Mi Notebook Ultra First Impressions: High-End Features and Design

Just over a year after launching the competitively priced Mi Notebook 14 series in India, Xiaomi has followed up with the Redmibook series and now the 2021 Mi Notebook family. With these launches happening in rapid succession, Xiaomi has segmented its laptop offerings into mainstream and premium tiers, just like its smartphones and TVs. With prices starting at Rs. 56,999 and Rs. 59,999 respectively, the new Mi Notebook Pro and Mi Notebook Ultra are actually quite similar and share a number of interesting features. Today, I have the slightly more expensive Mi Notebook Ultra with me, and here are my first impressions.

While last year’s Mi Notebooks were all 14-inch thin-and-light models designed for mass appeal, the 2021 family so far is comprised of premium 14-inch and 15.6-inch models that offer quite a bit more in terms of features and specifications, at higher prices of course. The differences between the two mainly come down to display size and quality, and consequently their overall size and weight.

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