Microsoft Dynamics 365 Test Automation Made Simple

Testing is critical to ensure that the application works accordingly as expected by users and is bug-free. Unfortunately, manual work on such a process is complex and very time-consuming. All that repetitive tasks require testers’ attention, who could use this time and energy for more complex tasks. Moreover, the risk of human error in such a situation is relatively high. No wonder modern IT companies decide to automate testing. They achieve this with the help of Executive Automats, among others. You can make good use of it without having any coding skills!

A convenient way to automate testing in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Every time a new platform feature is introduced, its testing is a necessity. Constant updates are an excellent example of such situations. Thanks to Executive Automats, testers and even business users can catch various bugs and defects. Importantly, this is a continuous process, as the requirements of companies are changing, and their applications are constantly evolving. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform is being developed in the same way and adapted to new market trends.

Executive Automats – Effectiveness of no-code test automation for D365

Executive Automats is a tool that speeds up testing of D365 implementations, new releases, roll-outs, integrations, and customizations for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. The software records users’ actions and tasks performed in the system and replays them for various testing purposes. The way it works is straightforward.

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You just have to create scripts by recording real users performing their tasks and processes. Once the scripts are ready, they are easily adaptable. You can, for example, reorder the steps, duplicate or delete them, as well as loop actions and use variables. What is important is that you can reuse scripts in the future if, for instance, the project evolves. Moreover, individual scripts can be merged into scenarios that allow you to automate complex cross-platform processes.

Once you create scripts and scenarios, you can run them in bulk. These playbacks can simulate hundreds of users, testing processes with various input data. In the Executive Automats Logs tab, you can check the performance of your scripts and scenarios, see the execution times and individual steps and analyze potential errors. The whole process can be optimized without spending precious time and money on it.

How to make Test Automation simple Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you want to implement Test Automation in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you need a proven and efficient tool such as Executive Automats. The latter lets you create advanced scenarios without developers’ support. According to our research, the solution reduces testing time by 65%, allows us to record limitless amounts of scripts, and execute them. As you can see, Test Automation in D365 was never that simple and efficient!

Executive Automats is certified by Microsoft and available on appsource. 

Executive Automats allows our development specialists to focus exclusively on creating the custom solutions and functionalities you need.

It results in less time to realization, higher quality, lower project costs, and affected business processes. 

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Our pioneering approach and methods promote absolute predictability of our projects, informed decision-making, and communication while guaranteeing that you only pay for the effect of work completed.

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