How to Become Salesforce Admin in 2022

Salesforce Admin is the first step you as a beginner can take to build a glorious career in the IT world. But, did you know that by 2024 there will be more than 4.5 million job opportunities for Salesforce professionals, among which the highest demand will be of Salesforce Admins? 

It is a crystal clear fact that getting Salesforce credentials in 2022 is the best decision you can make as the competition increases to a massive level. But you must be wondering how to do that. Don’t worry this blog is here to guide you through passing the Salesforce Admin exam. 

While you kickstart your preparation for cracking the Salesforce exam, here’s a list we have prepared for you that will guide you to pass the Salesforce Admin exam. If you religiously follow this list, we are sure the journey to becoming an admin will get easier. 

Here is how to pass the Salesforce Admin exam in 2022.

Understand The Exam Format

If you work smart instead of working hard, the result will be outstanding. We said that because if you crack the question pattern of the Salesforce Admin exam and prepare accordingly, making a foolproof strategy, nobody can stop you from acing the exam. 

The Salesforce Admin exam is set in a detailed format consisting of 12 categories. You will have 105 minutes to solve 60 questions structured in multiple-choice types. The passing percentage to qualify for the certification exam is 65%. Each of these sections has a percentage of questions under them which are as follows: 

  • Sales and Marketing Applications- 15%
  • Standard and Custom Objects- 15%
  • Security and Access- 14%
  • Workflow Process Automation- 12%
  • Service and Support Applications- 12%
  • Analytics- 10%
  • Data Management- 8% 
  • User Setup- 7%
  • Activity Management and Collaboration- 3%
  • Organization Setup- 2%
  • App Exchange- 1% 
  • Desktop and Mobile Administration- 1%
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Prepare for the exam keeping in mind these percentages. The most productive method you can include in your preparation is to focus on the categories consisting of the highest number of questions to ensure a high passing mark. 

Grow Your Study Guide

The required method to practice to pass the Salesforce Admin exam is to be consistent in growing your study guide. Gather the information needed for qualifying for the exam before starting your preparation instead of hovering during your preparation time. This will help you filter the essential information and discard the bluff content available on the internet. 

Refer to admin exam study guide 2022 content available on the internet both as blog format and as video content to know everything related to the exam and get primary guidance on the process of bypassing the certification exam. 

Most importantly, you must keep a tab on the latest features and updated policies of Salesforce Admin Certification to pass the exam, as Salesforce keeps on bringing new changes to it at regular intervals. One of the trusted platforms to stay updated with the new changes is Trailblazer, where you can find everything related to Salesforce. 

Invest In A Course 

The Salesforce Admin exam seems to be easy for many as it is often regarded as the best certification, to begin with, the Salesforce journey for a beginner. However, many aspirants also take more than 2 years to clear the exam. So, you will be committing a blunder if you do not seek help from a professional who has already gone through your journey. 

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Now, you might wonder why a Salesforce professional would invest their time in training you! But, dear aspirant, to get the help of seasoned professionals, you do not have to knock on their doors or go out of your comfort zone. All you need to do is enrol yourself into a course where the industry leaders join hands to guide you and aspirants like you to succeed in the exam. 

In Conclusion

And that ends the list of how to pass the Salesforce Admin exam in 2022. We hope this blog has helped you understand the process of preparing and passing the exam to a good extent. We wish you all the best for your exam and your future endeavors. 

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