Lead generation strategies for SaaS companies

With so many solutions emerging by the day like platform APIs, AWS, and app marketplaces, among other trends, it’s easier to create SaaS solutions. From the year 2020, SaaS applications have been growing steadily year-over-year.

Statistics show that the number of SaaS applications used between 2015 and 2017 had increased to double and global SaaS opportunities grew to 206 million by 2018. It’s projected that by 2021, the opportunities will have grown to 380 million. 

However, SaaS lead generation will only work for your company if you’ve placed the right strategies. 

Continue reading and find out these strategies.

Audience segmentation

The first thing is to identify the ideal consumers of your technology. Who is your target company? If you’re starting, it’s only prudent to shove your ambitions and go for the startups. Approach big brands if only yours is a big brand that you can show-off to your clientele. 

After creating a strong identity in the market, then you can begin to target the big deals. Be specific on your target even as you segment your audience. And to filter them accurately, you need sufficient data.

Ensure you’re dealing with the right decision-maker

Before you decide to approach a company for a deal, you must find out their decision-making structure. Every company has a decision- making team with an ultimate decision-maker. For some, it’s the departmental heads, project director, while for others; the CEO is the ultimate decision-maker. However, that will depend on the size of the company.

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 Other companies have a sole decision-maker who gets approval from the board-that means that there is the ultimate DM that they’ve to secure a signature from. This is common in large, compliance-heavy businesses that have higher-value products. 

Sometimes the buying decision may be made by one person, but they must seek consensus from other stakeholders impacted by the buying decision. 

Push your email marketing campaigns with a call

When selling Tech to B2B decision-makers, one of the best ways to tap business opportunities is through email marketing. In this case, the email content has to be specific-do, not generalize it. You can imagine the many emails that the decision-makers are receiving daily. Think about the many that are marked as spam- thus, you must be innovative and ensure yours stands out and the information reaches the relevant parties.

To help you reach the intended decision-maker, you need to have clear SaaS marketing strategies and have accurate B2B data to study the persona and the company. That will help you draft a message that addresses the company pinpoints and offer a solution. To entice them, also, you can schedule a demo or offer a subscription to a free/ trial version of your software.

Most importantly, a follow-up call will increase the chances of getting heard by the relevant parties. 

Every time you get an opportunity to sell your service, ensure that you’re clear on the benefits to the prospect. Find out what the company is interested in first and talk about your better performance, how you’ll improve their productivity, saving time, and such.

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