Knowing Your Digital Footprint & Treading Safely in Virtual Space

Everyone perceives online safety differently. It means different things to different people. A digital footprint is an integral part of everyone’s online journey. It is the trail of information a person leaves behind while navigating through the internet. Other people can keep track of your digital footprint and know a great deal about you by using the best iPhone and Android spy app. 

A person needs to ensure that they use the internet responsibly. A conscious digital footprint ensures that people only get to see what you want them to. Continue reading to know in detail what is involved in your digital footprint how you can remain a safe netizen:

Digital Footprint – What Should You Know?

A digital footprint is basically a record of everything you do online, such as your emails, personal information that you enter on websites, search history, and all social media posts and interactions. Now, unlike real erasable footprints, it is not the case with a digital footprint. They can live forever. Not many of us are aware that once we put something on the internet, it always stays there, even after deleting it! Its complete removal is not always possible. 

People can have varying intentions to access your information. Some might opt to use the best iPhone and Android spy app to get hold of your digital activities. Apart from that, some manufacturers hire advertising companies to keep a tab on your browser and click history to know about what you like. This helps them know if you would be interested in their product/service. Moreover, now it has become a common practice by employers to run background checks on potential employees. They check their online presence and social media activities to see if you are the right person for the job.

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They might run the candidate’s name on Google, see what comes up, and then decide if you would be a good addition to the company.

So, even though others may have reasons to access and collect your information, knowing that someone is keeping tabs would help you make smart decisions when you are on the internet and protect your privacy:

What Can Adults Do?

Act smart online. One should know about the possible negative impacts of your digital footprint. But more importantly, you must manage your digital footprint to avoid any negative consequences or privacy invasion. There are many software and apps others can use to sneak into your digital life and keep tabs on all that you do.

Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Use search engines to search your name online to see what comes up in your name.
  • Keep a tight check on the privacy settings on the sites and social media platforms. Always read the terms and conditions of any apps that you install.
  • No matter how tempted you are to engage in a debate or get in an angry discussion with a keyboard warrior, think first. 
  • If it’s a photo or a video that you think would be embarrassing a few years later, don’t post it.
  • Apart from being mindful of your own safety and privacy, be considerate of other people too. For example, ask your friend or a relative before posting something regarding them (post or picture).
  • Always be cautious of entering your personal information like credit card number, address, and phone number online.
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Teaching Kids about Digital Footprints

With kids being very active on the internet, even addicted to an extent, the best thing you can do as a parent is to introduce them to the right measures to keep their digital footprint to a minimum from the get-go. There are parental controls that can be used in the form of the best iPhone and android spy apps to monitor a child’s internet activity as well.

Kids should think twice before posting anything. As said earlier, both future employers, as well as colleges, also look up their applicants’ data on the internet. So, anything that can hurt the chances of getting into the college of their dreams or getting their dream job should not make it to the internet. Be it a picture or a comment.

Facebook and Google collect data and saves all your information. Marketers buy data from Facebook. You are always being tracked. So, it is important to be conscious and browse the internet safely and responsibly as third parties are out there watching your every move.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call your digital footprint an online resume. See that you always share valuable content on your social media such as your talents, achievements, and positive talents. However, be mindful of not oversharing. There are tons of digital threats, including online stalkers.

All in all, a digital footprint is very much like your online personality. Make sure you leave a good impression!

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