Java is one of the most common languages being used by developers around the world. Although some of its uses have been replaced by newer languages such as Rust and Python, Java continues to be resilient in many fields such as data science, web development, and applications. For any modern developer who wants to get into a field like web-development or full-stack development, learning Java is a must. Of course, it is not a difficult thing to get into Java. There are several training courses available online made by reputed companies. These courses help interested candidates to learn the basic ideas of Java or get into advanced applications of the language.


Java itself is used in data science. The entirety of Hadoop and its related tools have been written in Java. Therefore, there is a huge demand for Java architects in the field of data science to help companies make use of data science tools such as Apache Spark, Trident, and Hadoop. It is a great tool to have if you are looking forward to conducting data analysis and make use of distributed networking to build machine learning models.

In the web development industry, Javascript has huge applications in building networking models and dynamic web pages. Javascript based languages such as Express, Node, and React are extremely helpful to make interactive websites. They are very useful tools in full-stack development. While most languages can be segregated as a front end or back end, Javascript is unique because languages such as Node can work on the back end, and React can power the front end.

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Although many companies provide online Java training resources, only a few are worth noting. Candidates should not be swept by the huge amount of choices in the market. When it comes to getting credible information, they should rely on trusted sources.

To begin with, Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer is a certification course authorized by OCA. This is a great course for industry veterans who have worked with Java programs before. If the individual has the adequate work experience and knowledge about the fundamentals, they can get some training before applying to get certified. The exam tests the practical skills of the candidate as well as the rudimentary ideas and principles of Java.

Web Content Developer is another certification for the veterans. It helps candidates who want to make use of Javascript to build web applications and dynamic pages to show their skills and get certified. This is the first choice of most individuals who have passed the OCPJP certification.

Hortonworks Apache Spark Developer is a course that helps programmers to present their knowledge in Java to build data science models. They can make use of Java-based Apache Spark to transform, manipulate, and process some data set and build a practical application. The interested candidates should also have some idea about core concepts such as distributed storage, cloud computing, and data query.


Learning Java opens up several industries for candidates to build a career in. It helps candidates to gain access to popular fields such as data science and web development. These fields are the creamy layer of the IT industry because most of the jobs stem from them. Java itself is an incredibly versatile language with a large community working behind it. With proper networking skills, candidates can take help from peers and senior professionals whenever they have a problem.

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Java provides the necessary skills to the employees so that they can fill all kinds of job positions. They can apply to become Hadoop developers, web developers, data scientists and analysts, and Spark professionals. In the web development scene, they fit perfectly as security professionals, networking experts, and back end programmers. Candidates proficient in React can also work as front end developers, even independently. There is a huge demand for the language as well. That is why the average salary of Java architects working in data science is about $125,000 every year. Even freelancing web developers earn handsome amounts by working on projects and managing the entire framework of a website.

All that said, Java can be tough when it comes to building applications on your own. Most Java professionals work in teams. Therefore, any interested candidate should focus on working on community projects on Github before heading to kickstart their career. Having some practical knowledge is a great bonus for anyone who wants to become a Java developer.

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