How Telecoms Use Big Data Analytics to Their Advantage

In the data-driven digital world, telecoms find themselves benefiting more and more from the vast amount of big data available. With users and their connected mobile devices, communication and digital service providers gain an unprecedented source of information about current and potential customers. This information, if utilized correctly, can be a source of large profits – both money-wise, and organization-wise.

So, what are the main benefits of big data analytics for telecoms? How can communication and digital service providers utilize data in the best possible way in order to gain profits? Let’s see.

What big data means for telecom operators

Big data consists of all the information that service providers can get about their users – their likes, dislikes, habits, Internet searches, and many more. Data analytics can help telecoms gather and assess information in a way that’s most profitable for their business.

Knowing their users helps communication and digital service providers learn about those users’ needs, so they can provide them with tailored offers. This leads to acquiring new customers, and maintaining existing relations in the best possible way. Learning when a customer wants to leave their provider means that service providers can dissuade them from doing so in time.

Thanks to big data, telecom operators can increase the quality of customer service and provide more personalized services and products, therefore significantly improving customer satisfaction levels.

Big data analytics for telecom operators

Gathering big data is just a small part of the process, though. In order to fully utilize the potential behind big data, tlecommunications need to have the right software, which can help them analyze information and get exactly what they need from the vast “data lakes”, where the most important information can easily get lost among irrelevant data.

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The best telecom big data analytics software not only gathers data from networks in real-time, but also aggerates this information with that collected from external systems (such as customer relations management, fault management, network inventory, and more) and combines it in a way that’s easy to read for communication and digital service providers.

Comarch’s big data analytics for telecoms

By combining all the data from various sources, our OSS/BSS Data Analytics enables complete data analysis in real-time. This gives communication and digital service providers valuable insights about customers’ needs. With the collected data, the system can suggest the right actions to be taken, or take them automatically.

Apart from that, communication and digital service providers can make data even more useful by integrating and managing all external, heterogeneous platforms and their new services via the ESB-based system without effecting those that are already in use. They can also improve efficiency by setting frequencies of data updates, defining favored formats of the files and all other important parameters in order to adjust the system to their specific business requirements. Furthermore, the system can help service providers significantly improve customer satisfaction by utilizing the automated B2B gateway that allows swift and dependable web service access to the individual functions of the elemental BSS system.

If you’d like to learn more, and discover how Comarch’s Data Analytics can help you improve customer experience and make the data work in your advantage, visit the product website.

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