Knowing What Java and JavaScript Entail

Many programmers and non-tech users keep asking for the difference between Java and Javascript in today’s world. That aside, these two words are often used interchangeably to mean the same thing which should be corrected. The need for clarity is paramount, but before taking that step, there is also the need to know the meaning of the two programming languages. It is worthy to note that each programming language is useful and has its advantage over the other. Often at times, programmers use both Java and JavaScript for different purposes. Java a programming language was invented by James Gosling and took about ten days for Sun Microsystems to develop. The year 1991 saw some group engineers called the Green Team working day and night to create Java. First released in 1995, having several new versions launched ever since then. Present-day Internet is wholly covered with Java-run programming, and applications used for daily activities are credited to Java and owned by Oracle. Java Script created in the early periods of the Internet trended as Internet Explorer, and Netscape Navigators were the two most popular web browsers in use by the public. A developer named Brendan Eich at Netscape Incorporation created a programming language that instructs the computer on how to interact with the user upon receiving command called LiveScript and moved it directly into Navigator. The browser was used for interpreting commands of the end-user; the code didn’t have to be formed, and a plug-in was not needed. Java Script was widely used in the early days of the Internet.

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Primary Differences Between Java and JavaScript

Both terms Java vs JavaScript are coded, assembled and used differently, and each has excellent differences between them as related to capability. The programming language Java covers almost all aspects such as Android applications, credit card programming, desktop applications, and web enterprise applications. JavaScript is primarily used for making web pages which in turns makes it interactive. It can be used in replacement for Flash. Programmers have to say that JavaScript has become trendy and more popular, having a more improved performance than Flash. As a result of its nature, JavaScript is used to do clean jobs like creating animation in HTML. Java is commonly used for all server-side development in its simple form, while JavaScript is set aside for creating client-side scripts for better validation and interactivity. Difference between these two terms is explained below in it’s the exact form:

  • Codes used in Java must be compiled and arranged, while JavaScript code is all-text form, each programming language performs different tasks.
  • JavaScript code runs only on the browser, but Java builds applications running in a virtual or 3D machine or browser.
  • Java is an object-oriented programming language, while JavaScript is merely an object-oriented programming scripting language.
  • Java makes use of more memory while JavaScript uses less memory, making it more efficient in web pages.
  • Objects in JavaScript are prototyped based, whereas an object in Java is class-based.


Having known the difference and similarities between Java and JavaScript. It is also pertinent for the new programming student to know that both Java and JavaScript are worthwhile languages to use to their coding repertoire. Many programmers also say that early learning of these two programming terms, back to back, forms the basis for a new programmer. Hence, the need to have full knowledge about Java and JavaScript under one’s belt will afford a programmer more employment opportunities, which will amount to more lucrative job opportunities down the road.

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