Guide To Extract Audio From DVD

Guide To Extract Audio From DVD

You must tear and remove audio from DVDs in certain cases. Some would like to rip DVD-free audio and edit the audio in those audio editors.

One has to transform their DVD to audio tracks to play on their handheld media devices, including an MP3 player. Some people like to place the soundtrack on the cell phone or sing with only DVD audio.

Audio can be difficult to extract from a DVD disc. Thankfully you can use a DVD audio extractor to pursue some established methods.

Extract Audio from DVD Approach

One approach is to extract the DVD to a disc with a program like Handbrake and then separate the audio from the video by means of a VLC Media Player. You may also attempt to record the internal audio of your device using an audio editor such as Audacity during playback on the DVD in real-time.

This second approach takes time if you have a big set, but helps you to manage and edit silences, applause, and lame tracks. Rip your DVD to a video file with HandBrake to try the first process. No matter which format of video file you want to rip to, but you may want to monkey the settings under the audio tab if you’re chic about audio quality.

After you have ripped the DVD to a video file effectively, you have to divide the audio from your video Launch VLC Media Player and select the File menu to stream/export Wizard. The Wizard will help you pick the video file you want and how to transcode audio (WAV or MP3) and where to store the new file.

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Steps to Extract DVD Audio Using DVD Audio Extractor

Before you begin, make sure you already download the software and installed it on your computer. Insert the DVD to your DVD drive and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select the chapters to extract

Launch the software. The software immediately identifies all the chapters after the DVD disc is loaded. Check/tick the chapters that you wish to extract the audio and click the Next button to continue.

Step 2: Choose the file format for encoding

In this stage, you must select the correct audio output format like MP3, OGG, WAV, etc. Only expand the tag “Rip Everything to” and browse the “Audio” to pick an audio source format. You can, for example, pick “MP3” from the “Audio” as the output format if you want to remove the soundtrack from the DVD film as an MP3 file. You will also be able to make certain extra configurations and modifications by clicking on ‘Configurations’ for the performance parameters of audio profiles such as encoding, bitrate, sampling rate, channels, etc.

Step 3: Select the output file location

This is the location where the output file will be stored. So, choose the folder on your computer. Click the Next button to continue.

Step 4: Start Rip DVD Audio.

Just press the “Start” button when it is set up and you can start ripping this DVD audio ripper immediately. In just a few minutes, the conversion is completed. The DVD cannot be audio conversional with a few easy steps as you can see, it doesn’t need to have a background or a cumbersome process.

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How About Extract Audio in MAC?

You also can use the same program to rip the audio from DVD on Mac or Linux. For more information, visit the official site

There are good news and bad news about the alternative strategy on Mac. The positive news is that Apple’s embedded audio drivers are more reliable and robust than PC users’ audio drivers.

The bad news is that you have to move a step forward to add a handy Sound Flower software that helps you to interconnect audio from your Mac to programs. After Sound Flower is installed, open your Mac Audio MIDI Configuration in the Utility tab, choose the Audio tab and make a Default Output and System Output “SoundFlower (2 ch). Then open the preferences of Audacity and pick the item “Key Audio: Sound Flower (2ch).”


It’s not always easy to just extract audio from DVD because technical resources are restricted to help you do this. One of the tools you can count on can be DVD Audio Extractor from

It offers a professional and particularly simple, versatile program to help you extract the audio files with the highest audio quality from all kinds of DVD movies. You can further customize your conversion profile with its advanced settings.

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