MAGFAST Review: MAGFAST Provides New Options to Charge With Magnets

Using electronic devices means having to charge those devices. The more devices you have to charge, the more essential it becomes to find space-efficient ways to charge your devices quickly. One of the biggest and most time-consuming problems of the digital age is the need to charge electronic devices and accommodate the clutter of cables and connectors required to do this.

For most families with growing children, the need to organize and charge devices is becoming a bigger priority every day. While the average family may use up to 13 electronic devices in their home regularly – including phones, readers, tablets, laptops, and other devices – until recently, it was nearly impossible to plug multiple chargers into a single electrical outlet at the same time. And that’s not to mention the clunky mess that results when chargers of assorted shapes and sizes, as well as their corresponding cables, have to compete for electrical power in limited spaces. For most, this means that only one or two devices can be charged at any given time, and it may take hours to charge each of those devices.

MAGFAST is a company that has devised a streamlined and modern solution to this problem using magnetic technology. Founded by internet marketing expert Seymour Segnit, MAGFAST has developed a family of magnetic chargers for electronic devices that are dramatically improving our options for charging those devices more rapidly and efficiently. The MAGFAST Family is a line of magnetic charging units that provide rapid charging for multiple devices simultaneously and reduce the need for messy cables and cords by connecting to one another wirelessly. MAGFAST chargers have multiple inputs and outputs, allowing you to charge different types of devices at once while eliminating the need for messy cables. The versatility of these chargers also means that you’ll need to use fewer electrical outlets to charge all of your devices at the same time.

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The MAGFAST Family includes an array of different chargers, each designed to accommodate different purposes. The MAGFAST Wall is the company’s basic wall unit, with various entry ports to accommodate different connector tips and magnetic connectivity so that cords and cables are kept neatly out of sight.

The MAGFAST Air is a desktop charger that uses state-of-the-art Qi technology to provide fast and powerful charging options for devices with different types of inputs, providing optimal versatility. The Air is also portable, so it can travel easily from home to office or wherever you need to charge devices.

The line also includes other models, such as MAGFAST Road, which plugs into your car’s connective input and provides charging ports for multiple devices at once, so everyone can charge their devices simultaneously while traveling. This model also features a flashlight, so you can see in the dark while plugging in devices on long road trips.

MAGFAST Extreme is the line’s most powerful charger, and it can deliver rapid charging power for weeks. This charger is so powerful, in fact, that it provides enough power to jump-start a car battery. MAGFAST Extreme comes with built-in cables, as well as USB-A and USB-C inputs,      Power Delivery (PD), and three wireless ports powered by Qi technology. It also attaches to the MAGFAST Wall and other MAGFAST chargers magnetically, so there’s no need for messy cables around the central wall unit.

Consumers who have been exposed to these devices have been leaving MAGFAST reviews expressing their excitement and delight upon seeing the efficiency and speed of these chargers, as well as how sleek and streamlined they look when grouped together, eliminating the clutter and mess of tangled cables:

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Rosemarie writes, “I am so tired of cables and inadequate chargers on the market that are made extremely cheaply so that consumers will continue replacing them forever. The MAGFAST chargers appear to be superior products that are functional, streamlined, and convenient. I look forward to receiving my kit, and I look forward to great product upgrades as the company expands.”

Richard writes, “I believe MAGFAST is going to be the best product on the market. I am tired of all the wires and having my charging cords break or quit working. I just had my lightning cable tip break. So now I have to buy a new charging cable. This will eliminate [the need for] me [to buy] charging cables every few months or so.”

John writes, “The MAGFAST Family of charging components appears to be the next innovative power supply to keep your mobile devices up and running well beyond the mobile device’s internal capability.”

MAGFAST products are also designed to outlast traditional chargers. Many chargers break or die before the device they’re designed to charge has expired. This creates a need to replace those chargers constantly and a growing burden of toxic waste in landfills. By eliminating the need to replace all of those clunky chargers, MAGFAST products reduce toxic electronic waste in landfills.

MAGFAST is also committed to protecting the environment through green initiatives and is a sponsor of Trees for the Future, a nonprofit group that plants trees around the country. MAGFAST’s partnership with Trees for the Future means that a new tree will be planted for every MAGFAST product sold. For every sale of the MAGFAST Pro Kit, Trees for Life will plant seven trees. Consumers who have purchased MAGFAST products have helped plant over a quarter of a million trees to date. If you are looking for tree service in Evansville then get expert tree care Evansville for professional tree service.

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