks the waves was e-commerce. In the same way, this year, we are also expecting the same accelerations and changes from e-commerce. Well, talking about the trends to look forward to in 2021 are too many to count. That includes personalization to drive the customer’s loyalty or voice shopping. On the other hand, artificial intelligence, shop-able videos, and online shopping expansion from B2C to D2C products. 

Furthermore, if we talk about online selling, some people sell directly on their websites. In contrast, others use the different online marketplace to sell their goods. Different famous names exist online like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, etc. Selling goods in these marketplaces is not that easy as it looks. For instance, if we talk about eBay, it’s a famous marketplace where sellers and buyers meet online to trade goods. eBay can charge for every transaction made by the seller with some percentage. It’s a complicated procedure for charging a fee on any transaction made by a seller. You can click here for more info about how to calculate the fee.

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Latest Trends of E-Commerce Changing the Online Buying World

Everyone is aware of the fact that growing online business was never a walk in the garden. Meanwhile, in times of corona, only those businesses stood firm who opt for e-commerce. Otherwise, following the same old traditional methods would not take them anywhere. Hence, it is time to keep yourself aware of the e-commerce new trends that will hit the year 2021 with a strike. Every single step of online shopping, from customers’ payment method to SEO, and delivery has evolved. In other words, e-commerce has remodeled customer’s journey with the latest and modern technology tools.

Here in this article, we will discuss the future of e-commerce and its latest trends to watch out for this year. 

  1. Rise of Voice Commerce

Doing shopping online is only a click away. Many times, we have heard this sentence. But now it is time to go a bit advanced as this is the modern world that requires modern solutions for every problem. The number of people relying on the voice assistants like Amazon Echo with Alexa and Google voice with Google Assistant is increasing. According to research, 75% of households in America would have smart speakers by the year 2025. However, sales via voice commerce will increase by $40 billion by the year 2022. On the other hand, to shop conveniently in your regional language is one of the main motives of this voice commerce. Hence, if you run an online retail store, make it up to date and start introducing the option of voice commerce in it.

  1. Online Shopping Will Expand to D2C or D2B Products
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No doubt, life after corona has become changed a lot. People are more towards the online buying of goods and grocery rather than going to the markets by themselves. That is ultimately benefiting the retail store owners. But it will not take more time to return to routine lives once it is all over. Therefore, making effective strategies to increase online shopping is the need of an hour. This year, online shopping will shift from B2C products to D2C or D2B. Nowadays, people are also purchasing furniture, home decor items, etc. So, make sure these products are available easily online, and the customers can have access to your product list. It will create a customer-friendly environment on your website.

  1. Start Running Ads on Social Media Apps

The youngsters of this age, either male or female, are addicted to social media. Talking about social media apps and their influence is unexplainable. So, make the most use of these apps and opt for new marketing strategies to attract your consumers by the advertisements. Running social media campaigns is now the latest trend since last year. However, posting the story of your most selling products, the customer’s experience at your store, or products unboxing is another exciting approach. By doing so, in a short time, you can grab the attention of numerous new customers towards your brand.

  1. Omnichannel Shopping: The New Normal

Previously, retailers used a few channels to sell their products. But now the time has changed and so as the choices of people. Customers want to see the content on various platforms. But these mobile, tablets, or desktops are the initial steps. However, doing the publicity of products and brands via social media is another approach. To make the customer experience better than ever via other channels, reach out to Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon Personalize. They both play an immense in providing the best customer experience via multiple channels.

  1. Ready to Enhance E-Commerce Experience Via AI & AR
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A few years ago, the concept of online stores looked like a dream. However, this dream has come to reality. Still, the need to use modern and advanced technology is the need of customers and brands. Start using Artificial intelligence (AI) in your e-commerce store for an exceptional buying experience. Here, the (AI) uses the customers buying and search history and then shows their desired products in the recommendation. In the same manner, Augmented Reality (AR) is also doing an excellent job in telling people how the product would look on them before even buying. So, with the implementation of AI and AR in your online store, you can make a profit and decrease the return rate,


Technology and its role in our lives are known to everyone. Our life and daily house chores cannot complete without the use of technology. In the same way, the business industry is also twirling around it. People have found innovative ways for a great shopping experience via an e-commerce store. It is also providing the best opportunities for online retail store owners to expand their businesses. Meanwhile, customers are also enjoying the online shopping experience via multiple channels.

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