The 8 Commandments on How To Make a Fintech App That Work

Fintech is the new term for any application that involves finance and technology. As the name suggests, it’s a combination of both of them. Fintech applications are now widely used and are in demand as well. 

If you plan to make a Fintech App that works successfully, this is the right time because such apps’ demand is at peak. 

It’s never easy to create any application because you need to follow a lot of things. Similarly, creating a Fintech app is not easy because there are certain things that you must include in your app to make it work. You might want to check out this source – to know more about fintech app development.

To help you understand the commandments on making a Fintech app that works successfully, we’ll be discussing the same in this article. Once you are aware of these rules and steps, you’ll make a successful working Fintech app.

Types of Fintech App

Before developing a Fintech app, you must know the different types of Fintech apps you can create. There are various types of Fintech apps, such as:

  • Digital Payment apps
  • Digital Money Lending apps
  • Wealth and Investment apps
  • Digital Insurance apps
  • Digital Banking apps
  • Personal Finance apps
  • Cryptocurrency apps

You need to choose one of them that you want to create because if you don’t know what type of Fintech app you wish to make, you’ll not understand its commandments.

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8 Commandments on How To Make a Fintech App That Work

While making a Fintech app, you need to follow the given commandments to create a successful working Fintech application.

1. Ensure Legal Compliance 

You need to ensure that your app is legally compliant with any of the financial safeguarding systems. It will make sure that your Fintech app is trustworthy, and all the data is secure. 

You can include KYC (Know Your Customer) or AML ( Anti-Money Laundering) policies to ensure that your app has some legal aspects. 

2. User Authentication with Encryption

This is the essential thing that must be there in your Fintech application because it’s your app’s base. You are supposed to include this in your app because it makes sure that your app gives secure user authentication and management. 

3. Choose a Secure Hosting

It would help if you also chose an encrypted and secure hosting for your Fintech application. It’s recommended to select a cloud-hosted database for your application because it helps build a safe environment for your users.

4. Integrate Credit Score Checking Systems

It is essential to know users’ credit scores when creating a finance-related application because this will let you know the history of users. 

It is essential to know when you are making a digital money lending application because it’s not recommended to lend money to those whose credit score is low. So, it’s crucial to integrate your Fintech application with a fair and trusted credit score checking system.

5. A Secure Payment Gateway

If you’ll follow this commandment and involve a secure payment gateway, then it’s quite apparent that you will provide a more trusted platform for your application. 

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It’s an essential factor to take care of while making a Fintech application because there are many chances that your app will involve any payment process.

6. Access to Banking Data

Suppose your Fintech application doesn’t allow its users to access their bank account details. In that case, it’s not a Fintech app because if it’s finance-related, your users must have an option to access their bank account other financial data.

7. Align with Security Compliance Regulations

The more you make sure that your app involves security measures, the more users will be attracted. So, it’s essential to align your Fintech app with security systems to increase your app’s chances to become a supplier or an AWS partner.

8. Create MVP (Minimum Viable Product) before launching

It’s better to test your Fintech application before launching it as a long-term project. You can develop an MVP because it is proof of the concepts of all the features that are involved in your Fintech app. 

Final words

Well, you’re at the end of this article, you must have an idea of all the commandments or rules you must follow while making a Fintech app. So, remember to follow all the things to make a successful Fintech app.

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