How to Deliver High Ranking Ads

With around 83% of businesses operating online across the world, it’s no surprise that the online advertising industry has seen a surge over the years, with businesses using a large proportion of their marketing spend for online advertisements. Chiefly, businesses choose to take advantage of both advertisers and publishers to deliver, host, and analyze their ads. It’s a simple marketing strategy and, when utilized properly, can bring great results for businesses, not only by reaching a wider audience, but by analyzing their audience data too.

However, achieving these great results is left in the hands of the advertisers and publishers for delivery and analysis, and there are measures that can be taken to streamline the process and prevent any mishaps along the way. We’ll take a look at some of the top of the end spec below.

For advertisers

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Once a creative advertisement campaign is developed, taking precautionary, preventative measures to safeguard a campaign before it goes live is a good way to ensure the effectiveness of an advertisement. This not only benefits the advertiser but the publisher too, as it offers peace of mind knowing they are hosting compliant ads.

With software like GeoEdge, advertisers can pre-approve their creative campaigns to ensure it is safe and compliant. The software even allows for desktop and mobile testing to identify and resolve any issues prior to making the advertisement live. Equally, RealVu offers the function to detect the space in which the ad will be served and decide if it is in fact viewable to the audience to make an impression.

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Once an advertisement is live and well protected, the next step is to discover how well the advertisement performed. With companies like Comscore and Integral Ad Science offering insights into performance, advertisers can see analytics like impressions which allows them to improve on their ads in the future.

For publishers

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When a publisher is presented with an advertisement that is ready to go live, it’s likely a lot of time and money has been invested to get to that point. It, therefore, places a huge responsibility in the hands of the publishers to ensure the advertisement is delivered effectively and safely, which not only benefits the business, but the publisher’s ad revenue too.

With malicious advertisements and ad fraud scouring through the web, both good business advertisements and publishing sites are at risk as they could damage the user experience, ultimately deterring visitors and reducing the effectiveness of the ad. One way to combat this is through ad verification software, which minimizes the risk of running bad ads on publishing sites.

One company that offers this feature is Double Verify which can improve ad delivery via their Fraud Lab, which detects where bad ads are coming from. Though, offering a publisher-focused package, Geoedge ensures publishers are looked after with their ad verification software which blocks their site from harmful ads so that they can increase ad revenue and offer a valued user experience.

Whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, companies like GeoEdge offer the whole package where they can safeguard creative campaigns before going live, and block malicious ads and re-directs through their ad verification software. You can start a free trial today, and see for yourself.

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