How Can Parents Ensure Online Learning for Kids more Effective & Safe?

Online learning has turned out to be the new normal for the last few months. Nobody had ever thought that chalk and duster would be replaced by laptops and mobile phones. Online learning for kids has opened new dimensions of learning. Learning for kids at home has made it possible for them to compensate for the loss of studies due to Covid 19 pandemic. It has made each one of us realize the importance of technology. 

Problems during Online Learning

Online learning is not that easy and comfortable as it seems to be. It has its pros and cons. As the teachers are putting in their efforts to provide quality learning to kids, parents have to ensure that they provide a perfect learning environment to kids at home.

1. Time Management

Online learning being completely new to students requires intensive work. Different students have a different pace of understanding things. Some grab quickly while others need their own time. Within that limited time, some may catch up with the teacher some may not. Schools used to have a fixed schedule but now online learning for kids seems to be quite difficult to manage. The study hours are reduced and the pressure to complete the syllabus within the limited time is the same. 

2. Self-motivation

Whether it is online or offline, self-motivation is very essential for a learner. It has become more intense due to the absence of a teacher physically. It also hinders one on one communication. In school, a teacher can easily understand how a child feels with his gestures. But now it becomes difficult for students to ask doubts. Once they find it difficult, they start losing hope which results in irregularity. Self-motivation is what will keep them in the right place.

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3. Distractions due to Various Factors

Learning from home seems to be so convenient. Attending online classes from anywhere as per your comfort. But this benefit comes with a lot of distractions too. Finding a peaceful place at home with no noise is not easy. Guests, neighbors, siblings coming and going also distract. A formal atmosphere in the school is replaced by too much comfort that makes students lazy, thereby hindering concentration.

4. Learning Styles

Different students have different learning styles. Some learn things just by listening, some learn by practically implementing it, some need different teaching aids, while some find it easier to learn with peers. When it comes to online learning, a common method is used for all while at school a teacher has n number of ways to make a child understand a particular concept.

5. Technical Issues

They include server breakdown, internet speed, electricity issues, and technical errors. Every student can’t get a high-speed connection. Neither all are well versed with technology and new apps. Such difficulties act as a barrier in the learning process. Students need time to cope with these.

6. Communication

Limitation of time and resources in online classes hinders effective communication. Teachers have limited time to prepare and explain concepts. On the other hand, not every student is comfortable communicating in online sessions. There are chances that it may even lead to miscommunication. Online learning lacks the personal touch and a bond of student-teacher relations.

Things to Consider for Parents to Effective Online Learning for Kids

It the duty of parents to have check and ensure that their kids are getting proper education through online sources as well. They need to focus on following things for their kids effective online learning.

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Use a Parental Control App for Monitoring

Providing mobile phones to children for a long time might prove to be risky. Social media influence and ease of communication have somehow distracted children from studies. It is very important to keep a check on their activities for their safety. TiSPY is one such software that will solve your problem.

This parental control software helps in monitoring and controlling your child’s activities on mobile. This is very easy to use and is a compilation of many advanced features. It provides a live panel, instant audio, photo, GPS location tracking facility. All commonly used communication applications, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike, Snapchat, Tinder, Telegram, etc., can be easily monitored.

Even if the messages are deleted, you can still see them online. The live panel allows you to secretly listen to what’s happening around your child’s device. Installing this software will enable you to secretly learn about their texts, calls, and GPS location thereby keeping them safe. You can easily monitor them from anywhere and see what exactly is happening on their mobile phone. It can even help you keep track of your child’s health. It informs you how much he walked, exercised, and burnt calories. There are other numerous benefits of parental control software that makes it unique and very useful.

Set Kids Learning Style

Online learning is completely new for kids. They will need their own time to adjust to the same. Parents need to make sure how they can provide them an environment to adopt this learning style. They can help them to make effective use of technology. Allow them to work independently by providing small tasks like logging in themselves, downloading videos, completing test papers and assignments on their own. This will help them get a better understanding. 

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Make a Proper Daily Plan for Learning Online

As children have not been to school for a very long time, providing them a proper schedule is very important. Parents must make sure they timely attend the classes. They must be motivated to strictly follow the curriculum and participate in all activities as well. Regular completion of given tasks, class work, test, the assignment must be timely completed and submitted. This will help them to follow discipline in every aspect of life.

Provide Proper Online Learning Resources

In absence of physical classes, it becomes very important to equip children with all required resources. Parents must provide them all the necessary online resources for a better understanding. They must be shown all the videos related to any topic. This will help them grasp easily. Try to make them expert in handling gadgets. Parents must try to be well-versed with all digital requirements and then help children to follow the same. 

Engage with Teachers

Online learning is equally new for teachers also. Every day they have to bring some of the other new methods to make learning easy and effective for kids. Parents here can help teachers with this. They can help children with technical issues, understanding any topic, completion of tasks, etc. They can timely interact with them to keep track of the child’s progress. It is not only the duty of teachers to focus on their studies. A teacher, parent, and child must work together for overall growth and development. Praising their hard work at times keeps them motivated.

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