Cracking The Google Coding Interview: The Definitive Prep Guide

Looking forward to being a part of the biggest technology company and serving approx. 3 billion people on a daily basis? 

Every young mind wants to join Google. But, do you know that cracking the Google coding interview is not an easy task? 

Imagine attending a Google interview and being asked Google coding interview questions without any prior preparation. Terrifying? No need to worry. We’ve got your back. 

This article will serve as your ultimate preparation guide once you set your aim to clear the Google coding interview. So, let’s start with knowing the procedure of Google interviews and help you to crack coding interviews at Google easily.

Procedure For Google Coding Interview

Before jumping right to the procedure, it is important for you to know how many days or months you need to devote to a crack coding interview at Google. 

From getting an interview call to actually get a job, the whole process consumes up to 2.5 to 3 months.

There is a unique procedure for interviews and hiring at Google. The stages are divided into various levels, namely Tier 3, Tier 4, till tier 11. The tier 3 level is the beginning for graduates and postgraduates.

The first step of this interview will be an interview via video call with the Google recruiter. During this interview, you will be asked about various specifications and technical terms.

Once you qualify for the phone or screen interview, you will then have to appear for an onsite interview. In total, there are about 5-7 interviews or stages of interviews. The number of interviews you will have to appear during your Google coding interview is dependent on the overall performance and post for which you have applied.

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You will be given various coding assessments to closely monitor your command on the topic. You can use a whiteboard, Google Docs, and Chromebook to present a solution for the given code problem.

Now that you know that you will have to face 5-7 interviews, you must be thinking about the core coding concepts you must actively study. Jump to the next section to know what are the types of coding problems you will have to face in a Google coding interview.

Coding Problems In Google Coding Interview

Although there is no definite number of questions taken from different coding concepts, the three major subjects are:

  • Core coding concepts: To excel at this section of the coding interview, you need to concentrate on two major topics, namely the data structures and algorithms. Make sure you study these topics individually and cover a larger portion of your coding interview.
  • System design questions: While preparing for a coding interview, system design is one of the most important topics you need to study. Make sure you prepare interview questions, coding assessments, and other types of questions based on system design carefully·          
  • Analysis questions: Other than core coding subjects, you must practice analysis and output generation of various codes. The google recruiters pay a lot of attention to analysis assessments as well.

After gaining appropriate knowledge of the above-listed topics, you need to understand how Google coding interviews differ from general coding interviews in which you might have appeared before. 

The next section covers all the specifications of Google coding interviews that make them unique and exclusive.

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 Google Coding Interview Specifications

 You must have appeared in many coding interviews for multinational companies worldwide, but what makes Google boarding interviews different?

 There are many reasons why Google coding interviews are considered different from coding interviews at other multinational companies available worldwide.

 Following are the reasons why you need to prepare for Google coding interviews exclusively:

  • Crystalline expectations: Although Google coding interview requires you to study different forms of coding assessments, they are very clear about the expectations from a candidate. You can visit their official website and closely monitor the guidelines they provide for the candidates.
  • Exclusive hiring officials: You cannot get into Google with the help of your contacts. This is because Google believes that every candidate must have a fair chance at the job, and the jobs must be given based on the skills and talent of the candidate incident of their acquaintances.

To make sure that none of the candidates is barred from the whole procedure or given an extra advantage, Google takes help from an exclusive hiring committee that is responsible for completing the hiring processes fairly and accurately. With this, Google ensures that every candidate is the same on the site of the company and the recruiting officials.

  • Grading system: Based on the performance and answers of the candidates, each interview is evaluated based on grades. Each interviewer analyzes the candidate’s response and grades them based on their efficiency.

The grades are available from 1 to 4, where one lies on the bottom and four on the top. These grades decide whether the candidate will be hired or not.

  • Four hiring Criteria: Google recruiters pay huge attention to four main criteria. Based on these four criteria, the interviewers will provide grades to the candidates.
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The first criterion is cognitive ability. By cognitive ability, every candidate is evaluated based on their problem-solving skills, curiosity, and much more. The second criteria evaluated in the Google coding interview is googleyness. Basically, the googleyness means understanding the working culture of the Google organization.

The third factor is leadership skills. The next factor for cracking coding interview at Google has exquisite leadership skills that will help you to run a team and project on your own.

The fourth and final factor is deep knowledge of technical concepts. You need to brush up on your technical skills to get a great grade from interviewers in the technical skills stage.

Based on these factors, you can distinguish between the usual coding interviews and Google coding interviews.


By now, you must have realized that you will have to prepare for the Google coding interview specifically. Make sure you go through Google interview questions and other specific core subjects to improve your chances of clearing a Google coding interview. Hopefully, you will crack a coding interview at Google easily after reading this article.

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