How does an EzyChat Watch work?

In this modern world, protecting the kids from certain dangers that could happen both online and in their regular every day routines is of the utmost importance. The EzyChat watches were developed especially for kids between the ages of 6 and 12 years old, keeping their protection in mind. EzyChat is Australia’s leading brand of smartwatch makers for children with popular features such as geo-enclosure, GPS monitoring, one-touch SOS emergency button, historic path tracking and comfort to always remain connected with your children.

How does the EzyChat watch work?

This watch is cleverly built to provide features that allow parents full peace of mind by enabling them to stay connected and updated about their children. While at the same time allowing children to be KIDS! The watch has simple touch buttons for a variety of features, and parents can attach the EzyChat watch to their mobile app to quickly locate their kids. This multi-functional child’s digital watch includes the following features:

Geo-Fencing – Parents can maintain a careful eye on their children by setting up a protected geo-perimeter region in the area that children often visit. If the infant steps out of this pre-set protected zone, the watch will automatically inform the parent of the situation with a text message or notification.

GPS Tracking – The EzyChat is an infant GPS watch that connects the child’s accurate GPS position directly to the family’s mobile. This protection feature helps parents to track their children’s real-time movements and always keep in touch with the child even though they’re not home. In addition to the location of the children’s GPS, the watch also offers historical route monitoring so that parents have complete knowledge about where their kid was.

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One-Touch SOS Button – If your baby gets trapped or stuck in a hazardous situation, this watch helps the child to send an alarm alert to their guardians immediately. By pressing the Emergency SOS button for almost 3 seconds, the kid can instantly dial the saved phone number, and the watch will send a message to the guardians about the danger.

This revolutionary functionality allows children to alert parents to any disturbing circumstance and gives them the confidence that their parents are just a touch away.

Always Linked – The EzyChat smartwatch for children has two-way 4G voice message and call features so that there still remains a connection between children and their parents. Parents can save up to 15 contact numbers to this smartwatch that the child can access.

No Internet Connectivity – To protect young children from possible online threats, EzyChat watch does not allow access to social media and the Internet.

Additional Functionality – The EzyChat watch provides extra features that children may enjoy, such as connecting with new friends, sharing and uploading images, digital clocks, alarms, phase counts, and much more.

The EzyChat kid GPS smartwatch has basically all you need in your child’s phone watch. Simple-to-use safety features make it the perfect smartwatch innovation to stay connected and informed about your kid’s activities and make your children feel secure and assured that they are always connected with you.

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