IQF Tropical Fruit Optimal Processing

Tropical fruit remains one of the most attractive delicacies across the globe. They present a simple, enticing way to get much-needed vitamins and nutrients all year-round, especially when the fruit isn’t available locally. The exotic taste and textures present themselves as an easy to market, easy to buy options for customers. As a result, the tropical fruit market is booming, with surging demands across most of the year.

Their frozen delivery is a small, but crucial step in the distribution process. That’s where you can come in. Take advantage of innovative technology that revolutionized known freezing approaches with its optimal processing and bring novelty to a market that centers on it. All that, and more, is possible with Octofrost’s IQF food processing line for tropical fruit. Find out more about it, below.

What is IQF?

Before we go any further, it’s important to understand the technology underpinning it all. IQF stands for individually quick-frozen, a type of freezing initially discovered decades ago. The story goes that a fisherman had once noticed that storing the freshly caught fish in the snow would preserve it so well that it would still be alive upon thawing back home. That fisherman then pioneered the flash freezing industry, where food is frozen at an exceedingly high rate, locking in all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. The product, be it fruit, meat, dairy, seafood, or vegetables, is separated before freezing into smaller parts and these are kept separate during the freezing process.

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This is especially useful with fruit, as there is often no separating necessary beforehand, and the frozen fruit can be frozen piece-by-piece.

This method of freezing has existed for some time, yet it has become ever more popular in recent years, as it results in a premium product at the end of the freezing process. Efforts have been made to streamline and improve upon the first design, creating what we have today.

What makes IQF special?

One of the key ingredients that make IQF the best-suited approach for processing tropical fruit is the freshness of the product after thawing. With fruit, and even vegetables, a more nutrient-rich product is typically what the customers prefer. And IQF makes sure that the relative freshness of the product is left untouched, thanks to its process specifics.

Simplified, during freezing the water molecules inside, on the surface, and outside of the fruit will be transformed into ice crystals. If these crystals are too big, it will probably ruin the aspect of the frozen product, as well as cause changes in the color and texture of the fruit.

However, IQF processes products as quickly as possible. As a result, the formed ice crystals are of a much smaller size and don’t cause the same irreversible changes. That’s why it is uniquely suited for creating optimal frozen products for a consumer base known for its attraction towards freshness and naturalness.

The other aspect of it revolves around the individually frozen part, where each piece of the fruit can be frozen separately. Unlike more antiquated freezing approaches, IQF doesn’t create clumps of the product. That results in something much easier to work with, for the customers, increasing demand for this type of frozen goods.

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Taking it one step further

Having proven the fact that IQF is the ideal approach to freezing tropical fruit, how can one best go about it? To achieve the best possible IQF products, modern freezing technology is needed. Currently, Octofrost is one of the leading pioneers in this field, creating excellent equipment for processing IQF fruit. The reasons are multiple, beyond the decades of experience in the field, or the engineering prowess and innovation brought to the fore and revolve around the intricacies of the freezing process itself.

Here’s what makes Octofrost’s IQF processing special:

Industry-leading food safety

With this line of freezing equipment, your products will be consistently ahead of industry food safety regulations. That’s incredibly beneficial when you plan to stay in business for long, and serves as a future proofing investment on your part.

All this is thanks to the unique and patented bedplate technology, available in the Octofrost IQF Freezer. The bedplates comprise porous plastic surfaces of a rectangular shape, pieced together in a jigsaw formation. The holes at the bottom offer a method for the cool air to flow, and the strong current of freezing air freezes the fruit, while keeping them separate from each other.

The bedplates can be exchanged outside the freezer, without stopping production, hosed down easily, and put back in. Additionally, the Freezer itself features an easy-to-clean design, free-standing, and a rounded shape.

High yield

Thanks to the highly efficient processing method, there is low dehydration and less moisture loss. Various infeed options support an incredible experience of processing across multiple vertical levels or distinct types of fruit, at the same time.

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Energy efficient

The processing line is perfected every step of the way to reduce costs. The Freezer’s fans can be adjusted to suit your processing load and offer higher energy savings. The Chiller has a water recirculation system that minimizes resource usage and keeps performance consistent.

Premium quality

Lastly, the Octofrost processing line focuses on speed, which is crucial in creating a product that appears and is, as close to the original fruit as possible, in terms of taste, texture, appearance, and nutrients. Additionally, with good separation, your product, as sticky or clustered as it may be in its natural state, will achieve perfect separation, with no added effort on your part.

If you’d like to take advantage of the best processing line for achieving the highest-grade IQF tropical fruit, refer to Octofrost. We have the people, experience, and knowledge how to make your business dreams a reality. With regular, guaranteed maintenance, an international team, and global reach, we’re more than happy to embark on this freezing journey with you. The build-up to a worthy legacy, starts with a single step forward, in the right direction, at the right time.

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